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Global Networking

Why TPS matters even now

Participants in August 13 dialogue a the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC among DHS officials, Philippine Embassy officials and Filipino American community leaders.

They are often referred to, half-jokingly, as TNTs, the Tagalog acronym for Tago ng Tago (hiding and hiding) or Takot na Takot (very afraid). But it is no laughing matter to be a Filipino out of lawful immigration status in the U.S., constantly hiding from immigration authorities and always anxiously fearful of being picked up and deported back to the Philippines.

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The meaning of winning in UP Diliman

UP bonfire

I was there when  UP last won the UAAP championship in 1986 and I even joined the pandemonium on the court at the ULTRA to celebrate my alma mater’s first basketball championship in more than 25 years. How I wish I could have also joined last week’s bonfire on the Diliman campus to celebrate the Maroons’ first [...]

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Emil Amok!

Robin Williams, honorary Filipino-American


At a time when all the world could use a laugh, we got a shocker. Robin Williams, who had spent so much time entertaining the world, had forgotten to leave something for himself. As someone who had covered Williams as part of the Bay Area’s entertainment scene while working as the arts and entertainment reporter at [...]

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The suffering of the PDAF 3


As expected, there’s been a huge outcry over the “special treatment” of three senators accused of ransacking the public till. Why are they exempted from the overcrowding and meager diets that ordinary detainees must endure every day, the public asks? Unfortunately, it may be a flaw in our national character that we like kicking people [...]

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Teen to Teen Talk

Being practical about college


My dad has never made a particular secret of the fact that he wants me to be a lawyer or a businesswoman. I’ll call him up on the phone, as I do every week, talking about my American literature class, and after I’ve finished my ten-minute long speech, he’ll say, “Why don’t you talk to [...]

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