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OFWs in Nigeria decry PH Embassy’s decision

People walk past First Consultant Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. AP

“A bleak future for us and our families,” that is the cry of the OFWs over the decision of the Philippine Embassy in Abuja to raise Nigeria to Modified Alert Level 2.

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Filipino teaches kids math in the Bahamas

ARIEL ALACABA arrived in Nassau, New Providence on Dec. 31, 2003. He was recommended by a Filipino friend to an employer in the Islands. He was interviewed through phone and afterwards processed all the documents to work there.

Since the ’60s, the Bahamas, a small member of the British Commonwealth, has been home to a few Filipinos. At present, there are more than 1,000 Filipino workers mostly in the domestic sectors as housekeepers, cooks, medical workers and hotel employees. Filipino teachers also find their way in this territory of 700 islands.

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OFWs in Nigeria ‘more concerned’ on job stability than Ebola

In this Aug. 6, 2014 file photo, a Nigerian port health official uses a thermometer on a worker at the arrivals hall of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. As the Ebola outbreak in West Africa grows, airlines around the globe are closely monitoring the situation but have yet to make any drastic changes. AP

The recent inclusion of Nigeria among the West African nations battling the deadly Ebola virus alarmed the 7,000 Filipino workers deployed in various states in Nigeria, which has just recovered from the deployment ban five years ago.

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Filipino teachers are in Laos, too

DONNA (right) with the author at Hanuvong Park  fronting the Mekong River which divides Thailand and Laos

Three years ago, this capital city looked like a small municipality in the Philippines with few vehicles and buildings. A different Vientiane welcomed me this time: the main road was now similar to Ayala Avenue in Makati City; new vehicles were on the road; buildings indicated Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese investments. Behind those developments, particularly in the education sector, Filipinos can also take their place.

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A US-based revival of ‘Baybayin’

DE LOS SANTOS shows the pre-Hispanic Baybayin script in one of his lectures.

A campaign to revive Baybayin or the alibata script, the writing system of pre-Hispanic Philippines that includes surat Mangyan, has been launched in the United States by cultural activist Norman de los Santos.

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