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Legarda says she’s ready to run for president

First Posted 05:29:00 07/14/2009

BANDOS ISLAND?Sen. Loren Legarda declared on Sunday night that she was ready to run for the presidency so she could push for her advocacy to save the country and the world from environmental disasters due to climate change.

This early, Legarda said she would only align with former President Joseph Estrada, with whom she is scheduled to meet next week to discuss her ?political plans.?

She declined to say what her plans are but stressed that her ?possible alliance? in the 2010 polls would only be with Estrada.

?There will be no alliance other than with President Estrada,? Legarda said, adding that she would remain an opposition candidate as she did not want ?more of the same? under the Arroyo administration.

Legarda made these statements in the Maldives where she had been for the past three days to pitch for climate change initiatives as the United Nations champion for disaster risk and climate change adaptation for the Asia Pacific region.

The senator spoke at a dinner Sunday night that was hosted by Maldivian government officials led by Home Affairs minister Mohamed Shihab.

Legarda said she and Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed were one in the need to push for good governance and to rethink development practices in saving Mother Earth from disaster risks due to changes in the world?s climate.

?But I can only do this if I am president of my country,? she said.

Legarda later told reporters that she was ?determined to pursue and accomplish my mission? in relation to her advocacy.

She said her consultations here and abroad, particularly her trips related to her appointment as UN champion for disaster risk and climate change adaptation, were an ?eye opener? for her and ?clarified in her mind? what she needed to do.

?If the presidency is a necessary platform, so be it,? she said.

Legarda will be back in the Maldives in October to co-chair with former United Nations Director General Kofi Annan a forum of leaders of countries at risk in the face of global warming.

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