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Mother electrocuted in Talisay

First Posted 14:19:00 01/06/2009

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Talisay City, Philippines - A mother of two was electrocuted Sunday night after she accidentally touched a grounded steel wire used as a clothesline in Talisay City, Cebu.

Meldrid Luway, 27, of Barangay (village) Pook, was rushed to the hospital but did not get there alive.

Michael, the victim's husband, told Talisay police, that before the accident, his wife went to a neighbor's house to collect her share of a sinking fund.

On her way there, she accidentally touched the clothesline, which had come in contact with a live wire cut from the concrete electric post because of strong winds brought by tropical depression Auring.

Michael said that when he got to the area, his wife was still holding the grounded clothesline in her hands.

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