4 dead, 2 hurt as Sulu ‘royal’ troops, Malaysian forces clash anew


DIGOS CITY, Philippines—Four people, including two children, died while a Malaysian soldier and another boy were hurt as Malaysian security forces and members of the ill-equipped Sulu “royal army” clashed anew in Tanjung Batu in Lahad Datu Sunday, the Malaysian military reported.

Malaysian Armed Forces Chief General Zulkifeli Zin said in a news conference, reported on by a Sabah-based radio station, that the injured boy had been airlifted to a hospital and the bodies of the four people with Filipino ancestry had been sent to a morgue.

He said Malaysian security forces had entered a house in Tanjung Batu around 9:15 a.m. as they tailed “two terrorists” but they were fired instead, prompting them to retaliate.

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  • zdrx

    malaysians are filling this site with trash. they boast about their “might” and “superiority”… when in fact, they have nothing to brag about because their military is a joke. LOL. consider this:

    1) ragtag 200 with 30 vintage guns…turned malaysia upside down. it’s just an easy 30 minute job for 2 platoons…but they threw their entire armed forces against ragtag 200…AND THEY CAN’T even finish them off!!! their incompetent forces vent their ire on civilians instead …….yet the malaysians in this forum are jumping up and down in glee, like chimps that they are.

    2) compare the malaysian forces to ours. in the 70’s…30,000 well armed MNLF (NOT 200 RAGTAG) launched surprise attacks all over mindanao. our surprised 10,000 govt forces fought desperately. not a town fell…and the surprise attacks were crushed immediately WITH LESS firepower from us. same thing happened in 2001 and 2008…the MILF suffered terribly…all rebel camps were captured and the rebels had to run to the mountains to survive. we did not finish them off because we feared the arabs might slap us with oil embargo. and besides blood is thicker than gunpowder… those rebels are our brothers!!! we had to win them back in peace…and we did!!! CAN MALAYSIA DO THAT??????? don’t make me laugh.

    if malaysia can not do to a ragtag 200…what our AFP did to thousands of MNLF and MILF rebels…surely, malaysia will fall against 10,000 well armed tausugs, modern weapons notwithstanding. yet malaysian idiots here, thought they are superior than us. LOL

    • zdrx

      some malaysian idiots here even entertained thoughts of bombing the philippines with their modern toys. they can’t even handle a skirmish with ragtag 200…they desire a war with us? they mock at our equipment…forgetting we are efficient with less…and rely heavily on skills. LOL

      malaysia is nothing. they are fond of modern toys…forgetting skills. look what their F18s did…they bomb their own troops. what’s holding us back is her being a member of british commonwealth, where brits, kiwis, aussies, africans, gurkhas etc will come to her aid….something shameful and pathetic to brag about. but malaysians are too dumb to notice it. LOL

      • DnKy

        > efficient with less.. and rely heavy on skills
        cant deny there is a truth in this..

        according to ari putan, among the deadly skill these honor above life fearsome tausug warriors possess is the ability to transplant one’s manhood to the forehead..

        the real reason while the well trained malaysian pilot miss kiram troops and bomb their own troops is, in the last minutes the pilot was about to push the bomb release button, one of the tausaug cast this very spell. having large manhood (which is standard among malaysian, eg compared to filipino), it obstructs the line ofview of this unlucky pilot.. can u imagine that thing is dangling left & right.. it’s annoying as hell..

        so malaysian, be afraid.. be very afraid!

      • Ari Putan

        That’s true! I’m a witness to it…. Lol!

      • jacel_itim_na_puso

        sir, please stop this wishful thinking nonsense. it makes our nation a laughing stock of the whole world.

      • zdrx

        ari putan might just be kidding. instead of checking their incompetence …mystic powers and voodoo, might just be malaysia’s alibis why ragtag 200 survived their assault.

        we are in the 21st century where technology works better than myth. perhaps raja muda’s cellphone was being tracked by malaysia to establish his exact location. raja muda said they abandoned their post before dawn and saw the malaysians occupy it and were bomb by their own airforce.

        maybe raja muda intentionally left his “painted” mobile phone. with F18s flying overhead armed with GPS or laser guided smart bombs….that “painted” phone could act as booby trap when the commandos occupied the abandoned posts at sunrise. RSA ringing it and some malaysian commando picking it up to check……and its KABOOOOMMM from the sky. i don’t know, but the mangled corpses in the picture that malaysia presented as “terrorist” killed in that airstrike…looks like dead VAT69 commandos.

        PS. tiyo ulding my uncle, was a survivor from the 1973 “siege of lebak” in cotabato. i also heard him say about mystical powers being used in mindanao struggle between muslim BLACKSHIRTS vs christian ILAGAs. so we are really not sure if there’s a grain of truth to what malaysians claim as mystic powers used by RSA.

      • Ari Putan

        I’m not kidding. I was in Lebak that time too and stayed mostly in nearby Kalamansig.
        I saw them eating human barbecued livers and ears.

      • zdrx

        ooohh, so you must have known uncle ulding who says he served at the convent that time…and he’s got plenty of muslim friends. i was too young to comprehend what he was talking about…and as i grow up, considered his story as tall tales. what really happened there? …who eats livers and ears? tsk tsk tsk

      • headhunter

        “…… what’s holding us back is her being a member of british commonwealth, where brits, kiwis, aussies, africans, gurkhas etc will come to her aid….”

        Ooops. i thought they are your friends? You don’t want them to be your friends eh…oh well

      • zdrx

        no. they are malaysian allies, who fought malay communists and sukarno in konfrontasi. they do the fighting while malaysia is scratching his balls and sucking his milk bottle.

        we want to be friends to all and enemy to none…but we don’t want them throwing us under the bus again or stab us in the back. it hurts… hurts….LOL

      • Adzhar

        Been reading comments, not only postings related to Sabah but some grave domestic issues in PH. It seems that people here are so negative. Any initiative taken or introduced by the government simply met with strong worded opposition from PH’s citizens.

        You guys must first learn to accept your weaknesses and past mistakes in order to move forward. Most of you could speak and write an excellent English, eloquent debaters ( intellectually is different matter altogether) and yet you guys failed to prosper even though being surrounded by all the tigers of the South East.

        You have almost 100 millions population and this is a huge domestic consumers but you are still could not find a niche to properly generate an internal income. You have thousands of beautiful islands, fertile soil and rich sea resources but all are left unexplored.

        When Malaya accepted Sabah as part of Malaysia Federation, Sabah was only one big state with no income of its own. Together we local government, Sabahans and the rest of Malaysians…we worked hard to rebuild once a dilapidated country into what it is today.

        Blaming Malaysia for Moros insurgency is premature because you failed to understand the basis on why did the Moros taking arms against PH. Malaysia may be involved just because Marcos had actually tried to attack Sabah and this has actually a declaration war BUt due uncertainty/denial of Jabidah Massacre….the full scale war was thwarted. The Moros insurgency was mainly germinated because Jabidah and subsequent ethnic cleansing been carried out against Moros. Dont blame Malaysia for something badly happened due to your own doing.

    • headhunter

      ye ye ye…the leader of ASEAN, our big brother!

      • zdrx

        thanks bro. coming from you…its a compliment

    • jacel_itim_na_puso

      sir, I do not think malaysia is upside down. on the contrary it is the kiram terrorists who are running for their life. i wish the kiram terrorists would put their pride away and just surrender. they are fighting in vain waiting for help from fellow tausugs who will not come because peace loving tausugs simply do not agree with their barbaric act.

      • zdrx

        it caused so much trouble politically in their country…especially in the coming elections where some parties may suffer terribly.

        what do you expect if you only have 30 vintage rifles and your opponent throws at you their entire armed forces?

    • Sebastian Archer

      Did you read what you have written? You should be ashamed of yourself

      • zdrx

        did you read what i wrote? what point is shameful in what i posted? or should i type so slowly for you to comprehend what i wrote?

        low reading comp…… should be ashamed of your illiterate self. LOL

      • Pinsan_ni_Mang_Kanor

        Ahahahahah! Ahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Im’re an Idiot Mother Fcuker (IMF)

  • Simplify1


    Sultan Kiram won because his only objective was to let all SABAH stakeholders (Malaysia, Sabahanos Philippines, other claimants to his “kingdom”) know that he has not yet relinquished his claim over SABAH. When the UN SEN GEN sent a personal appeal for restraint, Kiram’s job was done and he called for a ceasefire…..

    Malaysia won because they have shown to all stakeholders that they the resolve to use its full military to dislodge intruders from “their” territories.

    PNoy won because the latest survey indicated that his popularity was not affected by the SABAH incident.

    Peace loving and respectful Filipinos won because we were not dragged to a war instigated by a few deranged individuals

    So, who lost? The poor pinoys who died violently because they followed the wishes of Kiram.

    • jacel_itim_na_puso

      Jamalul Kiram was never recognized as a sultan in our constitution. what is there for him to win?

  • zdrx

    some malaysian idiots here brag about their economy and mocks philippine economy. let me explain. the philippine economy suffered in the 40 year mindanao war that malaysia instigated in the south. other countries would have retaliated…but we are slow in anger, chose to move on, and remained friendly. our country is also unfortunate enough to be located in typhoon’s path that destroys and wastes billions…something malaysia never suffers. we were also robbed by former presidents, not to mention the communist insurgency that drove investors away. we also have runaway population growth, adding mouths to feed, shrinking our economic pie. but now, we are OK…and our economy is going strong, to the point we lent some money for europe financial rescue package.

    aside from enjoying yearlong favorable weather…malaysia also enjoys peace which we never had. we are hampered by a population almost 4x malaysia’s…so malaysia enjoyed an economy more than 4x ours. most of all malaysia enjoyed the wealth of sabah which do not belong to her and only give back to sabah 5% after sucking its wealth. may i also remind malaysians here that malay bums doesn’t move malay economy. it is sabah’s wealth and chinese and indian enterpreneurship that makes malaysia grow. malay bums only scratch their balls and shamelessly talks racist politics all day long.

    without those negative circumstances i mentioned above…the philippines could have REMAINED 2nd to japan in economy. without those positive factors i mentioned above …malays could still be in the jungle clinging to vines like their ancestors. LOL

    in war, economy helps capability…but seldom the deciding factor to victory. ask the US against vietnam. ask the afghans against the soviets. look at malaysia against ragtag 200. LOL

    • corei3sleek sleek

      Lor blame others while leaving in the past glory. No wonder Pnoys will never able to move on. This is 21st century dude.

      • zdrx

        no. we are not “leaving” in the past. i’m just dishing off facts, comparable statistics and circumstances in an attempt to educate malaysians who talks trash against us here.

    • Ari Putan

      This malaysian nasi lemak economy is not impressive. The fact is, its the foreigners actually building their nation as they are lazy bunch of arrogant and hypocrite people.

      The Phl economy, on the other hand, is developed by Filipinos themselves despite of numerous calamities and political upheavals. The progress is the fruit of Filipino people toiling tirelessly and hurdling numerous obstacles with resilience and perseverance. Phil economy will continue to develop whether foreigners will invest or not.

      • headhunter

        bravo bravo clap clap clap clap

    • jacel_itim_na_puso

      I am jealous with malaysia strong economy

      • headhunter

        Don’t be…there is nothing much in Malaysia, we are learning from Phi as our model country..

    • headhunter

      I think someone his blowing his own trumpet…or is it just me? I think it is just me…now I know how powerful and rich Philippines is….Some of the facts and figures to back up this claims are as follows:

      Active Frontline: 80,000
      Active Reserve: 321,000
      Total: 401,000
      Guerrilla War-force: Headhunters from Sarawak (disbanned since 1950 but can be called back as necessary)
      Helicopters: 100+
      MiG-29 Fighter: 18
      F-18 Fighter: 8
      Su-30: 12
      MD-500: 20
      Submarine: 2
      GDP $447billion (2012 est.)
      GDP per capita$15,600
      Reserve: S$133 Billion
      Annual Defense Budget: $4.2 Billion
      Oil Reserve: 5.8 Billion bbl/day

      Active Frontline: 120,000
      Active Reserve: 130,000
      Total: 250,000
      Guerrilla War-force: Tausug, RSSA Manuk, Suluk, Bubuk, MLNF, NMLF, Abu Sayapp, Al-Queada, Osama
      F-5A/B Fighter: 30 (Retired not flying anymore)
      S211 Trainer: 13
      OV-10 Light Bomber: 12 (Only 8 are active)
      UH-1: 50(Most of them are Vietnam versions UH-1H)
      MD-500 Attack Helicopter: 15
      Submarine: ZERO
      GDP: $351billion (2012)
      GDP per capital: $3,500 (2012)
      Reserve: $75Billion
      Annual Defense Budget: $2.225 Billion
      Oil Reserve: 138 million barrel /day

    • jacel_itim_na_puso

      our problem is we invite people to come and invest in our country, but then we kidnap the very investor who wanted to help in our economy just for a quick ransom and some profit. this is so very shameful of us.

      • zdrx

        it was the result of the 40 year war that malaysia instigated in mindanao. it crippled economic activities in the south and put some of our muslim brothers on the edge financially. what do you expect from those abu sayyaf members who since birth, grew up in a violent and bloody environment with empty stomach? of course they’ll grow up with distorted moral views and live and die a bloody and violent life. blame it on malaysia.

      • headhunter

        Agreed. Stupid Malaysia for being busybody such as brokering peace, etc. Malaysia should have just watched Filippinos at each other throats and mind our own business like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. Being kind, helpful has been a waste of time and money; instead being blamed, accused and unappreciated. Is it worth doing?

        I would call upon all Malaysians to refrain from helping or rather meddling with Philippines affairs in future. Make this as lessons. Malaysia should instead spend the resources keeping our soveringty, step up defense and immigration vigilances – thanks God, this has been acknowledged with ESSCOM.

      • zdrx

        malaysia is reaping dividends in brokering peace. look at president pnoy…he is siding with najib. sultan kiram could only curse with all his bad breath…and yet pnoy won’t leave najib’s side. after instigating a bloody fight between filipinos…does malaysia have moral right to broker peace?

        uh, what’s this i heard that malaysia is poised to compete against the europeans in getting contracts to develop sulu sea and liguasan marsh oil and gas reserves in mindanao? isn’t that positioning for $$$$$? stop your primitive headhunting. after all is said and done…all of this is for profit for everyone’s greed…in peacetime mindanao. tsk tsk

      • headhunter

        Yep, at the end of the day there are always hidden agendas ; human beings are such manipulators.

        Bro, Headhunting had stopped at my grandparents era, we are more civilized now.

      • zdrx

        yes, hidden agendas are one of the tools of scheming greedy people. the brits are the best manipulator in the whole wide world…and malaysia learned the tricks of the trade from his masters.

        wheew…thank God you’re not a head hunter. your name scares me …that everytime i reply to you, i reach for my head if it’s still there. no… we are still NOT more civilized than barbarians. as you can see…war, death and destruction are still used to settle disputes. LOL

    • Pinsan_ni_Mang_Kanor

      Agree bro. Southeast Asian Nations envy the Philippines very much during the 50s to 70s to the extent that they tag the Philippines as an American tool of imperialism isolated in SEA (are we? since we evict both their bases).

  • bgcorg

    The case of the Kiram’s had been ventilated in international bodies like the UN. Historically the Philippine claim to Sabah had been taken up by its presidents and the Constitution of the Philippines included Sabah to be part of Philippine territory. The results of the plebiscite allegedly in favor of Sabah to be part of the Federation of Malaysia had been questioned even today by the Philippines and Indonesia. Malaysia, up to this day, continues paying the Sultanate after Sabah’s unusual cession (which Britain acknowledged) from the privately owned North Borneo company; and thus no basis for that assumed “cession,” not being included in a sovereign state’s rights to cede. The Philippine Constitution covers also indigenous people and recognizes “ancestral lands” while the Sultanate of Sulu, being part of the Philippine nation, owns to allegiance to the Philippine flag. The Bangsa Moro set up very well puts Muslims under one governance, represented by the central, national Philippine government.

    • jacel_itim_na_puso

      It is all over CNN and BBC how our country is labelled breeding ground for terrorists. I am ashamed PH is equal to Pakistan and Iran to the international community.

      • headhunter

        I think they must be mistaken, totally…

      • jacel_itim_na_puso

        It is true the international community has branded the Philippines as a heaven for terrorists. After the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Pentagon has launched Operation Enduring Freedom in the southern Philippines to fight “terrorist groups” like kiram, MNLF and Abusayaff. I think the Americans do not trust our national Pulis anymore, which they say is in a mess and considered to be the most corrupt institution in the country.

  • talagalangha

    TRAYDOR ang walanghiyang presidente ng Pilipinas….mabuti pang leader si Sultan Kiram…kahit matanda na at maysakit, pinangungunahan ang kanyang mga mamamayan…hindi katulad ng bobo at baklitang presidente Pnoy na ito…nakakahiya!

    Punasan ng paa ng Malaysia! TRAYDOR! Wag iboto ang mga yellowistang Liberal Party, tama na…gumising na kayong mga bumoto sa TRAYDOR na presidente…

    • jacel_itim_na_puso

      I admire Mr. President for doing his best to build PH economy and save PH face as terrorists breeding ground. He needs to do more like make guns illegal in the PH.

  • disqusted0fu

    Filipino people continue to die. And still Pnoy, as arrogant as he is, continues to refuse to meet with Kiram and negotiate for what could hopefully end this violent standoff in Sabah. Instead, Pnoy chooses to join pretty much all the sorties of team Pnoy and help them in their task of a 12-0 sweep. That’s the only goal of Pnoy as of now, the rest just has to wait.

    • jacel_itim_na_puso

      There is no need for Mr. President to meet Jamalul Kiram because he is not a recognized sultan under our constitution. Infact he is a terrorist that should be arrested and charged.

    • marienkind

      It’s because people like you still consider Kiram as part of the equation that the situation becomes worse.

  • jacel_itim_na_puso

    It is very shameful for the Philippines to be branded a heaven for terrorists. After the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Pentagon has launched Operation Enduring Freedom in the southern Philippines to fight terrorist groups like Kiram, MNLF and Abusayaff. I do not think the Americans trust our national Pulis anymore, which they say is in a mess and considered to be the most corrupt institution in the country.

    • Pinsan_ni_Mang_Kanor

      Bro, terrorists are not the main priority of US troops presence in Mindanao. They really dont care about us. What they are after is the oil in Mindanao, make sure that the Moros will gain their substate status so they can play around freely.

  • Natx Bacalzo

    malashan dudes can believe their own news reports

    • headhunter

      It is only about Malaysians huh. Well, how about the PhilStar’s Report on “no birth certificates for 7.5 million Pinoys”…cannot believe or can believe?

      MANILA, Philippines – At least 7.5 million Filipinos have not registered their names upon birth and are therefore stripped of some civil and democratic rights such as secondary education and the right to vote. Child-centered Plan International, a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom, told the media yesterday that two of 10 children in 500 communities are not registered at birth. It said many of the children, especially those in far-flung areas, are denied enrollment or cannot graduate from high school because they have no birth certificates to prove their age or identity.

      Child-centered Plan country director Carin van der Hor said the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao has the highest rate of unregistered individuals at 62 percent or roughly 970,000 people.

      “It means that out there, a lot of Filipinos do not enjoy the right to a name and a nationality – a basic human right – and cannot prove their identity. They have difficulty enrolling in schools, applying for jobs, securing travel documents,” Van der Hor, a Dutch national helping poor communities in the country, said.

      • marienkind

        Why not?

    • headhunter

      One more here, a comment from one Filiipina, can believe or cannot?:

      Jamaliah Mctøraasen • 10 hours ago said:


      At present, the MILF is becoming apprehensive about the GRPH capability in taking a lead in implementing the Genuine Autonomy in the Bangsamoro Land for the following reasons:

      High Poverty Incidence in Philippines — some 20.5 percent of Filipinos or about 4.1 million families are going hungry while 51 percent, or some 10.4 million families, consider themselves poor, according to a new survey by pollster Social Weather Stations. The 2011 hunger incidence index report for Philippines in 2010 is 11.5%.

      Economic Mismanagement by the GRPH — Philippines has become the second least attractive investment site in ASEAN.

      Incorrigible Culture of Corruption in the GRPH — the PERC Survey that says Philippines is most corrupt nation in Asia.

      High Human Rights Abuses by the GRPH — According to Pulse Asia study, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is most corrupt agency of the Philippine Government.
      The United Nations Security Council and the U.S. State Department also reported a high incidence of human rights violation by the AFP. Instances of torture in detention cells of the Philippine National Police have also been reported by other sources. The Philippine government forces were also trained and initiated into the organization using inhumane methods such as torture, hazing, and maltreatment; thus making each of them tolerant to the sight of human suffering.


      All bullshit eh?

      • Ari Putan

        These are caused mainly by malayshit interfering with our own problems in Mindanao. As long as they continue meddling in our affairs, our economy is affected.

        Better to annihilate these land-grabbers of Sabah.

      • jacel_itim_na_puso

        Sir, it is not right for you to keep blaming on others on our people misery. You should accept that we Pilipino has a problem. We must admit that we have been managing our country poorly because we spend too much time beating the war drums while not doing enough to improve ourselves.

      • Ari Putan

        Mind your own comment….okey.
        No one has the monopoly of opinion here…
        You must listen to fools too as they are used by God to rebuke the ones calling themselves wise.

      • Sang Garudada

        too proud to admit…pathetic

      • Ari Putan


  • Ari Putan

    A re-post from previous comment:

    Rene Sarabia:

    Even though I am an Illongo, my best friend is a Tausug from Sulu and
    my other friend is a native of Sabah, a Kazadan (He’s a Christian). Im
    also an avid scholar of Prehispanic history esp. of Sulu and Maguindanao
    and from what I know on the ground, is that; Malaysia is the biggest
    land-grabbing hypocrite in Southeast Asia.

    Malaysia sponsored the MNLF and MILF rebellions in the Southern
    Philippines to wage war against Manila (Not only in Manila but also in
    Southern Thailand) to distract Filipinos from our very valid and legal
    claims to Sabah. (No wonder Malaysia rejected the Philippines’ offer for
    legal arbitration at least 5 times) and so to distract Filipinos, they
    sponsor terrorism in the South using the wealth they stole from Sabah

    Thus, 20 years of economic stagnation in Sulu and Mindanao due to war
    and intrigue. Just ask Nur Missuari, he considers Malaysians “Friends”,
    especially when he was funded and trained by them. Malaysians use the
    religious difference among Filipinos as an excuse for war which is
    actually pathetic since both Muslim Filipinos and Christian Filipinos
    shared a common Hindu religion before the islamization of Mindanao and
    the colonization of Manila (That’s why RAJAH Salalila of Tondo and RAJAH
    Sipad the Older of the Preislamized Sulu Kingdom were related to each
    other) thus, rendering the religious divide among Filipinos moot and
    academic, at least historically.

    So why the bloodshed and the murder of my best friend’s Tausog family
    and the reciprocal murder of my distant relations who are ILAGA? Is it
    about our differences of religion? Partly… But it’s not about that.
    It’s about the money and corruption used to line the pockets of certain

    So Aquino, hows the peace frame-work agreement going. I’m sure the
    biased Malaysians are having a field-day over their mediation of the
    Mindanao conflict. Let the criminal and terrorist funder be set up as a
    mediator that’s so moral!!! If they get their way, we might soon wake up
    to an independent Bansangmoro (if they go beyond mere autonomy) joining
    the Malaysian federation, another masterful land-grab by Malaysia!

    But more importantly, was there really a united Bangsamoro country,
    before that term was even invented? Considering that the separate
    Sultanates of Lanao, Maguindanao and Sulu were states that often warred
    among themselves or that they only invaded the land originally occupied
    by the Rajahnate of Butuan and the Lumads?)

    Let’s make it clear, partitioning the Philippines is dangerous and
    has little historical precedence. The only reasoning is among religious
    grounds which shouldn’t be an issue anyway because we are a secular

    Meanwhile, the native Sabahans themselves feel cheated by both
    parties, the Sulu Sultan and Peninsular Malaysia. The Sultan, for not
    being active in their administration and against Malaysia. Since,
    despite being the richest in resources across the whole of Malaysia,
    Sabah’s people are also the poorest. This is because of the corrupt and
    totalitarian UMNO party which has ruled Malaysia since it’s inception.
    The sham referendum used by Malaysia (consulting only 5% of the people
    of Sabah) as justification will never hold, considering that the true
    natives of Sabah want independence and that they are only shut up by
    UMNO which continues to curtail their media and incidents such as the
    assassination… ooops I mean the accidental disappearance of
    pro-independence Sabah ministers are constantly brushed aside and
    considered as hush-hush. Meanwhile, Malaysian media is highly

    So why the status quo? I know! Both parties are complicit in this
    deal. So Mr. Aquino, did you already receive the oil contracts Malaysia
    is peddling over Sulu? How about tita Conjuanco why is she going to be
    governor of ARMM when she’s not even from Mindanao, or even a Muslim?
    How much did the UMNO dictators… I mean your friends… cut a share
    with? Would you drop the Sabah claim for investments or quoting Misuari
    “Utang Ng Loob” over Malaysia’s support of your administration? How
    about the pro-democracy and independence fighters in Sabah, do you
    promise to shut up about them too the same way you promised to shut up
    over other issues concerning this?

    Is that why you had that secret meeting in Tokyo together with the
    murderous UMNO party and their MILF proxies? Excluding the Sultan and
    the Tausogs?

    If the leaders involved in this whole affair merely stopped their
    hocus-pocus conspirating and greed and rather follow the hearts of the
    people, the poor, oppressed and downtrodden. There would be no bloodshed
    but what is lacking here is transparency and dialogue.

    However, on our part we should not judge our leaders since they
    themselves also have a difficult time and they are only human. Even
    Misuari, Aquino, the Sultan and UMNO are only human beings that also
    deserve to be understood and respected. If they genuinely repent from
    their evils and sins we as a people must forgive them and hand in hand
    we can find solutions to this crisis.

    And just to remind you where I get my insights. I know why Sulu holds
    the keys over the gates of Meca… Sultan, when you read this. Send my
    regards to Mr. Tagean Tallano, you and your clan have been really really
    humble about this whole sordid international, nay, global affair and
    you know what I am talking about.

    When that “Unnamed Country” offers to mediate this affair. Tell her
    Britannic majesty that the islands would never bow down to the thieving,
    piratical and imperialist worshipers of Gog and Magog who’s greed,
    ignorance and disrespect is the root cause over this entire debacle.

    And that the hand of British Intelligence over this whole affair is
    very well known amongst members of the society. Why are her Britannic
    majesty’s troops stationed across Palawan? And, inside the Sulu sea? Why
    was there a secret trip of Crown-Prince William to Palawan in
    2011-2012? I do not lie. British hands are red with the blood of 3
    continents. (Even still, they also deserve forgiveness if they

    Anyway, this whole affair is one complicated morass. It is better if we become honest with one another. Everyone involved…

    Truth shall set you free.

    God Bless Everyone.

    • jacel_itim_na_puso

      Sir, your cnp is too long. Could you digest the points for everyone to read.

    • PurpleDaisy13

      Wow, that’s awesome insight Ari Putan.

      Nevermind the uneducated types like itim_na_puso below who probably couldn’t read an entire book either. Your inside knowledge are compelling information worth conducting more research on.

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