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Enrile calls for closer relationship with China

First Posted 18:20:00 11/04/2010

MANILA, Philippines?The Philippine government should rethink its ?overall foreign policy? and consider closer relationship with China, which is emerging as a ?superpower,? Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile said Thursday.

Enrile issued the statement in reaction to the possible impact on the Philippines of the recent developments in the US where opposition Republicans captured the majority seats in the House of Representatives in the just-concluded midterm elections.

?I don't think we're going to be following the political pattern of America. Little by little, we are weaning ourselves away from the US,? he said at a regular forum in the Senate.

?And I think it's only right that we should rethink our overall foreign policy because, first of all, geographically we're quite distant from America although politically we're close because of our long association with the Western powers,? he said.

Enrile said that in the long term, ?it would be in the interest of this country for us to really keep closer relations to the Asian nations and more especially China because China is the emerging superpower of the world. You can?t deny the fact that...China will surpass the US and even Europe in influence over the affairs of this planet.?

He said China did not only have the numbers, in terms of population, but was sustaining its economy on its own.

And yet, the Senate leader continued, ?their national economy is now dominating a great portion of the world economy so much so that their currency is now the object of big issues being raised.?

?No one can match China here in Asia today.... China is an emerging, fast-emerging power,? he stressed.

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