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RP, Barbados establish diplomatic ties

First Posted 11:26:00 06/25/2009

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MANILA, Philippines -- The Philippines formally established diplomatic relations with the Caribbean island-state of Barbados early this week, the Philippine Mission to the United Nations in New York said on Thursday.

In a report to Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romulo, Ambassador Hilario Davide Jr., Philippine permanent representative to the UN, said the mission signed the Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations with Barbados on June 22 in ceremonies held in New York.

Davide and Ambassador Christopher Fitzherbert Hackett, Bardados? permanent Representative of Barbados to the UN, signed the agreement in a ceremony witnessed by Philippine Deputy Permanent Representative Leslie Gatan, Consul General Cecilia Rebong and other officials from the Philippine Mission, and Deputy Permanent Representative Joyce Dianne Bourne and Consul General Lennox Price and other officials from the Barbados Mission.

Davide said it was the government of Barbados that proposed the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Philippines last year.

The proposal was coursed through the Philippine embassy in Caracas, Venezuela.

The easternmost island-state in the Caribbean, Barbados has a total land area of 430-square kilometers and a population of 282,000.

Its closest neighbors are Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia.

A member of the Caribbean Community or CARICOM, Barbados was a British colony for more than three centuries before it was granted its independence in 1966.

In the human development index, Barbados is consistently among the top 75 in the world. In 2006, it ranked 31st in the world, and third in the Americas, behind Canada and the United States.

Barbados will be under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Ambassador to Caracas Jocelyn Batoon Garcia.

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