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First Posted 14:28:00 03/05/2007

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Probably not known to many yet, Noynoy Aquino issued a touching statement over a Manila radio: "I endorse Honasan's request for bail para parehas ang laban. I was hit by bullets from Honasan's men in the neck and hips but that's past now. The principle of my father was, 'Respect the rights even of your enemies.' Ito ang nagpatingkad ng demokrasya. Genuine reconciliation is democracy in action."

Noynoy was referring to an incident in one of the failed coups Gregorio Honasan - now a fellow "senatoriable" under the same ticket - launched against Cory Aquino's presidency. But I suppose Noynoy would not say the same to a woman who may have stolen the votes of the Filipinos and remains shamelessly unswerving in her desire to perpetuate herself in power.

What legacy can Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo speak of after she made a public admission that she had "talked" to a Comelec official, and even apologized for it?

* * *

I can't help but entertain the wild thought about the Garci monster that could resurface and perform another "open sesame" of sorts. It should cause local aspirants to lose sleep. The Garci tapes also talked about the rigging of the 2004 election in the provinces, and Cebu was not spared.

What do you think, Junnie? And it remains a conundrum among many Cebuanos why Rep. Clavel Asas-Martinez (Cebu, 6th district) only briefly involved herself in the grueling "Hello, Garci" tussle in the House.

* * *

Two minds are better than one. But it appears Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña is still taking matters into his own hands. Such an attitude might even turn to naught the good news Joel Mari Yu has for the bleeding city's taxpayers.

The marketing consultant of the South Road Properties announced to media the intention of SM Prime Holdings Inc. to take full control over the entire 295-hectare facility. Among the main points stated in the proposal submitted by the company is the taking over the full obligation of paying for the balance of Cebu City Hall's P6.3-billion loan from Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Pray that hizzoner ceases to be "Mayor Closure" regarding this new development.

Admittedly, Osmeña's failure to fully deliver basic services to his constituents has been mainly traced to the SRP, which eats up a lion's share of the city's annual outlay. It's definitely an election issue those in the opposition camp should underscore. Genuine Opposition bets for councilors, mayor and congressman should educate voters about the negative impact of the gigantic undertaking on the city's future if the local government continues to be lackadaisical in confronting the issue.

How do you read that, Cebu City Genuine Opposition chair and congressional aspirant Jonathan Guardo?

* * *

Speculations run high that the Cebu International Convention Center would eventually become a white elephant. That's incorrect and unfair because Capitol has been boasting of some bookings for events to be held there this year.

What this corner has gotten wind of, however, is that the facility will be used for some secret election-related political meetings among the administration party's top planners. Booking na buking?

* * *

My friend Art Barit called to express his intention to run for the Cebu City Council, saying that the protection of the environment will be his top priority if elected. I say amen to that, Art. Good luck.

Retired police general Tiburcio Fusilero never expected that his advocacy for the protection of the environment would win the heart of a militant lawyer who was critical of his treatment of cause-oriented groups while still in active duty.

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