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Net users’ call: Let CPDRC inmates dance

First Posted 07:27:00 02/23/2010

INTERNET users want the world-famous Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) to continue dancing.

The YouTube account of Capitol Security Consultant Byron Garcia generated at least 80 comments expressing disappointment over the order of Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia to stop the practices at the CPDRC until a new system would be put in place to account the donations given to the facility.

The users of the video-sharing website also asked the officials to reconsider the decision to suspend the dancing at the jail facility.

The CEBU DAILY NEWS story about the governors order, which was ?published on globalnation section of www.Inquirer.net also generated a similar response from Internet users.

As of yesterday, the CDN story entitled: ?No More Dancing, Gwen wants donations to CPDRC accounted for? has listed 309 comments from readers all wanting to keep the inmates from dancing.

?Pati bah naman ang mga donation sa mga inmates ay pag iintirisan nila...dapat kong ano man ang para sa kanila eh sa kanila na dapat yon..sayang naman if matigil ang performance ng dancing inmates..sikat na sila at minahal na sila ng taong bayan...sana marisulba ang isyong ito at sana matapos ito ng maaga pa...Isa ako sa taga hanga ng dancing inmates,? one user said.

Capitol consultant Rory Jon Sepulveda said that the rehabilitation by way of dancing at the CPDRC has continued but the public viewing has been put on hold.

?The CPDRC is now on regular operations?the dancing continues to be one of the rehabilitation activities,? Sepulveda said.

?Public performances will resume once the mechanism for full accountability on donations are in place,? said Sepulveda.

The Youtube account of Byron, on the other hand, had the last video posting on Jan. 26, 2010 where the security consultant uploaded a video of photo documentation of the visit of Travis Payne, Michael Jackson?s choreographer who visited the CPDRC to film a dance number with the inmates for Jackson?s documentary ?This is it.?

The photo presentation was titled ?They don?t really care about us!?

?Yes, I think the powers that be don't really care about us!? was the public tagline of that video posting of Byron.

tried to contact Byron through his cellphone but he couldn?t be reached for comment.

In a text message last Feb. 12, Byron had denied ongoing a conflict with his sister Governor Gwendolyn.

Sepulveda also clarified that Byron remains the consultant on security but would be assigned to other problem areas in the provincial government.

Meanwhile, reporters who wished to get details about the CPDRC would have to get permission from Governor Garcia.

Lito Gabuya, CPDRC warden, begged off an interview with CDN yesterday saying he had no authority from the governor.

?Kinahanglan sa mo mangayo og clearance gikan sa governor. (You need to secure a clearance from the governor),? he told CDN.

He said he just received a memorandum from Governor Garcia prohibiting them from granting interviews to the media without the authority from the governor.

In a phone interview, Sepulveda said the policy of getting clearance from the governor is nothing new.

He said the policy started even before the tenure of the governor.

?Everything with regards to the provincial jail has to pass through the governor. The authority emanates from the governor to avoid confusion on the part of the jail officials. There might be many people who simply go inside the jail,? Sepulveda said.

He said Governor Garcia acts as the ?jailer.?

Sepulveda said the governor is responsible for whatever would happen inside the jail. with a report from reporter Ador Vincent S. Mayol

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