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LTO launches text, online services

First Posted 13:57:00 03/26/2008

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CEBU CITY, Philippines - The Land Transportation Office in Central Visayas (LTO-7) on Tuesday launched two services that would allow the public to reach the LTO without having to drop by their offices.

The SMS Info-Text service will allow the public to ask LTO for information on agency procedures or check the legitimacy of vehicles. Just send the text message ?LTO help? to 2600 for a menu of services.

An online portal ? go.lto.net.ph/xpresslane ? will allow the public to use the Internet to make certain transactions with LTO, including requesting for certain clearances.

Raul Aguilos, regional director of LTO-7, said both services make the LTO more accessible, and prevent the public from falling victim to fixers.

Using the online portal, a user may request for certain clearances, such as a Law Enforcement and Traffic Adjudication System (Letas) certification ? an official document certifying that there are no unresolved violations linked to a driver?s license or a vehicle registration.

Payments may be made through credit card number or ATM card number. LTO will then deliver the requested certificates straight to the user?s doorstep.

Aguilos said the online portal does not include transactions that require the physical presence of a person or vehicle, such as applying for a driver?s license or vehicle registration, or renewing licenses or registrations. These, he said, still have to be done at LTO offices.

While the site does not allow users to pay the cash penalties of violations, Aguilos said that service would be included on a future date. Other planned online services include allowing Filipinos abroad to renew their Philippine driver?s licenses and real-time records retrieval.

The text messaging service, on the other hand, will allow any person with a cellular phone to ask the LTO about rules and procedures, and even data on certain vehicles.

With the website and text service available, Aguilos said he hoped the number of people who would visit the LTO offices would be minimized, preventing them from being victimized by fixers.

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