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Cop arrested for shooting Ouano’s teenage grandson

First Posted 14:17:00 04/25/2010

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A policeman was arrested after a fracas that ended with a bullet injury to a 19-year-old grandson of former Mandaue City mayor Alfredo Ouano.

The commotion took place at dawn outside a convenience store in barangay Labogon.

Details of how the fight started were sketchy.

PO2 Benjamin Clyde Yu, assigned at the operation branch of the Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO), said he only fired a warning shot in self defense against a group of persons who tried to attack him outside the store.

Adonis Ouano Icalina, grandson of Ouano was hit with a bullet splinter.

PO2 Yu claimed that he was about to enter the store when a man punched him in the mouth.

PO2 Yu said he drew his gun when another man tried to hold his waist.

The policeman said he fired a warning shot at the group.

At the time of the commotion, he was wearing only a white T-shirt and blue police slacks.

PO2 Marlouie Manambang along with Field Training Program (ftp) policemen responded to the shooting alarm.

John Paul Alegado, 18, a companion of Icalina, told them PO2 Yu had left the area and was seen driving his vehicle to Doña Rosario Village.

Police chased PO2 Yu and caught up with him near the village.

PO2 Yu was brought to the Basak police station where he was detained.

He refused to undergo a a liquor test or submit his 9mm service pistol for ballistics tests.

Police said they would investigate whether he could be charged for violation of the election gun ban.

Police said they were still waiting for Icalina?s decision whether he would file charges against the policeman.

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