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Security survey for Lapu banks suggested

First Posted 14:59:00 03/17/2008

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LAPU-LAPU CITY, Philippines - Lapu-Lapu City Police officials are urging banks in the city to undergo a routine ?security survey? to curb robberies.

The security survey was suggested by Superintendent Louie Oppus, Lapu-Lapu police director, in a meeting with the bankers? association in Lapu-Lapu City.

The bankers? association in Lapu-Lapu has around 20 members, including those banks located inside the export processing zone.

After three major robberies in the city this year, Oppus said there was a need to assess the capabilities of the security systems in the banks, which were the usual targets of robbery groups.

Oppus said there are some bank managers who do not trust the police. He, however, assured them that the security survey will be made with utmost confidentiality.

He said that not all policemen can conduct the security survey and shall be made only when the respective bank administrations formally ask for the assessment.

?So if they see policemen about to conduct a security survey, they should ask me first because I will be the one who will know about it. They will have to talk to me,? Oppus said.

A formal request is needed in order to be accommodated in the security assessment addressed to the police office, Oppus said.

?So that they will also know who (police officer) will go there,? the city director added.

Three major robberies have been reported in Lapu-Lapu since January this year - or one major robbery per month.

In January, robbers wearing the uniform of police interns struck Mactan Rural Bank in Barangay (village) Basak and left with P1.5 million from robbers.

Another robbery happened in February, this time P300,000 cash and P100,000 worth of jewelry were taken from a warehouse.

Then, a group of five armed men robbed the pawnshop employees at the foot of Marcelo Fernan Bridge.

Oppus said he believed that someone is out to destroy his name. He did not elaborate. /Reporter Dale G. Israel

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