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Bagsakan center to open by yearend

Market to give direct suppliers venue to sell First Posted 14:59:00 09/11/2009

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To help lower the prices of commodities, the Cebu City government will open a new Bagsakan Center at the North Reclamationa Area (NRA) in December.

The center will provide a venue for direct suppliers to sell their own farm produce such as fruits, vegetables, poultry and meat.

?What we are trying to attempt here is to make the public buy their goods cheaper,? said Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña.

The one-story building will be housed on a 3.3-hectare lot owned by the city government at the NRA.

So far, two firms have shown interest to build and operate the facility. In exchange, they will pay rent to the city for the use of the lot.

These are Dakay Construction and Prince Warehouse Club.

Former Cebu City consultant Art Barit, who is helping the city implement the project, said the products sold in the Bagsakan will be P10 cheaper than those sold at the Carbon Market because these will come directly from the suppliers.

The prices will depend on what are pegged in slaughterhouses or in the farm and not from the current prices in Carbon or other public markets.

The prices of the goods will be posted a day before.

?First, you let it (the market) run. The you monitor and have daily postings per kilos the day before. (Example) ang presyo sa ihawan P80, sa mercado P100 so ang resulta ang mga dealer sa mercado will reduce their prices otherwise dili mahalin ang ilang tinda,? he said.

This will force other market vendors to also lower their prices.

The Bagsakan center will be divided into three sections ? meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits.

Barit said he has three suppliers for poultry, pork and beef meat who can sell in the market.

Cebu City Administrator Francisco Fernandez said interested suppliers should undergo bidding to make sure that they can sell the lowest price otherwise the market will be open for any direct supplier.

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