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Setting off with blind faith

Illustrations by Steph Bravo

This is a true story about my friend Digoy and my encounter with Masha, a Russian lady. If written like a play, it would go thus:

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From nannies to entrepreneurs


There is a small town, away from the bustling centers of Hong Kong and Kowloon, that has gradually grown into a distinctly multicultural community.

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The ubiquitous Pinoy


It was troubling to see the photograph on the front page of Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post on Jan. 19 of a patient lying apparently unconscious, his head heavily bandaged and in a neck-brace, with Algerian Minister Youcef Yousfi and a doctor looking anxiously down at him. The photo caption only said it was a “freed Filipino hostage” and the accompanying AFP (Agence France Presse) report did not identify him.

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Filipina lesbians at home in HK’s Statue Square


Hong Kong may be a well-developed metropolis which touts itself as “Asia’s World City,” but it’s quite backward in one major way.

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Filipina workers abroad and family planning


“Dili siya gusto maggamit og supot” (He doesn’t like to use condoms), my friend Lilia told me ruefully in Cebuano, giggling a bit. That was her reply to my query about what form of birth control she and her husband Ben used. Having known her for some time, I consulted her about what she thought of the reproductive health (RH) issue that’s been roiling Philippine politics these past months. Lilia belongs to the army of intrepid women toiling in Hong Kong, working as a domestic for eight years in this Chinese territory. Of the total of some 285,000 foreign maids, Pinays number 137,000, making up 48 percent (Indonesian women, who captured the traditional Pinoy lead a few years ago, are now close to 50 percent).

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