Welcome more US troops–Del Rosario


Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario. AP FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said on Saturday the greater presence of American troops in the country should be welcomed as it was allowed under the longstanding mutual defense treaty between the Philippines and the United States.

The country’s top diplomat, however, stressed that the establishment of a US military facility could only be granted if it would be under the control of the Philippine military and would not violate the Constitution, which bars the US from having military bases in the country.

“Our MDT (Mutual Defense Treaty) calls for joint action if either the Philippines or US is attacked. It would then be logical to assume that in the event of an attack on the Philippines or on our treaty ally, the US would be allowed to use our bases,” Del Rosario told the Inquirer yesterday.

“For example, if the US were to propose a facility in the Philippines to support humanitarian assistance, disaster response and maritime security—one that is mutually beneficial, one that is controlled by the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) and one that is not violative of the Philippine Constitution—we should welcome that form of assistance and cooperation,” he said.

Del Rosario made the comments when asked for his take on Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin’s statements made on Friday on the possibility of restoring the  US bases in the Philippines in case of a war in the Korean Peninsula.

Gazmin had said that permitting the return of US troops to the Philippines may happen “in cases of extreme emergency,” including the breakout of a war in the Korean Peninsula.

Amid doubts on its weapons and nuclear launch capabilities, North Korea has threatened to wage war against South Korea and its ally, the United States, following fresh international sanctions for its nuclear tests earlier this year.

The two countries along with Japan, another defense ally, have raised their defense posture amid Pyongyang’s persistent war rhetoric.

The Philippines is closely monitoring developments in the Korean Peninsula,  mainly to look after the welfare of some 40,000 Filipinos residing there.

The US bases in Clark, Pampanga, and Subic Bay, Olongapo City, were booted out of the Philippines in 1992 through a Senate vote, ending nearly a century of permanent US military presence in the country.

But defense cooperation between the two countries has been close in the last 20 years since. More recently, both sides vowed to further deepen their relationship amid common concerns in the region.

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  • boymanok

    calling all NDF, akbayan, anakbayan, gabriela, and all other leftist party list groups, your time has come to prove your nationalism and patriotism…we dont need the americans, we need YOU so what are you waiting for? sign up now with the AFP…kaya nyong tumbahin yang NOKORS sisiw yan…LOL

    • PHtaxpayer

      You have very little understanding of what those groups represent or what’s good for the country…nobody in provinces especially the people of Mindanao, want more militarism in their areas. Peace and unity can never be achieved by the AFP alone, that’s silly. Your message is that of Adolf Hitler.

      • warillaman

        For me, I have nothing to understand about this groups you symphatise, comparing Mr. boymanok message to adolf hitler is too stupid to cloud your brains, if your so called groups has done better for the economy of our country then I go with you, but then again, they are not, they are just an added problem to a list of our country’s problems and it has nothing to do with militarism. it is about protecting our country from another country like, the chinks, and this malaysian dogs if you are from mindanao.

      • PHtaxpayer

        clearly you don’t understand the issues…

        There are 600 US soldiers based in Mindanao – that is related to the article about US troops in the PH…

        Militarism has protected illegal loggers and commercial farms that caused destruction of our environment, causing lower food production as well as many farmers to lose their income and move to the cities…

        For you to say there is nothing to understand, is like saying you understand what is going on, yet you don’t know what is the history, the causes of poverty, natural disasters and corruption in this country…they are all related ad connected.

        Until you spend more time to study, it’s useless talking to someone like you.

      • warillaman

        Big talk!!! as if you carry the weight on your shoulders that you should know the issues.
        To have those US soldiers there is a big help to us, not unless they act as an invader, creating fear among our locals, killing and raping our women and children, are they doing that????
        There are different ways to understand militarism, is it as part of our armed forces or private army employed by a private company or rebels against our government.
        Our environment will always be protected by foreign and local entities, illigal loggers and other culprits will always be there its everywhere around the world, that is why we have foreign and local environment forces that protects them.
        lower food production is due to our people not working just simple as that, and a promise of a big buck in the cities.
        So, to me, you know nothing more of our country’s history than me, poverty is always there no matter what, corruption is always ther too, and so is natural disasters, but, at least we are not like africa, or other poor countries in comparison!

      • PHtaxpayer

        haha you have been watching too many movies…real life is not like that, it’s a lot scarier! And yes, American soldiers are killing and raping not just our women but Japanese, Thai and other countries they are based in. They have killed over 1 million pinoys since the PH-US War of 1899 and there is no reason to stop – the PH is a strategic military base in their Pacific defense perimeter. I can quote Gen. McArthur’s statement in 1954 but you are so blind to the Truth I don’t think it would matter.

        Gosh, you sound like someone who has never been to the mountains here in Mindanao. Can’t blame you for thinking like that. Ignorance is bliss! The Truth is what it is and it doesn’t matter what you or I think!

      • boymanok

        mag-apply ka ulit ng US visa baka maaprubahan ka na para huwag ka ng umiyak…he he he

      • sarapbuhay

        ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa lukah ka talaga boyax ka ,basta kunyari lang yan si ate ph, type nyan mga puting soldyer

      • warillaman

        You are watching too many movies not me, idiot, you think you are a hero trying to save the world from the evil US, living in the past with 1 million pinoys killed????? there must be some mass graves and killing fields, even the spaniards could not kill that much in 400 years of rule, such an idiotic kid you are, I may have never been to the mountains but you don’t too or else you would not be here wasting your time, idiot!!

      • boymanok

        you’vejust responded to his post so you must be the useless one…blog lang ito eh masyado kang iyakin, o eto ang kiss para tumahimik ka na..TSUP..LOL

      • sarapbuhay

        haaay type nya yan

      • boymanok


      • tagahuron

        you are the one who CLEARLY doesn’t understand the issues. Pa-ingles ingles ka pa.

      • tagahuron

        “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH”. If our enemies know we are strong militarily, they will not even dare claim Scarborough Shoal and other islands in the Spratlys. Military is an important component of being a strong country to protect and secure the interests of the State and its people.

      • boymanok

        thats what im talking about warillaman…super like!

      • boymanok

        good job!…you got big balls but such a small brain. totoo nga naman ang sinabi mo. super tahimik na ngayon sa mindanao because of the efforts of your leftist groups…di ba? o sumagot ka? your leftist groups hasn’t done anything good for this country since time immemorial. katulad mo rin, puro daldal walang aksyon. wanna bet? ano ba mga binabasa mo? baka puro tabloid lang yan kaya one track yung takbo ng utak mo. oh eto singko bumili ka ng kausap mo…LOL

      • sarapbuhay

        ano ba ate pati si hitler pinag titripan mo ,lukah mababaho kilikili ng mga npa dating mo mukhang type mo sial mas pogi mga merkano soldyer bruhita

      • tagahuron

        so what “peace and unity” do these leftists communists do if not to disrupt, protest anything American, while they cuddle anything Chinese?

  • shane54emil

    Good…DFA is just being realistic…

    • joboni96

      sibakin na ang collaborator
      sec del rosario

      ipapahamak na naman ang bayan
      sa gerra ng imperyalista

  • doublecross

    mga anak pawis join na kayo, sige dyan na kami!

  • sanjuan683

    Stand on your own feet never depend on US. US very like war not in their own soil but in the soil of other country.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      when did you live in america to know. did you go on the street and ask any american if they loved war. of course not.

      • sarapbuhay

        yaan mo si ate kunyari lang yan,pero type nya mga merkanong soldyer

    • boymanok

      thats true…without the help of any other country especially the US we will surely win against north korea if war broke out and they invade us. nandyan sina captain barbell, panday, indio, lastikman, anakbayan, gabriela, ndf, akbayan…naku marami pa kaya wag tayong matakot!

    • sarapbuhay

      ate maghugas ka muna ng plato wag ka ng sumali sa usapang matitino lukah

    • sarapbuhay

      kunyari ka pa ate type mo naman talaga mga poging american soldiers he he he

    • tagahuron

      ano sabi mo?

  • BIGButo

    Bring back the USA bases!

  • Albert Einstien

    WHY is this noynoying govt is ENDANGERING the 100 million lives of our people ..US warships are NUCLEAR ATTACK MAGNETS..

    what is the use of US without NUCLEAR in our territory..? our constitution
    prohibits nuclear in any part of our territories…US really wanted to stay in
    SEA & PACIFIC ..because they still believed that they OWN us…it is strategic for them , they
    bought us from spain for $20 million & world resources are here…

    is US really our ALLY & FRIEND ? ask yourselves & our veterans…

    let’s just look at malaysia alone….. Wikileaks cable on declassified
    diplomatic documents that have been released, it was stated that Kuala
    Lumpur sought the help of the United States by way of its intervening in its
    dispute with the Philippines over Sabah sometime in 1973……. when in fact US
    ( even formally advised UK that SABAH is RP territory ) , UK &MALAYSIA knew
    SABAH is RP territory………………..why did they helped malaysia instead
    of RP in 1973 they stopped our AFP modernization …& prohibited THE
    SUCCESSFUL santa barbara MISSILE defense program & NUCLEAR program of
    marcos…..MARCOS GDP growth in 1973 is already at 9.2 HIGHEST in our HISTORY
    till NOW. ( pnoy is already JUMPING to heavens with meager 6.6 while gma growth
    is 7.6 ) ….. ..US greed dictates their policy towards us…their companies
    are making a KILLING of revenues in our resources claimed by malaysia together
    with UK…. .( ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Nippon Oil, and Murphy Oil are
    malaysia’s contractors.aside from PETRONAS malaysian govt owned..Petronas alone
    , provides about 40% of the federal MALAYSIA budget in taxes, dividends and

    malaysia has been instigating & funding rebellion with UK & US knowledge if not blessing in our country for 50 years already killing hundreds of thousand filipinos & displacing almost 10 made our country’s economy stagnant for 50 years & our people poor .

    As you can see MALAYSIA’s wealth is COMING from ROBBERY of RP & BRUNEI resources …

    Brunei’s $arawak ga$ (123% higher than peninsular malaysia ) 38.5761 trillion cubic feet & BRUNEI’s $ARAWAK Oil ( 62.5% of peninsular malaysia ) 1.5 Billion Barrels

    RP’s $ABAH OIL ( 83.33% of that peninsular malaysia of 2.4 bb ) 2.0 Billion barrels ( expanding) &
    RP’s SABAH GA$ ( 34.18% of that peninsular malaysia of 31.5549 tcf ) 10.7880 trillion cubic feet ( expanding )

    .. that is why we have REBELS in SOUTH…that is why RP will not PROSPER…SABAH is CASH our FRIEND US, UK & malaysia…..RP’s SABAH OIL will be EPLETED in less than 20 years time..SHOULD we WAIT UNTIL they FULLY DEPLETED our SABAH territory of RESOURCES ? HOW much MONEY from SABAH resources MALAYSIA is giving to our POLITICIANS in EXCHANGE for their PATRIOTISM & NOT to CLAIM SABAH is it monthly, annualy or LUMPSUM with profit sharing?

    • Yet Jua

      1973 and beyond was also the year that Marcos amassed ill-gotten wealth and the result was the depletion of the Philippine economy and the speedy devaluation of the Philippine Peso against any other currency especially the US$.You are making up story that both the UK and US have both knowledge if not blessing as you mentioned regarding the rebellion in the Philippines.Only the fool will believe’s all TSISMIS…pang-showbiz and dating mo dre.

      • Albert Einstien

        NEWS : All for Malaysia and the MILF • Thursday, 11 April 2013

        Wikileaks cable on declassified diplomatic documents that have been
        released, it was stated that Kuala Lumpur sought the help of the United
        States by way of its intervening in its dispute with the Philippines
        over Sabah sometime in 1973.Clearly then, KL certainly knows that the Philippines owns Sabah, and not Malaysia. According to Malaysian Insider, a Kuala Lumpur newspaper, a secret cable from Henry Kissinger’s term as the US Secretary of State had him writing that “His (Malaysian official) 30-minute pitch … ended up with a fairly direct request that US Government (USG) uses its influence on (then President Ferdinand) Marcos to have him agree to abandon Sabah claim.”
        The report also mentioned that “the Malaysia-Philippines counter-claims on Sabah were mentioned in several cables, with most referencing the
        Islamic insurgency in the Philippines by jihadist groups, of which
        Malaysia is a supporter.”

        Malaysian-Trained MNLF Fighters Join Kiram Forces

        During that training, Malaysian military trainors even joked about
        the firearms at the MNLF training camp on Jampiras Island, off Sabah, as
        they turned over Khadafy’s weapons’ supply.

        “We are not even sure if the firearms we are giving you will not be
        turned against,” the Malaysian trainors had said in a jest. “Well,
        speaking of self-fulfilling prophecy,” Bayam said, recalling the jokes
        of the Malaysian trainors

        NEWS : GMA NEWS April 12, 2013 citing WIKILEAKS

        A cable dated April 17, 1976, quoted then-Sabah chief minister Tun
        Fuad as saying that it was “no secret” that his predecessor, Mustapha,
        supplied arms to Philippine guerrillas.

        “He said it was no secret that his predecessor, former chief minister
        Tun Mustapha, had been running guns and money from Libya’s Gaddafi to
        the Philippine guerrillas,” according to the secret cable written by an
        unnamed American Embassy official in Kuala Lumpur.

        The official also said the Sabah government would not stop arms smuggling unless Marcos gives up the Sabah claim.

        The official reported that “assistance has been provided to Filipino
        Muslim insurgents directly by Mustapha, by Libya and perhaps other Arab
        countries through Mustapha, and there is evidence of GOM (Government of Malaysia) agencies collaborating with Mustapha.” the government of
        Malaysia (Mustapha) will not give up possibility of extending such
        assistance until President Marcos publicly and categorically abandons
        Philippine claim to Sabah,” according to the cable.

        After MNLF co-opted with the Philippine government, Sabah then veered
        their arms shipments to a breakaway group the Moro Islamic Liberation
        Front (MILF), Idjirani claimed. The MNLF signed a peace pact with the
        government in 1996. On the other hand, the MILF is now conducting
        exploratory talks on the peace process in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

        they now encouraged the MILF to fight against Philippine government,” Idjirani said in a phone interview.

        “It is Malaysia who created the Mindanao conflict so that the Philippine
        government could not focus their attention in pursuing their claim to
        Sabah,” he added

      • Yet Jua

        Did you mean to say the Philippine gov’t (from previous to present) knows about it already and did nothing about it?The Philippines and the US have a long standing partnership and were somehow connected by history long before Malaysia and the US relationship.One example for this are the number of Filipinos who migrated to the US since the early 50’s and became US citizens and were successful in that country. On the other hand the relationship between Malaysia and the US due mainly to trade just started lately (early 80’s i supposed).I even don’t want to believe you that Malaysia is the main sponsor of terrorism in Mindanao just to divert the Philippine’s claim of Sabah.

        Security (From Wikipedia-2013) :The United States and Malaysia enjoy strong security cooperation. Malaysia hosts the Southeast Asia Regional Center for Counterterrorism (SEARCCT), where over 2000 officials from various countries have received training. The United States is among the foreign countries that has collaborated with the center in conducting capacity building programmes. The U.S. and Malaysia share a strong military-to-military relationship with numerous exchanges, training, joint exercises, and visits.

    • sarapbuhay

      nananaginip ka na naman ate, lukah madaming poging na soldyer ng US ang mahahala mo bruha , mga bata pa pati, aandar na naman pagka pedopalya mo, kwayet ka na lang, baliwili

    • tagahuron

      If not for the US you maybe a descendant of the Japanese and the Nazis by now…. so think first before you open your mouth.

      • Yet Jua

        ….or maybe an overseas territory of Japan.

  • Rasputin Casanova

    VERY GOOD!!! pero wag lang masyado umasa.. bumili tayo ng atin.. kung pwde mag donate ng tig isang daang piso bawat pinoy. makaka bili agad tayo kahit paano ng armas. LOL! d maka pag comment sa kabila sarado na! topic nd na holliday ang chinese new year !!!! whew! sa wakas may naisip ding maganda.. WAG NA RIN TANGKILIKIN GAWA NG MGA INTSIK NA YAN PARA MAG HIRAP NA RIN SILA.

  • juanpedro de jose

    Tama yan para kumita naman ng Dollar ang mga pukpok nating kababayan…

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