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More Filipinos charged over Sabah intrusion—Malaysian media


Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesman Raul Hernandez said in a statement Tuesday that the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is set to inquire with the Malaysian authorities to get the identities of those charged. INQUIRER.NET FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—More Filipinos have been charged by the Malaysian government for allegedly being part of the intrusion in the disputed territory of Sabah by supporters of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, Malaysian media reported.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib was quoted in reports by Malaysia’s The Star Online that eight Filipinos will be brought to the Malaysian High Court for a hearing Tuesday on charges of terrorism.

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesman Raul Hernandez said in a statement Tuesday that the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur was set to inquire with the Malaysian authorities to get the identities of those charged.

He said that they were also set to inquire about the personal conditions of the Filipinos as well as their legal representations.

“Once we obtain this info, our embassy team will go through the application procedure for consular jail visit,” Hernandez said

Philippine Embassy personnel in Malaysia have previously been granted consular access to the first eight Filipinos charged last March whose next hearing will be held on April 12.

The supporters of the Sultan of Sulu, led by Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram, sailed to Sabah last February 12 claiming that they are the rightful owners of Sabah.

Violence broke out after three weeks of tense negotiations failed and Malaysian authorities were forced to attack the Sulu “Royal army” who refused to leave the village where they encamped.

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  • misuari playboy

    “three weeks of tense negotiations”???? such hype, drama and spinning characterize pilipin’s poor quaillty of journalism and explains why we do not welcome your journalists in our country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rizzo.rios Rizzo Rios

      If you’re being fair why not let other international journalists in? Trying to hide something?

      • makinagulingon_nasud


      • http://www.facebook.com/rene.sarabia.12 Rene Sarabia

        What a blatant lair you are. My Mother is one of the judges of the Maguindanao massacre and we have never ever banned coverage from the International Media. The same applies to the Manila hostage taking!

        If we banned that, how come the world know about that? SIMPLE LOGIC! You don’t use that.

        If you want to look at a real media ban, go ask your PM and how the Malaysian Media participated in the cover up of the murder of his Mongolian Prostitute-Lover.

    • Vlad D. Impaler

      here, here… i’ll give you three weeks of intense butt_penetrations burit babi

  • Jane Tan

    I don’t see the point in getting their identities because Kiram will just deny their existence anyway.

    • pfc_kulapu

      girls scout can’t understand “confirm or deny” strategy…

      • Jane Tan

        Oh I can understand it. What I don’t get is people supporting someone who can, so easily, abandon his people when it suits him.

    • makinagulingon_nasud


    • http://www.facebook.com/justone.sin JustOne Sin

      Most likely they’ll be Malaysians overnight. One of the eight has already been confirmed as a Malaysian Police Corporal. We and the Filipinos got supporters for and against the Kirams. This is getting confusing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/babu.taza Babu Taza

    Ethnic cleansing in full glare, but will Sultan Kiram do now? The extent of possible victims is staggering given the fact that about of Sabah’s 3.8 million population are Orang Suluks. RP will face a serious problem by any sudden influx of evacuees arrive. its like an impending reverse invasion. In any case, Kiram should meet them upon arrival from Sabah.

    • pfc_kulapu

      3.8 million orangsuluk is a serious problem of malaysia.. they got nervous for poorly arm 100+ royal sulu army..

      • makinagulingon_nasud


      • pfc_kulapu

        sorry game not over yet!!!!

      • pfc_kulapu

        poor malaysian police they don’t know raja muja are now in brunie.. don’t you know they are distant relative…

      • antinutcase

        so Agbi is known as ‘raja muja’ whenever he is in ‘brunie’. Ok pfc, got that loud and clear.

    • headhunter

      bro, “Sabah’s 3.8 million population are Orang Suluks” is not true. There are other races who are more than Suluks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/erica.damia Eric Darkmor

      nahhh.. more like 100k .. but that are a mix of other bumiputras. FYI Malaysian born suluk is lump together as bumiputra

  • misuari playboy

    Jemalol kiram, you and your pea brain advisors created all this mess.

    • Vlad D. Impaler

      pea brains like u should stay out of the forums… kongkek mak kau


  • PurpleDaisy13

    An estimated 100,000 Filipinos shall flee Malaysia causing an unexpected dip in Malaysia’s economic forecast. While some 100 armed Filipino reinforcements have sailed to Sabah to fight in Malaysia’s North Borneo (Sabah) War Zone.

    International Arms dealers are now scrambling to Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore to accommodate Malaysia’s North Borneo (Sabah) War Zone from every location surrounding Malaysia.

    • antinutcase

      Ok, 100,000 Filipinos are projected to leave Sabah , so some people will have to make their own coffee, clean their own house and maybe some will have the delivery of their completed houses slightly late. And some hardcore patrons to night spots will complain about how it is not fun anymore without the female Filipinos there —- big deal …

      And I bumped into one such ‘International Arms dealer’ just now and boy was he complaining – he met with Kiram’s representative and it turned out that they were looking to buy prosthetic arms for their gunmen who made it back home but lost their arms in the gunfight ! The dealer was totally mad, he thought Kiram wanted to buy firearms, imagine his loss of time and money spent on this trip. He was still muttering to himself when we parted ways.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “And some hardcore patrons to night spots will complain about how it is
        not fun anymore without the female Filipinos there —- big deal”

        anitnutcase, you can ridicule how 100,000 of all the Filipinos working in Malaysia play insignificant job roles all you want. The fact is 100,000 Filipinos working in Malaysia get paid and use their money to patronize Malaysian businesses and the Malaysian economy.

        With the unexpected loss of 100,000 consumers in Malaysia, Malaysia’s economic forecast shall be lower than expected.

        re: “And I bumped into one such ‘International Arms dealer’ just now and boy was he complaining”

        I’m sorry antinutcase, but your fabricated story won’t check out.

        Arms dealers are very discreet and will not talk to just any nutcase or self-proclaimed anti-nutcase like yourself antinutcase. You’re a liability to their nature of business and would prefer to put a hole between your eyes so you don’t go around bragging about the discussions and whereabouts of arms dealers.

      • headhunter

        Well assuming your figure of 100,000 Filipinos would no longer “patronize Malaysian businesses and the Malaysian economy” is true BUT for them to cause “unexpected dip in Malaysia’s economic forecast” is pure hallucination and poor imagination.

        If such no. of Filipinos is capable to impact an economy then how do you explain Philippines current small economy? You have 95 millions Filippinos (or consumers) in your country and yet your economy is smaller than Malaysia which has only 28 millions people.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “for them to cause “unexpected dip in Malaysia’s economic forecast” is pure hallucination and poor imagination.”

        Every person who lives and eats in any particular region has to pay rent/mortgage, has to buy food, and has to work for money. When one person is removed out of that equation unexpectedly without any guarantee of returning the next day or week, it presents a slight inconvenience to businesses.

        But when 5,000 are removed from the equation unexpectedly without any guarantee of returning the next day or week, it presents an inconvenience to the economy of the region affecting many businesses.

        And if 100,000 are removed from the equation unexpectedly without any guarantee of returning the next day or week, it presents a serious inconvenience to the economy of the region affecting all businesses which shall also translate to a dip in Malaysia’s overall economy.

        You still think that’s hallucination and poor imagination? Then you don’t know factors that drive the network of an economy: it’s the stability of people earning money, and people spending money.

        re: “You have 95 millions Filippinos (or consumers) in your country and yet your economy is smaller than Malaysia which has only 28 millions people.”

        You see how uneducated you are headhunter? You’re talking about comparing the economic stability of a country based on it’s population when that’s not what we’re talking about here.

        We’re talking about the INSTABILITY of ANY economy when it LOSES 100,000 people all of a sudden.

        Whether it is Philippines or Malaysia….ANY country that LOSES 100,000 people all of a sudden presents a serious inconvenience to the economy of that region affecting all businesses which shall also translate to a dip in the country’s overall economy. That’s basic common sense headhunter.

        Don’t you know that YOU are also part of the economic equation? Multiply yourself 100,000 times and imagine how much your Malaysian economy will be burdened if all 100,000 of you leave the country all of a sudden and without any certainty of returning.

        It’s Chaos; it’s a Disaster.

      • headhunter

        You believe that if 100,000 Filipinos are to leave Malaysia they woould cause “unexpected dip in Malaysia’s economic forecast”.

        I don’t particularly deny that there will be 100,000 people less as consumers – nothwithstanding the purchasing power of these people in term of buying properties, cars and other expensive items (may not match the locals). These people are mostly illegal immigrants in Sabah and at best migrant workers. How much would be their leaving the country impact the Malaysian’s economy?

        You are saying “unexpected dip in Malaysia’s economic forecast” This can be intepreted as serious i.e. of substantial or significant impact.

        Each Government monitor their economic growth or reduction using % of their current GDP. Malaysia expects the country’s economic growth to be sustained at between 5 and 6% in 2013 with the current GDP of USD500 billion. “Dip” or growth is measured as a % of the GDP USD500 billion.

        How much can the leaving in a jetplane 100,000 Filipinos impact on Malaysia USD500 billion GDP? You said “unexpected dip in Malaysia’s economic forecast” .

        I say, that’s rubbish. Why? Well let’s say these 100,000 illegal immigrants, undocumented or at best migration workers on average earn USD12,000 per year – I am giving it a very generous estimate here, considering their undocumented status, children and women that make up the no.

        Let’s say they are supposed to spend all their monthly salary each month, so USD1k/month each, total USD100k/month by 100,000 people. But unfortunately they have to cancel that spending due to leaving the country resulting in Malaysia to lose a potential revenue of USD100,000.

        How significant is USD100,000.00/month to a country economy of USD500 billion? You say “unexpected dips”, I said “rubbish”. There is where we differed.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “Let’s say they are supposed to spend all their monthly salary each month, so USD1k/month each, total USD100k/month by 100,000 people.”

        headhunter, did you fail basic math class in grade school? $1k x 100,000 is NOT $100,000.

        $1k x 100,000 IS $100,000,000 ($100 MILLION USD per month) idiot.

        This equates to $1,200,000,000 ($1.2 BILLION USD per year).

        Now, let’s say a company or corporation that can afford to pay 1,000 employees their combined total monthly salary of $1,000,000 ($1 million: $1k x 1000) is just 18% of the total expenses for their overall budget (average for retail and manufacturing). This means a company or corporation could be raking in a total revenue of $5,555,555 ($5.5 million) a month.

        But since the company can no longer operate effectively or efficiently due to the unexpected loss of a sudden 1,000 employees, they are forced to shut down and go out of business.

        This means a single company or corporation ceases to earn a revenue of $5.5 million a month. Which equates to a loss of $66,666,666 ($66 million a year).

        But that’s just the case with a company or corporation employing 1,000 workers. We need to consider the remaining 99,000 workers that were lost all of a sudden.

        This equates to an additional 99 companies or corporations going out of business. Which equates to an additional $544.5 million per month of losses.

        Which equates to a Grand Total Loss of $6.600 BILLION per year.

        This is where YOU FAILED to do your math headhunter. It’s more than just employees, it is the businesses themselves that are also at risk which can trigger a domino effect among it’s business partners throughout their entire business network.

        And NO, a “dip” is a dip…it doesn’t suggest substantial or minimal, it only suggest a “drop” or a “decrease”. Is this understood headhunter?

        When I “dip” my nachos in my cheese, does it mean I dipped it deep or shallow? It means neither headhunter. It only means I’ve “dipped” it. So stop reinventing the wheel with your rubbish misinterpretations of simple words headhunter.

        The FACT IS, an unexpected loss of 100,000 people without any guarantee of returning the next day or week will negatively impact the economy of a region and ultimately the nation’s economic forecast period.

        You Lose horribly headhunter.

      • headhunter

        Ok I missed out the zeros, guess I am getting old in counting. Young people normally do the no. for me. You should nonetheless look at the substance of the argument.

        Making a statement about a dip in a national economy is construed as saying it is significant. There is no point saying it doesn’t have to be deep or shallow – that’s just an argument to escape one’s erroneous judgement.

        What is this about personal insults on how uneducated headhunter is, failed high school maths, loser or winner. Sound like ego contest. If it is, then you may win. If it’s not then you should see your own weakness.

        Just look at yourself, what you have accomplished and what you can accomplish, that would be pretty much indicating yourself as a package.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “And are we still talking about Filipinos in Sabah?”

        Exactly. Like I said, it’s a domino effect against the entire economic network and relationship.

        When an entire business shuts down, every individual employed by the entire company or corporation loses their jobs. And if another company happens to be reliant or dependent on the success of such company, the other company shall also be impacted.

        That’s common sense if you understand business where both the employees and the consumers are the foundation of it’s existence.

        re: “Ok I missed out the zeros but it still very small amount.”

        Sure headhunter, we’ve picked up on your embarrassing sarcasm of a small gap between 100,000 (100 thousand) and 100,000,000 (100 million).

        Just give up headhunter, you’re full of rubbish, as you say. You’ll need to be much sharper than that to keep up and recover from your blundering reputation.

      • headhunter

        I have edited.

        Yes indeed, I have missed out the zeros..it was typed using handphone, a bit difficult to see. Anyway USD 100 million loss of revenue it is then. You said this would cause “unexpected dip in Malaysia’s economic forecast”.

        Argue at your heart’s content. We can argue on and on but just wait and see..

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “it was typed using handphone, a bit difficult to see.”

        Perhaps you should get with today’s modern trend and get a bigger screen and a real smartphone using a Samsung Galaxy S III or Samsung Galaxy Note instead of making feeble excuses.

      • headhunter

        I am using SIII but still too small…do you think IP5 is better. Not a fan of mini pad though, too big to put inside a pocket. Maybe one day, there is a hp that you can fold.

      • antinutcase

        I was merely trying to emulate your proficiency in spinning hilarious theories – please consider the piece I have written as a tribute to your talent . Ahahaha

      • PurpleDaisy13

        I’m sorry antinutcase, but your worthless piece of crap has been denied for consideration.

      • http://www.facebook.com/justone.sin JustOne Sin

        Good one.

    • headhunter

      I think you are just thinking out loud. Those counldn’t be factual.

  • joboni96

    pinakamagandang dahilan
    para ipagpatuloy ang laban ng

    bangsamoro at

    to benefit from sabah
    with the sabahans and brunei

  • Vlad D. Impaler


    • every.thing

      save istana negara from the clutches of the devil monkey king!

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