Coast Guard identifies one of Filipinos killed in Sabah


MANILA, Philippines—Jul Asbi, the alleged Filipino recruiter of at least 100 armed followers of Esmail Dalus Kiram, was among those killed during a March 8 clash in Sabah, Malaysia, between the supporters of the Sultan Jamalul Kiram II and Malaysian security forces, according to the Philippine Coast Guard.

In a report, the PCG headquarters in Manila said Tuesday  it learned of the death of Asbi from three of his recruits, whom the Coast Guard  identified as Ruben Anok, 23, Joseph Mahabasal, 43,  and Andmursalun Yusop, 30, all Tawi-Tawi residents.

Lieutenant Commander Armand Balilo, the PCG spokesman, said Anok and Mahabasal, both residents of Bongao, and Yusop, who is from Sibutu Island, were intercepted by Coast Guard personnel on March 13 12 nautical miles off Omapoy Island,  part of Tawi-Tawi, the country’s southernmost province.

“A PCG operation resulted in the confiscation of a .45-caliber pistol and six pieces of ammunition from the three men, who claimed to be armed followers of Sultan Esmail Dalus Kiram,” he said.

Balilo quoted the three men as saying they were “recruited last March 6 by Jul Asbi, whom they said was one of the trusted men of Sultan Kiram.”

“On the same day, they were transported from Tawi-Tawi to Tanjung Batu, Perdah in Sabah using a motor launch operated by a certain Hadji Musah Abdullah. Two days later, when their recruiter was killed in action, the three men escaped from Tanjung Batu using a stolen boat,” he said.

Upon the PCG vessel’s arrival at the Sibutu pier on March 13, Unok, Mahabasal and Yusop were turned over to the Philippine National Police station on the island, Balilo added.

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  • Ivan Chong

    Is this a joke from Tausug? Recruit innocent people to join battle?

  • Hans Hans

    wow.. here i thought they are fearsome Tausug lol

    • ApoLapullapu

      Do not ridicule the Tausug. It just happened that they were outgunned.

      • zatt2020

        that’s becoz they are stupid…

      • ApoLapullapu

        Tell your true identity so that you will know how stupid the Tausug is.

      • zdrx

        stupid are those who uses missiles to kill a flea.

      • headhunter

        it takes one to know one

      • Alicia Mottershed

        maybe outgunned meant did not know how to use a gun or what a guns is for?

      • corei3sleek sleek

        have Gun but no bullets

      • zdrx

        have F18s to bomb ragtag 200 HA HA HA…
        and hit their own security forces instead. HO HO HO.

      • headhunter

        F18 bombed empty boat too hahaha…and I don’t regret for a sec. they did!

      • ApoLapullapu

        If they do not know how to use guns what’s the sense of Malaysia’s sending ground and air forces?

      • zdrx

        alicia…it means they got few assorted guns…and your country threw their entire armed forces on the ragtag 200. it’s like a fly landed on your head…and your husband used a baseball bat to smash that fly on your head.

        women are dumb on military matters…you are forgiven for the ignorance displayed.

      • headhunter

        aissey man, I think Malaysia had apparently used the wrong army personnel…they should have just sent a dozen of headhunters from Sarawak armed with blowpipes, that should have been a lot more fair and efficient.

    • zdrx

      Hans…they’re only a ragtag 200 men women and children armed with 30 guns and led by rheumatic 70 year olds. but your entire armed forces could not wipe out with your airforce, artillery, missiles, tanks and naval boats. we were expecting an epic battle…but your military can only afford to show us a “tom and jerry” cartoon series.
      ptui. LOL

      • Syafiqah.AbManah

        my dear, we think thousand times to killed women and children…
        but then in the ambush that made by the suluks, there are children dies in the shooting, and we feel so much sorry for the child. how could they recruit women and children to fight for them. yes humanity gets in the way.
        but it seems that pinoys proud with these, well these shows your nation face.

      • zdrx

        wrong…the suluks did not ambush. how can the suluks initiate a fight…when they were surrounded? they didn’t do white flag tricks to ambush as alleged by your polis. they were seeking food to cook, when they were shot by your polis.

        they did a “homecoming” to get malaysia talk to them, because sabah is theirs. dubious intention or not…it is within their rights to be there. their plea has been ignored by malaysia for years…when all they want is a fair rent for their property…considering malaysia is getting tens of billions in revenue from kiram’s property. they also want a stop on mistreatment on filipinos in sabah. the kirams are hard luck people, that even the philippine government, ignores them. they were seeking answers and desperate. and now this happened. tsk tsk

      • Syafiqah.AbManah

        Ohh please stop the spin! we’ve been ambush, suluks hide under the bridge and ambush our policeman. for god sake they did not have to do a homecoming to get us to talk to them, because right at that time we are open to negotiation!! ohh waittt what kind of ‘talk’ do the suluks want? ;)

        getting billions in revenue from sabah, because malaysia gov have intensive plan on how to developed sabah, while sabah has developed kiram family see $$$$$, and started their claimed for sabah. again that is none of your business of how much revenue we generate and how we spend our money. we don’t need outsiders to tell us this and that! if filipinos in sabah feel mistreated, they should head back to their country,
        well people say there’s no place like home..

      • zdrx

        1) the media is barred from battle sites, and it is your gov that is spinning yarn. a day after the battle…they said the stand off is over. but the military join the fray the next day to flush out rajah mudah. ouch! they said that raja muda escaped and gone home to the philippines …then turned around and said raja muda is still in sabah. huh! shown pictures of dead “rebels” from an airstrike…but the uniforms of those dead shows they might be vat 69 commandos, not rebels.

        2) in tanduo your polis fired first. in semporna your polis were ambushed in retaliation.

        3) as recent as 2 days before the fight the sultan said…he is ready for negotiations. he was ignored. in fact he sent emissaries to the malaysian embassy to negotiate…but turned back midway because the fighting has started.

        4) malaysia gets billions…sabah and the kirams gets peanuts…who earns $$$$$$$$$$$?

        5) their claim was not recent…it started when we were not yet born.

        6) being insensitive…yes no one can tell you this and that. but being the landowner…the kirams has a right to ask for a better deal.

        7) yes they are in sabah…therefore, they are home. it belongs to their sultan.

      • antonioiban

        the issue of yet to be determine…what they did was , intrude..carrying arms…scaring the locals…and most of all….invading

      • Vigo

        …..just made preparation…..Malaysian are worried pilipin army wil send their F22 RAPTOR…THYPOON…OR NUKE SUB to attack Malaysia…..hahahaha

      • zdrx

        if you notice, malaysia have some of those toys you mentioned. but it was not effective. the tausugs just ran rings around them in the battlefield.

        again if you noticed, we don’t have those you mentioned…nor do we need to have those toys. we are a peaceful people…but if forced, perhaps we can fight efficiently and effectively with less.

    • Syafiqah.AbManah

      this war is not something we proud of, our army is in defending position, we did not started the war. we dont want it, million of us prays that this war could stop. sabah is part of us, and there are legal proof to that. IF philliphines wants sabah, stop using suluks to get it for you, this is a scam, the rest of pinoys praise suluks bravery to fight us, but in then end of the day, its not that philliphines gov will recognize sultanate of sulu. poor them, deceive by their own nation.

      • zdrx

        1) how can you be proud of something that made your military look stupid?
        2) your country’s greed started the war. your country earns tens of billions in sabah and your country toss the KIrams less than $2,000 annually. the landowner wants a new deal to raise the rent…your country ignores them. the Kiram’s did a “homecoming” to force malaysia to talk… your country bomb them.

        3) speaking of greed…didn’t you know that your country only gives sabah 5% of the income? didn’t you know that your country pushed desperate viet boat people back to sea to die? blessings aplenty…but your country has nothing to share the unfortunate.

        4) your country supported the rebels in the war in mindanao and crippled our economy, forcing some to flee to sabah. but as you can see…we did not seek revenge. we don’t want ordinary malaysians to suffer what we went through in mindanao.
        5) you claim sabah is part of malaysia…but the kirams owns sabah. they have proof of that.
        6) if we want sabah, we don’t need suluks to get it for us. we can easily do it ourselves…but it appears our government is not interested.
        7) we know bravery when we see one…and give credit where credit is due. and that credit belongs to tausugs. 200 with 30 guns…against the entire malaysian armed forces. can you beat that?

        8) who says we christians will not recognize a sultan? by twist of fate… perhaps our country can revert back to sultanate. instead of republic of the philippine…we can become sultanate of maharlika. how about that?

      • Syafiqah.AbManah

        1) how can a country army look stupid for defending their own country? well look at what the kirams did, after over 100 years their ancestor sold sabah, they come to claim it, and that by sending their army into sabah. yet you proud of what kirams family did, invading other property, create chaos and threat peace. i’ve said, this war that we not proud to have, having our army to fight against women and children that are recruited by kirams family. admit it, its not even a fair fight. well i dont blame our forces for stalling and take it easy, seeing that we are batlled against 200 of oldman, women and children. well i wonder if its your army forces, will them just bombed them away? ;)

        2) what GREED? i dont understand the greed that u mention,because this is a country we talking about, our country revenue, is not something that u can take into consideration so that we can give more cession money for kirams familly, because we have a lots to developed on our side. sabah is part of malaysia, and this is legally obtain on the 1963, since then we are as a country, the money that was paid is not rent money, it is a cession money prior to the agreement signed by kirams acestor. it is $5000 anualy and we have raised it to $5300. but honestly i hope that our government will stop the cession money, since the kirams themselves did not show respect to the agreement made by their ancestor, and on the other hand we are long reach our independent.

        homecoming you say??? it is not their home for god sake! not their home, sabah is ours it belong to malaysia people. and we not bombing they for fun, while we on negotiation period, their army started to kill ours. then the negotiation ended.

        3) huh! what is your business on how we managed our country???
        yet again your accusation is wrong!!! sabah is now developing under the gov plan. get your fact right, our gov targeting to developed sabah and sarawak into a well known tourist fav. (and yes they are developing which attract kirams to claim for sabah! shame on kiram!!!!)…. but again, it is none of your business to worry! i dont see why i could let strangers come into my house and talk their opinion out on how should we lived our life. full stop.

        4) againnnnn.. get your fact right, our involvement in the mindanao started when your former prseident at that time ask our former pm for assistance!!!! we did not just barge in from no where, my friend, we are invited in! and god knows what have our leaders plan at that time. this is not one way street for sure!!!

        5) yes kirams own sabah. BUT that was before their ancestor sold it to the british company on 1878. sultan of sulu that time, hand over a PERMANENT LEASE to british company in returns of favor, when the kiram familly safety is been compromised, british company will offer help, added to that british company promise to pay $5000 anually.. and yes that is the proof that kirams family havee…then later because of this event, sabah has longggggg gone. and yet in 1963, british had founded a commission to discuss whether sabah want to join us or not. and the result is, they want to join us, that it is official that malaysia is made up from penisular malaysia sabah and sarawak. if you are about to claims sabah, then you of course have to face it with MALAYSIA.

        6) easily how? hahahaha.. well we dont talk on something that did not happen, talk something that is happening right front your eyes.

        7) yes i agree that, we give credit to the one who deserve, and in my opinions kiram familly did not own the credit at the first place, why? because recruiting oldman, women and children for army forces at the first place is low act. in war, we protect women and children, furthermore, what a child possibly comprehend for what they are fighting! oh come on!

        8) yes yes yes, perhaps, maybe. well if it is fate we are talking about here. but along with that, you have to embrace faith along with reality. if not, you are lost. the real thing here is sabah is part of us, it will definately take blodd sweat and tears just to try to take it from us. i’m so sorry above of all we have relatives in sabah, we worried of them, our gov send our army to defend and protect them for us. sabah is not only lived by tausug people, there are a lots of race that made sabah. tausug is small portion of it. hence there are a lots of voice that involve here, if you are disregard them, then you just show another sefish act.

      • zdrx

        1) malaysian armed forces looked stupid when they threw 10,000 troops, tanks, artillery, missiles, air force and navy against the ragtag 200…and look more stupid when they could not finish them off. compare your troops with ours.
        in the 70s, 2001 and 2008…tens of thousands (not ragtag 200) of muslim rebels launched a surprise attack against our gov troops all over mindanao. the muslim rebels were crushed in no time with LESS FIREPOWER from philippine military. all rebel camps fell en mass and they had to run to the mountains to survive. philippine military cornered them in the mountains, but did not finish them off for fear of oil embargo from the arabs…and most of all they are our brothers. we won them in peace.

        2) not rent money?…but you mentioned LEASE in your point #5 reply. if sabah was LEASED, then it was not sold…then raja muda has the right for a “homecoming”. then………………….

        3) i’m just pointing out…and not telling you how you manage or live your life. it’s none of my business. but since it involves our people… i think i have to comment.

        4) no. your country supported and trained in sabah…the MNLF to launch the muslim rebellion in mindanao in the 70s. perhaps your point #4 answer must be referring to the malaysian brokered peace between the philippine gov and the MILF last year. the MNLF rebellion in the 70s and the MILF peace talk last year are 2 different things.

        5) you said PERMANENT LEASE…therefore it was not sold… therefore, it is still owned by the kirams…therefore…it does not belong to malaysia …therefore…now look, please stop confusing me.

        6) well, you said that we are using suluks to get sabah…so i have to answer you point blank that we don’t need suluks…because we can do it ourselves. but that’s another story…because we have no intention doing so.

        7) you said in your point #1 reply…the kirams were invading, chaos, war, threatening etc. the mere fact that women, children and old men were there, validates kiram’s claims that they were on a homecoming. remember …sabah is just on eternal LEASE…therefore it’s their home. i salute raja muda for his bravery…despite the odds.

        8) it makes no difference. we filipinos respects other people’s faith and culture…therefore we christians find no problem being subjects to a muslim sultan. remember, mother spain was under the sultans for hundreds of years.

      • antonioiban

        A lot of Ifs and when’s….wake up will you….or maybe to too twisted

    • Vigo

      too many missile in Malaysian stock….so use missile to kill flea…hahaha

      • zdrx

        stupid, no wonder your military is a joke.

  • Cabal

    What typical so called fierce tausugs that you philipinoes likes to brag so much. They haven’t fought with the malaysians and the moment they a get a little taste of what it’s like they start running away with tails between their legs. Philipinoes will probably cover their shame calling it retreat and fight another day or whatever BS. LOL

    • corei3sleek sleek

      Fight another day? With another 10k Tausug. Lor u have made my day

      • zdrx

        you can not finish off the ragtag 200 with 30 guns and led by a rheumatic 70 y.o. what more, if you face a well equipped 10,000 tausugs…sabah could have fallen in one day!!! LOL

      • headhunter

        Yup, 10,000 may come undetected, who knows. Now this is a real threat. Malaysia should beef up and modernise marine/air enemy detection & defense.

      • Vigo

        …run kalabaw run….run like a dog…..hahaha

    • zdrx

      “you ain’t seen nothing yet”…by bachman turner overdrive

      • headhunter

        Agree, I don’t think Malaysians should under estimate future attacks

    • zdrx

      cabal, go enjoy some music…”YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET”…sung by bachman turner overdrive (1974)

    • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

      the philippine military is worse.

      and we wish the philippine president would have a tail you spoke of.

  • walangsinasanto

    They simply do not aware on what trouble they get in. Maybe they just know on how to get in into others backyard and not aware if there is any dogs that crazy enough to bite the IDIOTS intruders. Anyway……Going HOME is the only best chance they have IF, They can go-out and leave Sabah Alive.

    • zdrx

      more than a hundred had come home laughing their butts off…slipping thru your vaunted “naval blockade”. LOL. here, they are interviewed by tv reporters… chuckling with their face covered, to avoid being identified and arrested by filipino policemen for illegal possession of firearms and election gun ban.

      he said that the security forces started the fight when his companions searching for food were apprehended and fired upon…and not what the malaysians peddle that the raised white flags tricked the polis into an ambush. he said they’ll come back to sabah once the wound on his feet heals.

      • headhunter

        sorry to hear about spoiled picnic…

  • corei3sleek sleek

    No plan B at all. We stucked and we go home then tell others that we r true Tausug warrior and we have killed so many Malaysian force.

  • go88

    They were fooled by kiram and his handlers …. the uneducated and poor become easy prey for the wicked and corrupt who let them die for them. Death for kiram and his group!!

  • Jonathan Lim

    Just mere mercenaries or idiots. Fools with guns. hardly fearless warriors.
    Pinoy-chios are funny bunch of people.

    • zdrx

      malaysians are a funny bunch of people. a band of vagabonds landed on their beach…and it turned their country upside down. a ragtag bunch of old men, women and children armed with 30 guns…and your entire armed forces could not finish them off!!! LOL

      it was just a skirmish in a sleepy far away village…and the entire sabahan people cowered in fear. funny and lovable people.HA HA HA.

      • headhunter

        I guess we are not so used to children and women carrying M-16s walking around towns…you call that’s funny eh

      • antonioiban

        and you believed all of that too……remember your own words..when people carryings arms in your own backyard….and see how you react.

      • zdrx

        being the landowners, it was also their backyard.

        those were assorted vintage WWII firearms. as a people, we pinoys are not jumpy and would ask them what are those for.

      • antonioiban

        that’s to be proven first, till then still trespassing ..and not only vintage firearms..was discovered..M16 & M14 with rocket launchers was discovered.

        and besides..we here don’t carry fire go to jail for carrying arms and knifes too

  • misuari playboy

    malaysia army guerilla tactics far superior than kiram guerilla warfare

  • stefenjoe_58

    Poor man running from battle field …. like your agbimuddin…so follow the leaders

  • madel tapdasan

    The onset is clear from the beginning Malaysia and Philippines makes it appear that Sabah standoff is an armed struggle so that Malaysia can have a licensed to kill them and shoot them like dogs. There is a 3 weeks standoff and was relatively peaceful when Malaysia sniped the security of Raja Muda, this prompted them to retaliate . The simple homecoming turn bloody with Malaysian initiated firefight.

    Why in the world the true owner of Sabah is being treated by Malaysia like dirt is because the Philippine government serve as their guarantor to kill the Filipino. The logic is simple if the Philippine officials has brain , there are less than a million Sabahan born Filipino treated by Malaysia in the same way and yet they close their eyes , the purpose of the Sultanate is tot stop the maltreatment of Malaysia to our people in Sabah being owned by the Sultanate, whether what reason is relative to it the weight of benefiting the Filipino is much more important. Perhaps we have to thank the Sultanate of Sulu that if Sabah can be returned the whole Filipino population will not anymore subject to Malaysian atrocity.

    • antonioiban

      why…mindanao..basilan..sulu…tawi tawi…over crowded with militants..killings and kidnappings ,,is becoming like your sunday picnic lunch…

      • antonioiban

        and you guys says you are mistreated,,,,killing and kidnapping is a norm there..eveyday you hear that news..and your fellow countrymen working here..a sick of whats happening in philippines.

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