Kerry backs PH position to solve sea disputes under int’l law


Secretary of State John Kerry AP PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – The top foreign affairs official of the United States (US) had expressed his support for the Philippine position to solve its sea disputes with China under international law, as he noted that the Philippines and the US would continue to boost ties, particularly in security in defense.

In a statement Thursday, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said that newly installed Secretary of State John Kerry made a phone call to Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario Wednesday night, during which they talked about “forging stronger and deeper relations” between the Philippines and the US.

Del Rosario, in the statement, noted that he conveyed to his foreign counterpart the Philippine initiative to bring the territorial disputes before an arbitral tribunal under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos), and that Kerry “gave his support for the efforts of the Philippines to resolve the conflicting claims through the rule of law.”

“I emphasized the importance of this initiative to the future stability of our region in particular and to the future efficacy of international law in general,” Del Rosario said.

Del Rosario also emphasized that Kerry was fully supportive of Unclos and was one of its strongest advocates in the US Senate.

“Secretary Kerry was a moving force behind a Senate resolution on the peaceful settlement of disputes in the West Philippine Sea,” Del Rosario said.

The Philippines is one of several South East Asian nations locked in territorial disputes with China over seas and atolls in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

Invoking the Unclos, the Philippines haled China to the UN arbitral tribunal in hopes of compelling Beijing to respect Manila’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and continental shelf encompassing territories in the West Philippine Sea.

China, however, had maintained that it has indisputable sovereignty over the area and that talks should only be on a bilateral basis with the countries directly involved.

Del Rosario also noted that much of the discussion focused on a “wide range of key, strategic initiatives, particularly in the area of security and defense,” and that they agreed to further cooperate to “help build the capacity of the Philippines to defend its territory and people.”

“We exchanged views on the implementation of our agreed policy of increased rotational presence, enhanced exercises and capacity building,” Del Rosario said, adding that cooperation on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief were also important parts of this agreed policy.

Del Rosario added that they had agreed to work together to build stronger Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) – US relations.

“We agreed that one area for this is the US initiative to train Asean seafarers and that the Philippines, given its recognized accomplishments in enhancing the skills of seafarers, can take the lead on this,” he said.

Del Rosario also detailed how Kerry emphasized “his personal closeness to the Philippines and his determination to further enhancing bilateral relations,” as he noted that Kerry was part of the election monitoring team in the country headed by US Senator Richard Lugar in 1986.

“Since then he has always had a keen interest in our country and our democracy,” Del Rosario said.

He added that Kerry also expressed his regard for the leadership of President Benigno Aquino III and his policies on good governance, economic policies, peace initiatives, and the fight against corruption.

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  • DakuAkongUtin

    Ayan nagsasalita na si Kerry , parang dios  ito para sa mga kayumangmangs. Tell USA to give up Guam and Hawaii to its right ful inhabitants as sign of good will to the Chamarros.

    • DurangoJoe

      Why not tell that to PurpleDaisy13? He is an American kuno. He loves America and against China kuno.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      hawaii is a state dum dum they are happy where they are, i never heard any complaints from guam. before you make stupid statements you do a little studing because you look like a fool there is no chamarros in hawaii  only guam and very few of them are left because 95 percent were killed by the spanish. so cry to them tell your brainwasher to give you the correct information next time

      • DakuAkongUtin

         DIdnt i hear kayumangmangs screaming for Uighers and Tibetans to rise and become independent from China ? Now those two are provinces in China. So shut your mouth as well . CHina has full control of those provinces for centuries , maybe  you kayumangmangs must study Chinese history that goes back to 11th century during the Yuan Dynasty ? Getz mo ba ?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i hope some day they get freedom from slavery oh come and make shut my mouth dare you as for history you were conquered by the mongols ruled by the manchas beaten by britain twice, you built a big wall because you were scared of a few sheep herders. didnt work did it.actually your history goes back to around 200 ad.sorry to hurt your feelings commie go kill some uygher children and stay away from me im not so easy

      • DakuAkongUtin

        hahahaha, ugaling kawatan kahit nasa gyera . For example Lt Ramos was rummaging the pockets of dead GIs in Korea so he can find some cigars and smoke it to keep his azz warm.

        Year 1950. Chinese Red Army fcked the US marines at Chosin Reservoir and push them back to Hungnam Beachhead . This was America’s dunkirk as they turntail from Chinese onslaught.

        1960s. Chinese antiaircraft gunners were in NVietnam during the war helping the NVAs.  They shotdown many B52s and even brought down a son of a US Navy admiral. No other than sen McCain. The reason why he is so mad at CHina even to this day. They got his azz burning down towards the rice paddies . Once he landed he broke his arm and NVAs poke him with fixed bayonets made in China .  I read this in an article years ago. His whole life changed from a gungho navy pilot to become a resident of Hanoi Hilton.

      • Crazy_horse101010

         then how come you didnt win the war the marines killed over 20000 chinese at chosin,so what thousands of chinese froze there azzs off in korea because your government didnt give them proper clothing. no b 52s were ever shot down there was fighters shot down.missles couldnt reach the b 52s. nice try your brain washer screwed up again. so what people got shot down not as many as you and your russian buddies in the korean war i no all this tell me something new i forgot you lost the boxer rebellion and.  the sino russian war also. oh mccain is a hero he survived the brain washing

      • Crazy_horse101010

        lets see 100000 chinese  2000 marines in spite of a sneak attack they killed 20000 chinese. and retreated with every man every truck every piece of equipment evenv though i was below zero weather and the chinese sneak attack at night.just like the japanese sneaky 

      • Crazy_horse101010

        oh tibet was a kingdom that had been around for centuries until 1959 when china attacked them. their not even chinese. you attacked india also didnt get to far cant beat anyone your size. you attacked russia and lost bullying didnt work with them either

    • Raul

      While the majority of trafficking occurs within China’s borders, around 600,000 workers migrate annually overseas, many of whom are recruited by false promises of employment and later coerced into prostitution or forced labor in numerous countries and territories worldwide.1 However, this number does not include those who leave without documents and it is estimated that as many as 90% of the migrant workers are migrating through unregulated channels.2 Well-organized international criminal syndicates and local gangs play key roles in both internal and cross-border trafficking. High recruitment fees, sometimes amounting to as much as $70,000, compound Chinese migrants’ vulnerability to debt bondage and other situations of trafficking.3
      The majority of migrant workers are low- and medium-skilled men; however, the number of female domestic and international migrants, ages 17-25, is rising. China’s Ministry of Public Security reported in January 2011 that the number of Chinese women forced into prostitution overseas is rising as many women fall prey to international criminal gangs.4  
      Children are also at risk as the kidnapping and buying and selling children for adoption increased over the past several years, particularly in poor rural areas. While there are no reliable estimates of the number of children kidnapped, according to media reports, as many as 20,000 children are kidnapped every year for illegal adoption. Most children kidnapped internally were sold to couples unable to have children. In the past most children rescued were boys, but increased demand for children has reportedly driven traffickers to focus on girls as well.

      Hoy Gamay Uten ito mga kalahi mong kayumaomao. Isa ka na dyan. Pakita ka ng dkumento mo pag labas mo ng Chinese embassy.

  • Raul

    Abstract:Gendercide and the Cultural Context of Sex Trafficking in China

    By Susan Tiefenbrun and Christie Edwards

    Women in China are bought and sold, murdered and made to disappear in order to comply with a strict government One Child Policy that coincides with the cultural tradition of male-child preference and discrimination against women. Everyday “500 female suicides” occur in China because of “violence against women and girls, discrimination [against women] in education and employment, the traditional preference for male children, the country’s birth limitation policies, and other societal factors…” As a result of a widespread and arguably systematic disappearance and death of female children, otherwise referred to as “gendercide,” a serious scarcity of women has developed in China today. A man desperately seeking a woman for marriage often will resort to the purchase of a trafficked woman. Families sell their female infant to make room for the possible birth of a male child in compliance with the One Child Policy. The woman shortage in China has caused an increase in prostitution, forced prostitution, and trafficking of women.

    Trafficking of women in China is a serious international crime that can only be checked by the enforcement of national and international trafficking laws and the eradication of cultural traditions that devalorize women. Human trafficking is one of the most profitable businesses in the world and earns more than $7 billion annually. Trafficking of women is as prevalent, as dangerous, and as lucrative as the trafficking of weapons and drugs

    • Banlas theway

      Holly cow.  If you want to compare against the Chinese, the majority of Filipinos women are either maids, entertainers, sex slaves and any other low class roles.   Shame on Filipinos men.

  • kilawon

     US foreign policy!…. make wars to countries and get their motha f88ka oil !

    • Crazy_horse101010

      hi dum dum still around 

      • kilawon

         kerry and bush are members of skull and bones fraternity! they have one thing in common ,they are war criminals !

      • Crazy_horse101010

        and whats your point dont like bush anyway. where is this fraternity located. war criminals file charges and arrest them you havent even arrested the minesweeper crew yet what are you waiting for big mouth

      • Rosauro

        So you want China to take way from us what we own? Give me a straight answer boy!

  • Jose

    Does anyone else wish these threads were more linear, and easy to read?  Because I am absolutely owning @PurpleDaisy13:disqus in this thread, and I rather wish more people could see it. Baradong barado ang bobo.

    • PurpleDaisy13

      re: “Does anyone else wish these threads were more linear, and easy to read?”

      Stop complaining like a crybaby Jose.  If you’re having trouble reading maybe you should save up enough money to invest in a larger flat screen monitor and a faster internet broadband connection.

      But if you’re poor and can’t do any of the above….”pasensiya ka na lang…masyado kang pobre kasi” Jose

      • Jose

        That isn’t actually complaining, retard.  And the screen isn’t the issue: new posts on these threads get buried in the back pages when they’re replies on this forum.  That means almost no one sees you getting owned and humiliated on a regular basis.

        Wrong again, what a loser.

  • DurangoJoe

    Effectivites and a titre de souverain will not work for China because of unlawful occupation of a territory which rightfully belongs to the Philippines. China is scared to file early? China is filing too late! If the Philippines wins a decision under arbitration tribunal whether China shows up her ugly face or not then that makes it easier to prove in ICJ that the territory belongs to the Philippines because a decision has already been established by arbitration tribunal. In short, there is no other way in interpreting the results.

    • PurpleDaisy13

       re: “Effectivites and a titre de souverain will not work for China because of unlawful occupation of a territory which rightfully belongs to the Philippines.”

      Do you have any reports from the UN that you can direct us that states the Philippines being rewarded sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal by the United Nations DurangoJoe?

      If so, please share us your link.

      If not, then you have no evidence to support such false allegation of Scarborough Shoal belonging to the Philippines DurangoJoe.

      The Courts shall award China sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal against the Philippines in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the basis of effectivités and à titre de souverain.

      re: “Philippines wins a decision under arbitration tribunal whether China shows up her ugly face”

      Philippines cannot win through the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) DurangoJoe.  Philippines already filed a case and invited Philippines last year and failed.

      You cannot force China to ITLOS if China refuses because it is the wrong forum to handle conflicts over “island” related disputes.  ITLOS does not have jurisdiction over such matters and only handles on matters related to the Law of the SeaNOT Law of the Land or Island DurangoJoe.

      re: “then that makes it easier to prove in ICJ”

      A case that does not materialize in ITLOS has no relevance to a case that materializes in the ICJ DurangoJoe.

      A non-existent case in ITLOS is a non-existent case that ICJ has nothing to consider DurangoJoe.

      Thus, the Courts shall award China sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal against the Philippines in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the basis of effectivités and à titre de souverain.

      • DurangoJoe

         You are looking at the whole issue with your both eyes closed. Open your eyes first so you can see.  The case is before the Arbitration Tribunal not ITLOS, you pighead. Maybe you don’t know the difference. If China does not show up then fine and dandy. You can judge China the winner until the cows come home but the final decision will be given to the Philippines because illegal occupation by using force or threat of Scarborough by China in the last two years will not make up for the years of effective control of the Scarborough shoal by the Philippines.

      • Mao Mao Chamn

        Stop this non-sense, Purple13Daisy.  As a superior han chinese myself, you, as a lowly Philippino-chinese is hereby ordered to cease and desist in making comments which you do not know.  As a “lowly” brother of this commie han chinese, we have no laws to follow in our motherland except the “barrel of the gun”. Enough of your mumbo jumbos.  Now I want you to make “fly lice” for me while your Zhing Ziyi like sister and mother provide me a good shiatsu.

  • DurangoJoe

     Unlawful occupation of a territory nullifies your effectivities and a titre de souverain. China parking her warships and cordoning off the shoal is a good evidence of use of force and the international court is very decisive when it comes to the use of force and threat.

    • PurpleDaisy13

      re: “China parking her warships and cordoning off the shoal”

      Did you go to Scarborough Shoal to witness your alleged Chinese Warships DurangoJoe? 

      If so, please give us the Identity Number of these vessels.

      If not, then you have no evidence to support such false allegations DurangoJoe.

      re: ” the use of force and threat.”

      Do you have any reports from the UN that you can direct us that states the condemnation of China’s act of using force and threats on the island of Scarborough Shoal as a result of their current occupation of the island DurangoJoe?

      If so, please share us your link.

      If not, then you have no evidence to support such false allegations DurangoJoe.

      The Courts shall award China sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal against the Philippines in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the basis of effectivités and à titre de souverain.

      • DurangoJoe

         So you expect the United Nations to file a report for you. How stupid is that? It is up to the Philippine government to file a complaint. Your mentor, Mountainecho even said that the Gregorio del Pilar lost in the Scarborough shoal standoff which means that a more powerful force was used by China to threaten the Philippine vessels to leave the area. There is your evidence right there. How can you argue with your mentor, Mountainecho who bragged that China used a superior force to subdue the Philippine force?

      • StrategicSafe

         Joe . You are twisting the fact again. Gregorio del Pilar lost in the Scarborough shoal standoff cuz of running out of supplies Not from a more powerful force used by China.
        “First, Mr. Aquino makes the colossal blunder of sending a warship
        against Chinese fishermen, thereby militarizing the dispute, even as the
        vessel embarrassingly turned tail after a few days as it ran out of
        supplies. Then he insists that the dispute be decided by a court which,
        however, can’t have jurisdiction over it. This President is making us
        the laughing stock of the world.”  Tiglao said.

      • DurangoJoe

        You are the one twisting the facts. Two Chinese ships arrived to
        protect the Chinese fishermen and a third Chinese ship arrived in the area. So three against one. Mountainecho even bragged about the lost of the Gregorio del Pilar in the standoff.

  • Amigos

    Since both China and PH are friends of US, why do they have to go to UN ?

    • Jose

      Because China is being a d-bag.

      Hope this helps.

  • Amigos

    My Uncle is a lucky man. He has a banker friend and a pet chihuahua. He loves both.

    But the banker likes black hair so each time she meets my uncle she would try to find white hairs and pull them out.

    Chihuahua likes white hairs so when uncle goes sleep she would find black hairs and take them out.

    You know what happened to my uncle’s hairs. He has no more hairs, not even armpit hairs.

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    chinese goverment is a dog!

    • Bee

      A dog calling any entity that’s not a dog a dog, is a dog itself.   Hello dog, here is a nice juicy bone for you

  • Steve Laudig

    Kerry, hypocrite. didn’t care for International Law when it came to Iraq. The US, not being a signatory to LOS hardly has standing to comment. Will the US agree to international arbitration over sovereignty of the Hawaiians Islands, now? China has a stronger claim to the Spratlys than the US does to the Hawaiian Islands.

    • topolcats

      Great comment Steve!! 
      Right on the mark………along with the US not a signatory to UNCLOS makes Kerry’s comment of support sound like a Chulo-pimp taking to his Concha?

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