Innovation in a packet: P&G’s purifier of water gives Filipino kids a chance at life

Innovation in a packet: P&G’s purifier of water gives Filipino kids a chance at life

/ 04:19 PM February 19, 2024

Filipino children deserve to live healthy lives in a safe environment. They deserve to pursue their dreams when they grow up. However, millions of children and infants from low-income households are not given this chance to thrive due to waterborne diseases. According to World Vision, access to clean water in the Philippines is being aggravated by the climate crisis. With an average of 20 typhoons visiting the country each year, rural and urban communities sustain significant damage to their sources of drinking water, including waterways and deep wells.

P&G Purifier of Water

Mother and child holding packets of P&G Purifier of Water

In an effort to help provide children with clean drinking water and arrest the spread of waterborne diseases in their communities, P&G, in partnership with World Vision Philippines, is distributing its Purifier of Water technology as part of its Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program. As of 2023, the organizations have been able to provide over 200 million liters of clean water to almost 50,000 Filipino children and families.

Innovation in a small packet

P&G’s Purifier of Water was developed by P&G scientists in collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a quick and innovative way to purify dirty and unsafe water. This powdered mixture was developed utilizing technology similar to that found in municipal water systems in developed countries. One 4-gram Purifier of Water packet contains ferric sulfate, serving as a coagulant, and calcium hypochlorite, acting as a disinfectant. These ingredients can remove dirt, common waterborne bacteria and viruses, and other pollutants from 10 liters of potentially unsafe water in just 30 minutes.

Sustained support

Since 2012, World Vision has been distributing P&G Purifier of Water packets to households in Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte, and Surigao del Sur. Beneficiaries from these areas mostly live along the Agusan Marsh which also serves as their primary water source, aside from rainwater. These areas are susceptible to heavy flooding during strong typhoons, resulting in the contamination of unimproved sources of drinking water.

The CSDW Program is currently in its 12th year of providing clean drinking water to impoverished communities. P&G allocated 3.4 million Purifier of Water packets to World Vision for distribution to Manobo families living along the Agusan Marsh in Agusan del Sur and North Cotabato.

Agusan Marsh covers 15 percent of the country’s freshwater resources. Manobo families mostly live in floating houses, and they rely on rain or a nearby spring for water they use for drinking, bathing, and other activities. However, many children and adults experience stomach problems due to the dirty water they consume.

As one of their primary beneficiaries, P&G and World Vision continuously support the residents of Agusan Marsh through the regular distribution of P&G Purifier of Water. This is especially important during disasters, such as the recent flooding and landslides, which placed Agusan del Sur under a state of calamity.

P&G Purifier of Water

Flooding and fallen trees in Agusan Marsh last January 2024

The sustained support of P&G and World Vision to Filipino children and families shows their commitment to providing innovative solutions for clean drinking water, especially during times of disaster. P&G’s Purifier of Water, with its innovative technology, not only provides Filipino children with access to safe drinking water but also grants them the opportunity to lead healthier and happier lives.


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