Bridging the healthcare gap with comprehensive medical access

Bridging the healthcare gap with comprehensive and affordable medical access for Filipinos

/ 06:17 PM February 19, 2024

Health has become a bigger focus among 87 percent of Filipinos since the COVID-19 pandemic, based on a recent study. They’re now more proactive about maintaining an active lifestyle and paying attention to all aspects of their health, realizing the importance of preventing disease and keeping themselves protected.

As a life insurance company driven by its Purpose of helping people live healthier, longer, better lives, this is a space where AIA Philippines saw an opportunity to do more. With health expenses rising three times between 2011 to 2021, and out of pocket healthcare spend eating up 40 percent of the budget, developing solutions that can help more Filipinos take care of their health within the cost they can afford is a welcome development. 

In 2023, AIA Philippines, formerly known as Philam Life, completed its acquisition of MediCard Philippines. With a health maintenance organization (HMO) now its subsidiary, the Company is able to expand its reach and play a more active role in bridging the gap between quality and inadequate health care.

Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage for All

“Our focus is on helping Filipinos live healthier, longer, and better lives by providing access to affordable healthcare,” states Julian Mengual, CEO of MediCard Philippines. The need is especially heightened after going through years of a global healthcare crisis that left many without enough funds and access to essential medical services and resources.

HMO plans seek to help address this deficiency, granting plan holders a direct line to medical professionals of different specializations, thousands of partner institutions, comprehensive check-ups and procedures, and more, at a rate that they can afford. Covering various facets of healthcare means Filipinos can receive a holistic health approach that comprises prevention, early intervention, and disease management should the need ever arise.

Being an industry pioneer with over 30 years in the business, MediCard Philippines has become renowned for its expertise and reach in providing total healthcare. The HMO offers outpatient services, emergency access to hospital care, unlimited consultations, discounts for laboratory procedures, and other benefits depending on one’s plan. “This is supported by access to care through our extensive networks. There are 27 clinics managed and owned by MediCard Philippines across the Philippines offer access to both general practitioners and specialists. We have over 2,000 partner hospitals and clinics, over 24,000 doctors, and over 63,000 affiliated partners,” shares Mengual.

One of their plans, called MediCard Select, offers the company’s unparalleled level of access together with a full suite of benefits in various price points depending on the desired coverage. It’s a plan for individuals, families, or SMEs that includes hospitalization, emergency, outpatient, and preventive healthcare coverage alongside dental care. This displays the power of HMOs, allowing individuals to avail of nearly any form of healthcare with a single plan.

What does this all mean for the typical Filipino? One major selling point is reliability. HMOs cater to diverse needs, be it single routine check-ups or longer-term treatment options that target specific concerns. Incentives are typically more cost-effective too, especially when included in a benefits package provided by an employer. Knowing that all of this is accessible at any time offers a strong level of security that one is fully protected.

Further to that is the assurance of being in safe hands amidst the evolving healthcare landscape. Besides being a pioneer in the HMO sector as a whole, MediCard Philippines was also the first HMO in the country to introduce telemedicine, and the first to launch a mobile app. By staying at the forefront of the medical industry, the company keeps its clients in the same position when it comes to their own healthcare and wellness.

A third benefit is the promise of coordinated care. Like MediCard Philippines’ wide network, the best HMOs have a fully integrated ecosystem of healthcare providers that come together to provide comprehensive medical solutions. 

Total Protection as the Ultimate Goal

At the end of the day, it’s all about collaboration. Having a strong HMO provider is an integral part of total protection, and complementing it with other protection solutions only strengthens the goal of making healthier lives a reality for more people. 

With AIA Philippines able to offer healthcare, long-term savings, and protection solutions together with its subsidiaries MediCard Philippines, AIAIM Philippines and BPI AIA, together they are well-positioned to bring to life their Purpose as a company of helping more Filipinos live healthier, longer, better lives.


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