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Armed Forces launches hotline for vets, military retirees

First Posted 20:16:00 08/01/2008

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MANILA, Philippines -- War veterans, military retirees, and their beneficiaries can now obtain documents they will need for their pensions and other benefits by simply calling the new hotline numbers at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo, a statement from the AFP Public Information Office said Friday.

The project, dubbed "Dokumentong Kailangan Ninyo, Itawag Po Ninyo," and launched Friday was spearheaded by the AFP Office of the Adjutant General (OTAG). It is geared towards providing a "better and faster service" to the war veterans and military retirees, it said.

Veterans and retirees can call the following numbers: 911-7959 and 911-6001 local 6651. They can also text 0908-2864612.

With just a call, the war veterans and military retirees can ask the OTAG to prepare the documents they need such as their Military Service Records instead of having to go to Camp Aguinaldo and line up for the processing of the papers, Lieutenant Colonel Ernesto Torres, Jr., AFP spokesman, explained in an interview.

Torres said many of the retirees and war veterans who lived in provinces would travel to Manila and stay for a few days just to have their papers processed.

"With the hotline numbers, we expect to lessen the retirees' stay just to follow up their papers," he said.

The OTAG conducts some 500 transactions a day. When documents are needed, its staff sifts through the records manually from the 1.2 million records of veterans and retirees.

Claimants who ask for their documents through the hotline will have to go to the OTAG's Non-Current Records Division (NCRD) only once to pick up their requested documents.

The OTAG will schedule a day when the claimant can pick up the requested document.

"Moreover, the office assures its clients of the confidentiality of their personal records. Claimants shall present their ID or other documents as a proof that they are authorized to receive the document," the AFP statement said.

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