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Parts of Tacloban still flooded; Ormoc registers losses to crops

First Posted 07:57:00 03/23/2011

TACLOBAN CITY ? Despite improved weather, a village here remained flooded in four-feet deep water while 200 persons continued staying at an evacuation center.

On the other hand Ormoc City, which was also hit by floods last week, registered millions in losses to rice and vegetable crops.

The waters in some areas in barangays Utap, Nula-Tula, Caibaan, Abucay, Picas, parts of San Jose, V & G and in Apitong have yet to recede completely.

However, except for some areas in Apitong where the flooding still reached four feet, all residents of these villages have returned to their respective homes.

With the floodwaters in Apitong still at four feet, 34 families or 238 persons, including two infants, remained at the Don Quintero Memorial School, an elementary school within the barangay.

The affected families in Apitong claimed that while their village was always one of the city's flood-prone areas, last Wednesday?s flooding was the ?worst? they have experienced.

?The volume of rain water on that day was simply huge.,? Apitong barangay chairman Anastacio Wenceslao said.

During the continuous heavy rain last week, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services recorded the volume of rainfall at 397.4 millimeters, said to be the highest single rainfall ever recorded since 1971.

Wenceslao disclosed that the flooding destroyed more than 100 houses, most of which were of light materials.

No casualty due to the flooding in the village was reported.

Alejandro Nobe, 65, died at the height of the flooding but he succumbed to a lingering ailment.

Another Apitong resident, Ciriaca Martinez, 76, a resident there since 1944, said last Wednesday was the first time she experienced a flood of such magnitude. ?It was really horrible,? said Martinez, who has a small farm.

Another displaced resident of the village, 58-year-old Necerita Claridad, said floodwater rose rapidly in their village but she managed to carry her 6-month-old television set and a few clothes. She was also able to bring some items from her small variety store, which she had been selling at the evacuation center.

?We want to return to our homes but the problem is that the water level is still high. We want to return to our normal activities,? Claridad said.

Some of the children and even adults at the congested evacuation centers were now suffering from colds and cough, according to Teresita Encomio, 49. She said her family had to share a school room with 10 other families, including that of Martinez and Claridad.

The Ormoc City Agricultural Services Office reported that the heavy rains caused an estimated P23-million damage to rice and vegetable farms. /INQUIRER

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