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RP chess squad rebounds, blanks Turkmenistan, 4-0

First Posted 08:04:00 10/02/2010

The 37th-seed Philippine chess team scored a surprising, 4-0 victory over 69th-seed Turkmenistan Thursday night in the ninth round of the 39th World Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia.

GM Wesley So (2668), GM Darwin Laylo (2522), GM Eugene Torre (2489) and IM Richard Bitoon (2447) scored full-point wins for the Philippines which rebounded from a heart-breaking loss to eighth seed Bulgaria, 1.5-2.5, in the eight round Wednesday night.

The 16-year-old So, one of the world?s top junior players, defeated GM Mesgen Amanov (2493) after 48 moves of Neo Gruenfeld defense on board one, Laylo subdued IM Meylis Annaberdiev (2465) after 52 moves of King's Indian defense on board two, Torre, who is in his record-tying 20th Olympiad, outlasted FM Maksat Atabayev (2318) after 58 moves of Owens defense on board three while the Cebuano Bitoon added muscle to his quest for a third and final GM norm by outclassing FM Yusup Atabayev (2313) after 41 moves of English Opening on board four.

The Pinoys will next face 26th seed Argentina which beat No. 39 Lithuania, 3-1.

Meanwhile, the RP women?s team soared to a, 3.5-0.5 win against 62nd-seed Bolivia.

Catherine Perena nipped Daniela Cordero after 43 moves of Slav defense on board one, Rulp Ylem Jose routed Raisa Luna after 16 moves of Queen's Gambit exchange on board three and Jedara Docena trounced Gabriela Solis after 55 moves of Center Counter Game on board 4.

M. Eugenia Ramirez drew with RP?s Shercila Cua after 53 moves of Queens Pawn Game on board two to prevent Bolivia from absorbing a humiliating shut-out loss.

The 52nd-seed Filipinas will next face 50th-seed Indonesia which drew with 20th-seed Czech Republic, 2-2.

The RP men?s team tallied 11 match points and shared 27th to 47th place while the Pinays accumulated 10 points for a share of 34th to 52nd place.

Second seed Ukraine beat 7th-seed Azerbaijan, 2.5-1.5, to notch 16 points for the lead in the men?s competitions while top seed Russia 1, tallied 18 points to rule the women?s side.

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