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No classroom or teacher lack in this school, but students

First Posted 13:47:00 06/10/2008

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MANILA, Philippines -- Unlike other public schools suffering from classroom and teacher shortages, one in Manila is experiencing a lack of students.

Teachers in Juan Sumulong Elementary School in Aragon are in danger of losing their jobs as the number of students continued to decrease.

?Kapag patuloy na kumonti ang estudyante, mapipilitan kaming magbawas ng guro. Ano naman ang gagawin nila kung walang tuturuan di ba [If the number of students continue to decrease, we will be forced to lay off teachers. What will they do if they have no one to teach]?? said Virginia Victoria, school principal, on Tuesday.

She said that although tuition was free and that there had been an influx of students from private schools, more were still expected to drop out or transfer because of the relocation of residents beside the railroad tracks and whose children comprise majority of the school?s enrollees.

She added that of the current 1,700 student population, about 250 were expected to drop out or transfer.

?Kami kasi dito halos lahat ng estudyante eh nakatira sa may riles ng tren. Pero nung ni-relocate sila, mababawasan ang estudyante namin [It is because most of our students live beside the railroad tracks and when they were relocated, so were our students forced to move],? Victoria said.

She lauded Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim for his generosity as he distributed uniforms, bags, and notebooks to each student.

?Mabait nga si mayor kasi nagbigay siya ng tulong sa mga estudyante [The mayor is generous because he has given assistance to the students],? Victoria said.

Meanwhile, Grade 3 student Johanna Ayne was excited on her first day.

?Excited ako, masaya, maaga pa ko gumising [I was excited, happy, and I woke up early,? she said.

Parent Analyn Mogado also said public school education was ?not bad.?

?Ok lang ang mga gastusin kasi para din naman sa anak ko ito [The expenses are alright because this is for my daughter anyway],? she said.

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