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Tanod shoots dead Ďarmedí local actor

First Posted 07:37:00 11/01/2010

A toy gun cost the life of a 32-year-old actor.

A film actor from an independent film outfit was shot dead by a barangay tanod after his plastic gun was mistaken for a real one.

Police said Kurt Abella was part of a cast shooting a film under a British production when the incident occured on Zamora Street in barangay Parian, Cebu City at 10:45 p.m. on Saturday.

Police said Abella of sitio Bliss, Labangon Cebu City was riding on a motorcyle driven by a co-actor when Eduardo Cuizon appeared.

Cuizon said he flagged down the motorcycle and heard the two men saying ?shooting ra ni sir (it?s just a shooting sir.)

Cuizon said he held on to the motorcycle and was almost dragged when the two men tried to drive off.

Cuizon said that when he lost his balance, he drew a .357 revolver and fired a shot.

The bullet hit Abella?s heart.

?I really thought it was a real gun. I saw him reached out for something from his pocket. I thought that was it,? Cuizon said in Cebuano.

Police said the victim was carrying a toy gun since they were about to shoot a scene where they would be involved in a drive-by shooting.

Prior to the incident, Cuizon was sleeping in his house not far from the crime scene when one of his neighbors woke him up and told him that an armed man was spotted in the area.

Jumping off from his bed, Cuizon rushed to the police station. He was told that it was a ?shooting.?

He thought it was a shooting incident and didn?t realize that it was a film shooting.

?The movie shooting was coordinated here at the office. In fact, we even sent personnel there to secure the area. He might have misinterpreted the notion,? SPO2 Rodrigo Mangubat, desk officer of the Parian police, told radio dyAB.

Police said Cuizon would face charges for violation of the election gun ban, homicide and illegal possession of firearm.

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