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Vallacar Transit expands Cebu bus operation

First Posted 17:02:00 09/05/2007

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Cebu City, Philippines ? the country?s biggest fleet operator Vallacar Transit, Inc. will expand further its operation in Cebu by adding 14 bus units next month.

Of the 14 bus units, eight will ply the northern Cebu route, while the remaining six will serve the southeast route.

The Bacolod-based Vallacar Transit is the operator of the Ceres bus lines, which serve the Visayas, Mindanao and Luzon provinces.

The additional eight units for northern Cebu were made possible after Vallacar Transit acquired the franchise of Sweetheart bus company. The six units for the southeast route were bought from Nelson Miranda who owned the Mema buses.

The Ceres bus lines operator acquired all these franchises this year.

Vallacar Transit Cebu Branch Manager Clemente P. Villarin said they acquired the eight units plus the franchise of Sweetheart bus company at P1.6 million. The franchise of Nelson Miranda was bought for P300,000.

The Vallacar Transit said they will no longer use the eight units of Sweetheart bus company and will acquire instead new models.

For the southeast route, Villarin plans to use 32-seater buses instead of the 51-seater buses used by former operator Nelson Miranda.

?The distance from Cebu City to southeast is not that far and trips are not too frequent. We think that smaller units will be ideal for the route,? Villarin said in Cebuano.

He said these two routes are now undergoing dry runs using bigger units.

The Vallacar Transit started operations in Cebu on November 30, 2001 after it acquired the franchises of ABC Liner in the south.

The ABC Liner had at least 44 bus units, but only 13 were operational.

The Ceres operator expanded its northern route in 2005, after it bought the franchises and 12 bus units of RVK bus company.

At present, the Vallacar Transit operates at least 151 bus units in Cebu which ply the northern and southern routes.

It has the biggest bus fleet in the country with around 1,800 bus units nationwide operating in the Visayas, Mindanao and Luzon provinces.

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