LBC Offers New Service – Instant Peso Padala

From Dollars To Peso In An Instant – For Only $3 First Posted 17:10:00 05/12/2009

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South San Francisco, Calif. - As an innovator and leading provider of ?padala? services for Filipinos in the U.S., LBC Mundial Corporation (LBC USA) brings its money remittance services to an even higher level by introducing a new form of delivery to the Philippines.

Responding to the growing needs of Filipinos in the U.S. who send money to the Philippines, LBC USA launched its new Instant Peso Padala (IPP). Starting May 1, 2009, LBC branches in the U.S. that offer money remittance services have also started offering the IPP.

Like its name implies, the IPP service allows recipients in the Philippines to immediately pick-up the money sent from the U.S. from any LBC branch in the Philippines.

?The IPP is an innovative product that will deliver value and convenience to both the recipients and senders of LBC?s money remittance service in the U.S.,? says Hugo Bonilla, president and CEO of LBC USA.

He further notes that the IPP ?will allow Filipinos in the U.S. to immediately respond to the financial needs of their loved ones in the Philippines, particularly in cases of emergencies.? By eliminating the waiting time for money remittance, LBC USA has given Filipinos in the U.S. a better way of meeting the financial needs of their loved ones back home.

?The IPP service is LBC?s response to the changing and growing needs of Filipinos for money remittance services. Through the IPP, we hope to help them help their families and loved ones back home better and faster,? adds Mr. Bonilla.

The IPP service is initially available in Metro Manila branches of LBC but will soon be offered in all 750 LBC branches located all over the Philippines. Money remitted through the IPP service is limited only to P10,000.00 per transaction.

Prior to the introduction of IPP, money sent by Filipinos in the U.S. through LBC can be delivered using four methods ? LBC?s ATM Bilis Padala service, home delivery, branch pick-up and bank-to-bank deposit.

LBC?s ATM Bilis Padala service is the fastest money remittance service offered by the company - with the money available for withdrawal from any ATM in the Philippines after only 15 seconds.

While many LBC customers still prefer the traditional home delivery service and branch pick-up or the convenience of the ATM Bilis Padala service, LBC has also learned that many customers want the flexibility of sending money anytime.

With the IPP, both senders and recipients can enjoy the safety offered by the branch pick-up and home delivery services and at the same time the convenience of immediate availability of the funds.

In addition to the benefits of IPP, customers using the new service can also avail of the new lowered pricing that LBC has implemented starting May 2009.

For as low as $3 for every transaction, customers can avail of the value and benefits of sending money to their loved ones in the Philippines through IPP.

For more details on the new IPP service, please call LBC USA at 1-800-3385424 or visit www.teamlbc.com for the location of LBC USA's 60 branches in the U.S.

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