Manila disputes report of killings near Malaysia


MANILA, Philippines— The Philippine military disputed a newspaper report that its naval and coast guard forces killed 35 gunmen to stop them from entering the Malaysian state of Sabah.

Malaysia’s The Star quoted Malaysian Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as telling a news conference Thursday in Penang that Philippine troops shot the gunmen from southern Sulu province before they could enter Malaysian waters, after the gunmen had refused to turn back.

Philippine regional naval commander Capt. Renato Yonque says the border with Malaysia has been “very quiet,” and “we have no information on that.”

Hamidi and his aides did not immediately answer calls to their cell phones.

Since March, Malaysian troops have battled armed followers of Sultan Jamalulu Kiram III of Sulu who is claiming Sabah.

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  • sunan_kinabalu

    The report is implying it was in fact the Malaysian forces that killed 35 Sultanate terrorists on Sibutu island, after they were given the “GO” pass by the PH’s security forces. I have my own sources in Tawi-Tawi confirming the skirmishes. It was our Paskal commandos disguising as terrorists who launched the offensive. I warned you about this so many times before. Malaysian forces are not that easy to forgive and forget. They are a totally different kind of breed that you are not familiar with.

    • Pinoy Bodoh

      Purple daisy aka Caucasian wannabe…you’d better not disclose your true identity. Our commandos will get you whenever we want, wherever you are.

      • sunan_kinabalu

        Purple Daisy who? I play no Daisy nor I am purple. I am a Malaysian dude, half-broke and running out of cigarettes as we speak. So please, no joke at this hour.

      • warillaman

        I never heard of a dog that smokes, I know they bark and howl but not smoke, idiot malaysian doggie!!!

      • Ayjayar

        Never, never mention an “anjing” (dog) in their presence,
        kaibigan, because that’s really, really BAD LUCK for them! These Malays are so superstitious they’ll swear the mere mention of an ‘anjing’ will drive away the good angels and invite in the ‘jinns.’ or evil spirits,… and that’s bad for dudes who are broke and can’t afford a smoke….

      • warillaman

        good!!! it will give them more bad luck then if I keep on calling them malaysian dogs of which they are, the worst thing about this dogs is, they didn’t fight for their land from indonesia when they form their country, thanks to their benefactors the white bitoys after licking their bottoms, they where again given sabah of which they know they don’t own it, again thanks to their white masters, and now, they keep on creating havoc in mindanao just to keep sabah, everyone knows malaysian dogs are behind mindanao’s situation. A peaceful mindanao is a threat to sabah!!! and now they are killing our own people for a peaceful claim of the land they own, how doggies can they be???

      • PurpleDaisy13

        What’s wrong Malaysian Bodoh?

        Anda kehilangan fikiran dan otak menjadi rosak sekarang? anda hanya dungu malaysia.

        translation: “Are you losing your mind and becoming brain damaged now? you are just a malaysian moron.”


      • headhunter

        hahaha Daisy, must have googled pretty hard on the anda anda …finally the evil laugh trademark!
        typically we use engkau, kau, kamu, awak, you, yuu, bro, sis, dude, adik, abang, hang, tambi, macha, in exchanges in Malaysia. Anda is formal. Anyway, good try cikgu!

      • Pinoy Bodoh

        Holy cow purple daisy. You speak bahasa ??? Why didn’t you tell me you used to be a hooker and maid in Malaysia before? Bless you…HAHAHAHAHAH

      • Ayjayar

        You, bodoh, also has not told us how you contracted syphilis which is now affecting your poor excuse of a brain. You haven’t read the Mead and Piot report yet, a WHO study on venereal disease affecting Malaysian pregnant women?tsk-tsk… pity your wives and girlfriends, bodoh…

      • Ayjayar

        Don’t worry, PurpleDaisy13, you’re doing well w/ your BM! You may refer them to ‘Kamus Dwibahasa’ 7th edition (Pelanduk Publications Sdn. Bhd, 2004) for their elucidation. By using the slightly-formal ‘anda’ (you), you actually paid them a compliment that some of them don’t deserve – especially our antagonist “bodoh” here whose venereal-diseased brain has ceased to function… rosak!…. Pity his wife/GF….
        For public signs and advertisements, and when one does not know whether one is addressing a man or woman, “anda” is perfectly alright….

  • banana na

    maybe totoo at maybe not…kung totoo naman ito na may binaril at pinatay ang 35 militant sa philippines water sa incident nito, sa palagay ko ay malaysian navy intrudes into the philippines water kasi mas alam nila na nangyari itong incidents kaysa sa philippines navy…alam din ng malaysia na mas konti ang navy at coast guard natin kaysa sa malaysian navy…wala tayong radar kaya papaano malalaman ng phil navy na may militant boat na papuntang sabah, sa lawak ng border sea at luma ang technology ng navy ng pilipinas at konti lang ang navy ships natin, ay pwede mag-intrudes ang malaysian navy sa philippines waters at mas modern ang technology ng navy nila ay siguradong alam nila na may boats na papuntang sa direction ng sabah at unahan na nila sa pag-intercepts sa philippines water mismo kung civilian boats ba or militant boats ang sakay…eh, ayaw yata ng 35 militant na bumalik sa sulu kaya binaril na ng malaysian navy ang 35 militants, tutal, nasa philippines waters naman sila at walang phil navy sa lugar na pinagyarihan para nagayon sinasabi nila na ang phil navy daw ang pumatay sa 35 militants kasi ayaw bumalik sa sulu or mindanao…si misuari mismo ang nagsabi na malaysian trained them in sabah in supports for their cause sa mindanao, bakit nakaka-lusot ang mga armas galing abroads papuntang mindanao kasi sila mga malaysian government mismo ang nagbibigay ng armas at money sa mnlf at sa tulong ng malaysian navy or sundalo kaya nakaka-lusot ang mga armas papuntang mindanao kasi alam nila na bulok ang navy natin at ang pinaka-importante why they supports this militants before ay para ang gulo ay sa mindanao lang at di ang sabah, yan, ang pagkakamali ng malaysia…kaya psycological warfare ang ginagamit ng malaysia sa pilipinas…kaya, PILIPINAS…LUMABAN KA SA PSYCOLOGICAL WARFARE NG MALAYSIA KUNG NATALO KA DITO AY BAKA MANIWALA PA ANG KAPWA NATIN FILIPINO SA MINDANAO NA TOTOO ANG NANGYARI KAGAGAWAN DAW NG NAVY NATIN PARA ANG GALIT AY SA PHILIPPINES GOVERNMENT…LUMABAN KA, PILIPINAS sa reports nito…

    • PurpleDaisy13

      banana na sagig, the Malaysian story has changed.

      The 35 Kiram militants were not gunned down while on sea, they were gunned down on the Philippine island of Sibutu. A tiny Philippine island territory of 1,144 Filipino Residents.

      Malaysians allege that 200 Philippine soldiers fought against 35 Kiram militants resulting in the deaths of 2 Philippine soldiers.

      Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast guard dispute these stories fabricated by Malaysian newspapers and Malaysian sources:

      (change comma to dot)

      • banana na

        malaysian government are LIAR, bakit naman papatayin ng philippines military ang mga militants nito, di naman sila ang kinakalaban ng sultan of sulu followers…just as simple as that…

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “malaysian government are LIAR”


        From what I have learned from many people here, for many years Malaysia has been responsible for training Filipinos to fight the Philippine government and the Philippine military in many southern regions of the Philippines.

        Apparently, Malaysians wanted to falsely accuse and blame the Philippine government and the Philippine military so they could create a diversion and get Filipinos to stop going to Sabah to fight Malaysians.

  • warillaman

    Malamang na pinatay na ng mga malaysian dogs ang ating mga kapatid na tausugs at naghahanap lang sila ng butas para masisi at paratangan ang ating sundalo, this is how good they are in de-stabilisation propaganda as proof of mindanao situation, we should never trust this malaysian mongrels!!!!

  • anonis_anonis

    I miss Kiram and his antics already. Why your newspaper didn’t cover his story anymore?

  • bharzul

    I posted my comment over this issue this morning at 7.28 am and now it is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps what I have had said with regard to security intelligent issue and excellent military reciprocal cooperation between PH and MAL, including naming named may have infuriate some quarters, thus may triggering a reprisal and backlash in time to come. So much for the freedom of speech, freedom of expression and the press freedom that we all so proud off.

  • sunan_kinabalu

    Sulu sultan confirms shooting of 35 followers

    By Mike Frialde (philstar,com) | Updated April 26, 2013 – 4:21pm

    MANILA, Philippines – The Sultanate of Sulu on Friday confirmed the fatal shooting of some 35 supporters of the sultanate’s Royal Security Force (RSF) as earlier reported by Malaysia’s Star Online.

    However, Abraham Idjirani, spokesman of the Sultanate said the shooting was done by members of the Malaysian Navy on Wednesday night.

    Idjirani told reporters that the information on the shooting was relayed to him Friday by Guro Bata II, a top commander of the RSF who is now in Lahad Datu in Sabah.

    “He (Bata) called me up and informed me that members of the Malaysian Navy on speedboats were the ones who shot them on Wednesday night while in Malaysian waters. The bodies were then taken to Philippine waters where they were dumped overboard,” said Idjirani.

    On Thursday, Star Online reported that the 35 RSF supporters were allegedly shot by the Philippine Navy as they tried to cross into Sabah from Sulu.

    The Star Online quoted Malaysian Defense Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as saying that the armed men were shot by Philippine Navy and Coast guard personnel before they could enter Malaysian waters with the reported mission of disrupting the upcoming Malaysian elections.

    Nation ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

    • bharzul

      Any news on how Guro could have survive the shooting and swam to Lahad Datu in pitch darkness? This guy Idjirani really are something, at first denying the incident ever took place because he was at Jolo last thursday, and now saying it did happened…

    • PurpleDaisy13

      Nice work sunan_kinabalu.

      You’ve helped expose and confirm the LIE fabricated by the Malaysian Defense Chief about Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast Guard responsible for gunning down 35 Filipino citizens in an attempt to damage the reputation of the Philippine government. When in fact, it was the Malaysian Navy that gunned down 35 Filipino citizens.

      The Malaysian Defense Chief has become an international embarrassment for Malaysia in trying to spread false accusations as a propaganda strategy to get Kiram’s followers to fight with the Philippine government.

      The Philippines Navy and Philippines Coast Guard should respond accordingly by allowing all anti-Malaysian forces to freely enter Sabah to whip some Malaysian a$$ in Malaysia’s North Borneo (Eastern Sabah) War Zone.

      • Trueblue

        sooner kiram would be fighting the PhL navy who in turn is fighting mnlf who in turn is up against milf who in turn is busy tackling abu sayaf and who in turn is facing its archrivel npa. Sooner everybody is aftering everybody heads and throats. South philipinnes will be undclared war zone.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        Trueblue, you need to go back and take some serious English classes.

        Why do you keep saying “sooner Kiram would…”, “Sooner everybody is”.

        It is supposed to be “Soon Kiram would” and “Soon everybody is”

        re: “South philipinnes will be undclared war zone.”

        If Southern Philippines is undeclared as a war zone, that would be a good thing. Go back to school Trueblue…and come back after your communication skills have dramatically improved.

      • Pinoy Bodoh

        Blah blah lah. 3rd world army talking bull. Caucasian wannabe talking bull. Fact remains your country is crap, your armed forces is crap. And we will use PH ar$$ as shooting targets (except the ar$$es of hookers which we will probably use for other purposes)

      • PurpleDaisy13

        Fact remains…your leaders are corrupt liars.

        A perfect example is your own Malaysian Defense Chief (Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi), reckless and irresponsible enough to try to deceive the public through the media by blaming the Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast Guard for shooting 35 Filipino citizens….Malaysian bodoh.

        And with all the hookers you’ve banged, we’re confident you’re just another ignorant and sex-craved Malaysian filled with incurable and horrible infectious disease.

  • Trueblue

    PH won’t challenge Malaysia reports on ‘killings’

    By Jorge Cariño, ABS-CBN News
    Posted at 04/26/2013 4:25 PM | Updated as of 04/26/2013 4:25 PM

    This is an official response from malacanang. The killings must have taken place out there somewhere in the sulu sea. Regardless of how and who killed these terrorists, PH problems are now reduced by 35.

  • Ayjayar

    Dear Editor:
    By copy of this posting, I am formally complaining against one “Pinoy Bodoh” and “Preve” who are apparently non-Filipinos, for personally attacking Filipina womanhood by branding them as PROSTITUTES. Pls. refer to their past postings. They have abused with MALICIOUS INTENT our Philippine hospitality and goodwill to post their supposedly-honest but decent opinions and/or to express their views on a Philippine newspaper of general circulation, thereby impugning our character from the safety of their land 3000 kms away, and making us a laughing stock of everyone.
    This is too much humiliation heaped on us Filipinos.
    I hope you you will take appropriate action soonest.
    Thank you.

    • Pinoy Bodoh

      Blah blah blah. Insult our country and we will look for you wherever you are. Oh..and what was that trash about freedom of speech in the republic of slum again???

      • Ayjayar

        ” Look for us wherever we are,” bodoh??? You really DESERVE that name, “Bodoh= Dumb!” We are ALREADY on Sabah, bodoh- courtesy of the Sultan’s men – and you are still threatening to “look for us??Yes, continue insulting Filipino womanhood in a Philippine newspaper and i’ll have you banned forever.. You know, bodoh, I have many Malaysian friends and frankly, they don’t talk with a stinking breath like you do! They are decent people who can carry on a polite conversation, even on a hot topic like Sabah… but you???
        Learn a few manners first and come back when you are properly educated, ok?

  • Mark

    Election season ngaun sa Malaysia kaya madaming propaganda, takot ang kasalukuyang administration ng Malaysia sa opposition ni Anwar Ibrahim kaya gumagawa ng kwento para makakuha ng sympathy ang mga mokong.

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