Malaysian farmers praying for quick end to Sabah standoff


In this photo taken on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013, a policeman closes a gate of their base at a village of Sahabat 16, near Lahad Datu, Sabab, Malaysia. Farmers and oil palm smallholders are praying for a quick end to the standoff that is entering its second week between Malaysian security forces and an armed group from Sulu. AP PHOTO

LAHAD DATU—Farmers and oil palm smallholders are praying for a quick end to the standoff that is entering its second week between Malaysian security forces and an armed group from Sulu.

They have been unable to enter the vicinity of Kampung Tanduo at Felda Sahabat 17, some 170 kilometers from this east coast town, to harvest their oil palm and other produce, such as watermelons.

A farmer who tried to enter the tight security cordon surrounding the heavily armed men was turned back by the police early on Monday.

Police feared the food supplies he was carrying could fall into the hands of the gunmen.

The farmer, who wanted to be known only as Ghafur, said he was trying to get to his oil palm farm for his twice-a-month harvest.

He was bringing along food supplies to last him a week.

Police officials advised farmers not to enter the cordoned-off area around Kampung Tanduo, where the so-called Royal Sulu Sultanate Army had raised yellow flags with a lion insignia outside a surau (prayer house).

Interviewed by the Philippines’ media, group leader Rajah Mudah Agbimuddin Kiram said they were in possession of all kinds of weapons.

These include M-14, M-16, M-203 and Baby Armalite assault rifles.

The five women who came with them were in charge of preparing meals.

The group, from the Tausug and Badjao communities of Jolo, Basilan and Tawi Tawi, had been landing in batches since Feb 9.

Malaysian security forces cordoned off the area on Feb 12.

The 15 families at Kampung Tanduo have fled the area, leaving their farms unattended.

Most of them are staying with relatives and friends at the nearby Tanjung Labian settlement.

In Kluang, Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein expressed confidence that the standoff would end soon.

He said the situation at Felda Sahabat 17 was under control and security forces were keeping a close eye on the Filipino group.

Hishammuddin added that there had not been any untoward incident among the armed men, security forces and the villagers in the area.

“We want to avoid any bloodshed as we believe the matter can be resolved peacefully,” he told reporters at Paloh MCA Chinese New Year open house at SJK(C) Paloh on Monday.

Hishammuddin added that the security forces were in the midst of deporting the men back to their country of origin.

Hishammuddin reiterated that the men were neither militants nor belonged to any terrorist organization.

“The group’s presence is not a threat to Sabah or Malaysian security and our police have things under control,” he said.

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  • Matambaka

     Analyze this….

    1. First ther is MNLF that create violence in
    Mindanao. Since we have problem with Mindanao and busy solving it, we
    forget Sabah. When Ramos signed Peace Agreement with them… Its
    Finish..we can pursue our  Sabah claim…BUT Malaysia does not want

    2. When our Government is at Peace with MNLF, theres
    another break away rebel group, the MILF which is believe to be another 
    Malaysian PAWN  to make Philippine government busy and cannot claim

    3. Again…Previously Penoy make a PEACE Deal with MILF.
    So, Mindanao is NOW at Peace with MNLF, and MILF so? Malaysia has no

    Now, The MNLF Group, advance and pursue their claim to
    Sabah island. It seems that we are bringing problem to Malaysia (Sabah)
    and NOT in Mindanao anymore.Malaysia has no PAWN to MOVE since all
    (MILF,MNLF) is having a PEACE DEAL with Government.

    Malaysia is in PANIC Now. Feeling betrayed? CHECKMATE?

    Well, Malysia betrayed us long time ago when they support this arm group.Its their game being played to them.

    Hope a FAIR DEAL is made to the Sultan of SULU.

    • Fz20

      siguro pwede nilang bayaran yung mga kirams na nandoon, problema lang kung magkano at kung lahat ng angkan ng kiram ay pumayag sa amount, pero maraming papalag at hihingi ksi hindi pwedeng hindi magkaalaman…or else ibang kwento na ito kung lahat ng armadong umaaklas dyan sa mindanao ay malamangmagkaisa para tumulong na kunin ulit ang sabah, bakapanalo naito..battletrainedlahat sa insurgencytactics,halo-halo salocals, walang magagawa yung ilang skwadron ofleet mayroon sila.

  • Albert Einstien


    I can FEEL the HEARTbeats of our CITIZENS, AFP & PNP…they are just raring to JOIN the SULTANTE ARMY but cant SAY it PUBLICLY….they KNOW it is the BEST move & INTEREST so far for the RP …..they are just waiting for noynoying policy drections…BUT they are DOOMED for frustration because the AQUINOs ( ninoy ) are friends of malaysian leaders…

    PATRIOTIC ADVICE to noynoying GOVT….prepare for eventualities..NOW..!

    1. send HALF of the AFP to the borders

    2. DECLARE SUPPORT to the SULTANATE CAUSE..tell MALAYSIA to GET OUT from SABAH NOW..& FILE a RE-CLAIM case to UN-ICJ..immediately…

    3. invoke ” POSSE COMITATUS DOCTRINE ” the STATE calling able bodied men and citizens to assist & assemble to deal with an emergency ..remember that our population is 100 mllion ALREADY while malaysia is ONLY 28.5 million…..posse comitatus is not ONLY calling the people to BEAR ARMS but it evolved already..the citizens & peace loving people worldwide can help thru their FACEBOOK & TWITTER accounts pressure UK & appeal to the QUEEN to ADVICE MALAYSIA to peacefully RETURN SABAH territory to RP…as long as UK is backing MALAYSIA there will be BLOODY consequences..

    the QUEEN might intervene in PURSUIT of JUSTICE, AMITY & PEACE.. to avert IMMINENT ARMED CONFLICT between peoples..and save MILLIONS of potential casualties…besides the WORLD economy can not bear the weight of a heavy collateral DAMAGE & will be greatly affected.. EU & outstanding and ecnomically struggling countries , int’l organizations like USa,japan,india, russia , singapore, vietnam, indonesia, saudi, uae, OIC, , NATO might pressure MALAYSIA and join our cause

    4. USE your USELESS propaganda machine & diplomatic channels worldwide to gather INTERNATIONAL support from allied countries for the RP’s SABAH CLAIM…

    QUEEN is the KEY…!!!

    WE MUST PRESSURE & EXPOSE the HYPOCRISY of UK that UK or the QUEEN herself will TELL malaysia to return SABAH to RP…..use your FACEBOOK & TWITTER accounts and APPEAL to the QUEEN for JUSTICE & FAIRNESS ..she NEEDS a LEGACY now more than EVER…this is the KEY the ONLY way to maintain PEACE & we get what is OURS….without a SINGLE DROP of BLOODmalaysia acknowledged the fact that sabah is a PROPERTY of SULTANATE of SULU which was CEDED to RP GOVT ( de jure ) ….but the de facto control is being held by malaysia…. due to its rich resource…they divide the LOOT through their FLAGSHIP companies.. SHELL ( UK ) & PETRONAS ( malaysia )…

    the WORLD KNOWS…that they cooked referendum in august 1963 ( in fact most SABAHAN say there was no REFERENDUM at all.. ..malaysia just put it in their history books to provide legal color as after thought ) to sabahan as ADMINISTERED by the BRITS & MALAYSIA….it has NO BEARING in OWNERSHIP & SOVEREIGNTY issues….in fact the govt & people of the entire RP was never consulted….it is just a charade to give an iota of legal color…for the ROBBING of RP territory….

    ONCE SOVEREIGNTY is attached it is there FOREVER….CONQUEST by force of arms or WAR merely gives a DE FACTO AUTHORITY .. sovereignty is temporarily suspended…once the CONQUEST/war is over SOVEREIGNTY RESUMES..TACKING of INTEREST from SULU SULTANATE to RP or in SHORT CONTINUITY is ALLOWED akin to INHERITANCE & in INTERNATIONAL LAW it is called CESSION ( sept. 11, 1962 transfer of sovereignty to RP )…..& simulated referendum ( if any ) of a portion of all the people of a state is not SOVEREIGN WILL…that is WHY SABAH is FOREVER an RP territory & sovereignty…..USE FACEBOOK & TWITTER accounts

    copy paste this and send it to the QUEEN…………..


    WE the FILIPINO PEOPLE imploring the AID & GRACE of the BENEVOLENT QUEEN to PLEASE return the SABAH territory to the PEOPLE of the PHILIPPINES..It is only trough your WISDOM & TRUE SENSE of JUSTICE that we the true owners of SABAH will finally get what has been deprived of us for decades….ONLY your BLESSING will save millions of lives from an IMMINENT ARMED CONFLICT of peoples…We will be forever grateful your grace & will inscribed your benevolence in our hearts & will carry it with our souls that even time will weardown but your benevolence remains……LET JUSTICE, AMITY & PEACE PREVAIL.. : >)

    5. Parens patriae is Latin for “parent of the nation.” remember that it is NOT ONLY the GOVT or AFP can invoke “PARENs PATRIAE DOCTRINE ” …STATESMEN & outstanding CITIZENS can also invoke the RULE…once their government miserably failed to do its SWORN DUTIES ….under the constitution ..


    Section 1. The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.

    Section 3. . The Armed Forces of the Philippines is the protector of the people and the State. Its goal is to secure the sovereignty of the State and the integrity of the national territory.

    Section 4. The PRIME DUTY of the GOVERNMENT is to SERVE & PROTECT the PEOPLE

    “PARENS PATRIAE..history…Parens patriae relates to a notion initially invoked by the King’s Bench in the sixteenth century in cases of non compos mentis adults{{Lat: not having control over the mind or intellect. Not of sound mind; insane. In certain circumstances its effect is lessened to mean only “not legally competent.” .In most jurisdictions, this appears in the principle that makes the protection of the best interests of any NATION the first and single most important concern ….

    go philippines claim SABAH NOW !… CARPE DIEM….”Spe salvi facti sumus”

  • pugadlawin

    Malaysia know that SABAJH belongs to the Sultan of Sulu…
    but like China, what it can get with might, it will….

    Time and time again we remain undivided.
    Our military and government people only think of kickbacks..
    No one cares for the Philippines and its future…
    What kind of education, socialization and mentality do we have?
    We can do anything if we are united.

  • Don Joseph

    Mas naawa ako sa mg magsasaka na naiipit sa gulo; they cannot make a living while they cannot guarantee their safety.  I don’t think Sabah must go the Philippines without asking its inhabitants whether to remain under Malaysia or Philippines. Hindi nga natin mapamahalaan ng matino ang Mindanao (mas may power pa ang mga Sultans and their royal familues kesa sa local Mayor), tapos kukunin pa natin ang Sabah? 

    Obviously, mas gusto ng mga taga-Sabah ang manatili under Malaysia. Mas malaki ang kita (Ringgit) at mas safe (walang Abu Sayyaf, NPA and MILF). Kung meron mang makikinabang sa pagangkin ng Pilipinas sa Sabah, iyon ay ang mga armed groups because they have more richer land to plunder and terrorize.

    Wala sa kaugalian ng mga Pilipino ang mang-angkin ng lupa ng may lupa. So please don’t use patriotic advances sa Sabah issue – remember, patriotism is the last resort of fools. Maging matino tayo – let us not make a fool of ourselves by imitating Beijing. 

    • DakuAkongUtin

      Don Judeo ka, ang Sabah ay ninakaw na ng matagal ng mga Britos at pinasa sa mga kawatang Malayos for 100 plus years. Can you not get it? You are so fcking apologist for the deeds of dirty Britos and Malayos. They were the ones who had done wrong to the Sulu People who have rightful ancestral claims to Sabah. Why are you siding with the Malayos kung Pino ka man ? Baliktad ka yata….

      • Don Joseph

        My goodness.. Maging practical lang tayo. I’m patriotic but let’s not allow few fools like Sultan Kiram to damage the good Philippine-Malaysia relations. 

        The point here is that ang Mindanao nga hindi mapamahalaan ng maayos, tapos nangangarap pa tayong angkinin ang Sabah? Dapat na lang natin ituon ang focus sa Scarborough issue – mas may laban tayo doon at mas may pakinabang.

        Sabah belongs to the PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE NOW! Not to certain ‘Sultans’ or Brits or whatsoever. 

    • ThudOthwacker

      The issue here is about the property not the people. Malaysia can take their citizens back to Malay peninsula. 

      Read your history. The Sultanate of Sulo asked the Philippine government’s help and ceded North Borneo after the formation of Malaysia. The trouble in Mindanao was initiated by Malaysia for two reasons. First, the retaliation to botch invasion. Second, They applied the same British tactics “forward policy”. We were suppose to implement.

      Only you and the few of your kind are fooling yourself in believe the Malaysian version.

      • nivrams

        I’ll correct you. Your claim is only the north eastern coast. Not the entirety of Sabah. Look at the maps. The west coast and interior (2/3 of Sabah) is populated by Chinese and native Kadazans. Stop your delusions about Malay peninsula being the majority in Sabah. The parcel of land which you are claiming is populated by the Tausugs, or Suluks as known in Sabah.

        The lands can never be separated from the people. If you think that the eastern coast Suluks would want to join the  Phillipines, then you are over estimating the influence of the Kirams among Sabahan Suluks. They are the most strident supporter of the ruling Msian government. Their real leader are the descendents of Tun Mustapha, who are part of the ruling elite and also Shafie Apdal, the vice President of the ruling party in Malaysia.

      • ThudOthwacker

        “Stop your delusions about Malay peninsula being the majority in Sabah.” ~nivrams

        LOL Where did you get that? Read it again. The official lease says the whole North Borneo. Not the north eastern coast, dingbats.

        “The lands can never be separated from the people.” ~nivrams

        True! And Malaysian federation have no right to separate Sabah property from its rightful owner, “The Sultanate of Sulo”.  

        Mustapha and Apdal are just political opportunists local leaders. But, that wont change the fact. That Sabah is still Sultan’s domain. Incorporating Sabah in Malaysia is illegal. Mustapha has no moral nor legal right to usurped the Sultanate of Sulo.

        Like I wrote before, that you appalling misread. Malaysia can take their citizens back to Malay peninsula. And hand back the property to the Sultanate. 

        Read the history. Federation of Malaya was formed in 1948. Gain independence in 1957. Sabah and Sarawak was included in 1963. 12 years after the formation of Malaya and 6 years after full independent. Sabah was never part of Malaya formation in the first place. The British should have return the property back. 

      • nivrams

        “LOL Where did you get that? Read it again. The official lease says the whole North Borneo. Not the north eastern coast, dingbats”

        So? That geographical area of the north eastern coast of Sabah was called North Borneo during the lease. The rest of the area from Kudat, to the interior and the west coast were Brunei. The North Borneo that declared independence in 1963 consists of the leased area, the interior and the west coast up to Lawas. Just like the USA that declared independence in 1776 is not geographically the same as the USA today.

        “That Sabah is still Sultan’s domain.
        Incorporating Sabah in Malaysia is illegal.”

        No it’s not. The Sultan does not even have a Sultanate, nevermind a domain. The kingdom ceased to exist when you destroyed them remember? I suggest you make Kiram your Sultan and rename your country to Kingdom of Luzon and Sulu. Your claim might hold some water.

        “Like I wrote before, that you appalling misread. Malaysia can take their
        citizens back to Malay peninsula. And hand back the property to the
        Sultanate. ”

        Like I mentioned, there is no Sultanate. The UN doesn’t recognized it. Nobody does. Even RP doesn’t. And there is no such thing such as a Sultanate within a republic.

        “Read the history. Federation of Malaya was formed in 1948. Gain
        independence in 1957. Sabah and Sarawak was included in 1963. 12 years
        after the formation of Malaya and 6 years after full independent. Sabah
        was never part of Malaya formation in the first place. The British
        should have return the property back. ”

        I suggest you do the same. Malaya gained independence in 1957. Singapore in 1959. Sarawak and Sabah in 1963. On Sept 16 1963, These four independent entities formed the Federation of Malaysia. Read-> four independent countries. Malaya did not abosrb Sg, Sbh and Swk to become Malaysia. Malaysia was formed by 4 equal partners.

        The British could not return Sabah or any part of it after Sabah declared independence from the crown. Even if they wanted to.

  • Ben

    We should believe in ASEAN merging, not through force. What these people are doing is dangerous and can incite further rift between the two neighbors who must be working to merge their economy and lands as one EU like community. We don`t need another distractions, got to think of it China might be using this plot to weaken the Philippines and Malaysia so they will end up winner and take over the Spratlys for themselves. Sabah must be resolved legally and not through bloodshed. The Sulu Sultan might have a legal document with them, but this is not absolute to claim the whole Sabah for they don`t exercise effective rule on that territory, especially if the people recognized KL as their own capital, not Jolo, Sulu.

    • opinyonlangpo

      So easy to say that since its not you losing your ancestral land.

      • nivrams

          It’s easy for us to say because it is my ancestral land as generation
        who have lived on and worked the land for hundreds of years. Not some pirate
        kingdom which does not even exist today.

        Kota Kinabalu is our capital of Sabah. And the oil off the west coast is ours. It’s all about oil isn’t it?

      • opinyonlangpo

        True. If it is your ancestral land, you have all the right to fight and reclaim it whether there is oil or not it is your land.

  • goldelguira

    Malaysia complicating the issue by claiming Sabah which they are only renting to the Sultan of Sulu. Whose the real owner.

    • nivrams

      Malaysia is not “complicating” the issue. The real owners of the lands are the natives/local population. We declared independence in 1963 and determined our own fate, which was to form Malaysia together with Malaya, Singapore and Sarawak.

  • J

    1878 Sabah lease contract very clear: “…but the rights and powers hereby leased shall not be transferred to any nation, or a company of other nationality, without the consent of Their Majesties Government.” 
    http //sabah-claim-society blogspot com/2012/06/1878-sabah-lease-contract-very-clear.html
    The whole Mindanao-Moro problem compounded by Malaysia’s continuing support for the MILF right in the heart of Philippine Moro ‘homeland’ is without a shadow of doubt tied to the Philippine Sabah claim.
    The Malaysians know it and the Filipinos know it but Kuala Lumpur will do everything in their power to make sure that the Philippines will not have a moment’s respite to turn around and raise the Sabah claim. And the problem is being compounded by the fact that successive Chinese communities in Sabah have staged their own claim over Sabah and over the last couple of decades, they have been at it, trying to muster political support from the population of Sabah to claim “independence” from Malaysia.
    As years go and while this problem is unsettled, there will be more problems — political and military, that are bound to arise and could very well bring the Sabah question to the inevitable: armed conflict which it almost did back in the 60s when the Philippines attempted to take physical control of Sabah in a covert operation code-named “Operation Merdeka.”
    After 134 years, it is time to examine the contents of the lease and to bring them out in the open. The Republic of the Philippines — and Malaysia, cannot continue to be blind. Sabah is either the Philippines’ or it is not — only a minitious examination of facts done in absolute good faith can determine final legal and moral ownership.
    If the parties to the claim or to the counter claim refuse — and that includes major counter claimant Malaysia, to adhere to the principle of good faith, I’m afraid, the peace and order problem in Mindano will continue as the rebel forces in Mindanao are encouraged, maintained and funded by the the current occupiers of Sabah. And unless we face this extremely sensitive Sabah question head on, there is every chance that we will be encouraging Malaysia to invade Mindanao by proxy.

  • robert franklin

    there longer this idiotic stand-off carries on, JKIII is going to bear an expensive civil suit from the people of sabah that will leave him only in underpants.

  • Petwil

    Let us be realistic mga kababayan.. If  the  followers of the Sultan of Sabah did not bring arms there in Lahud Datu, to back up their claim, do you think this stand-off will be given that attention by this government and Malaysia?  Will the Philippine Government forge Peace Agreement with MNLF and the MILF if these groups who called themselves Muslim patriots have no guns to speak with? Will Japan surrender to the US during WW2 if not because of the power of the atomic bombs?  History is replete with events that employed the use of arms or force as integral part in any compromise or negotiation. Call it as an uncivilized way, but that is the truth..So carrying arms in this stand -off, branding the sultan and his followers as law violators and threatening their lives and limbs of armed assault is not the real issue here. These are just weird, unsolicited and a worst idea. This government and Malaysia should stop resorting to high handed tactics of intimidation, of evading issues and black propaganda and  instead face the real issue like true gentlemen. They have to talk and settle this long time issue and now is the right time, for the sake of present and future generations..

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