China daily warns of ‘small-scale war’ with Philippines


President Benigno Aquino III on Tuesday said his administration was raising international awareness on the territorial dispute between the Philippines and China to show the global community how Beijing was treating Manila.

One of China’s most popular newspapers has warned of a potential “small-scale war” between Beijing and Manila as a result of their standoff at Panatag Shoal, or Scarborough Shoal as the area is known internationally.

The Global Times, in an editorial published in its Chinese and English editions, said over the weekend that “China should be prepared to engage in a small-scale war at sea with the Philippines.”

“Once the war erupts, China must take resolute action to deliver a clear message to the outside world that it does not want a war, but definitely has no fear of it,” the tabloid said.

Malacañang and Philippine military officials were unfazed by the toughly worded editorial.

In a speech at Xavier School in Greenhills, San Juan City, President Benigno Aquino III on Tuesday said his administration was raising international awareness on the territorial dispute between the Philippines and China to show the global community how Beijing was treating Manila.

Same treatment

Mr. Aquino said the Philippines wanted to take the issue to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea  but China’s cooperation was needed to resolve it.

“Our weapon really here is for the world to know what we are doing,” the President said. “These nations could start thinking if this is how we are being treated—whether they are as big or as small as us—maybe there will come a time  that they will get the same treatment [from China],” he said.

He maintained it was not his intention to escalate the problem with China.

“We own the shoal,” Mr. Aquino said, referring to Panatag, which lies about 200 kilometers west of Zambales province.  “For so long a time we own it and [we are] recognized by international law, especially under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos). That’s the only thing that we’re asking.”

Asked for comment on the Chinese paper’s editorial, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesperson Raul Hernandez said that “such irresponsible comments do not merit a response from us.”

The Global Times is owned by the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece, The People’s Daily. It has a reputation for publishing nationalistic editorials that are often highly critical of foreign governments and even Chinese officials.

Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario urged Beijing to concur with Manila’s proposal to resolve the territorial disputes between the two countries in accordance with the Unclos.

‘They’re lying,’ ships still there

In Camp Aquino in Tarlac City, the head of the military’s Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom) accused China of lying when it claimed it had withdrawn most of its vessels at Panatag Shoal.

“We are telling them they’re not telling the truth,” Nolcom commander Lt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara told visiting defense reporters.

In a press briefing, Alcantara said at least seven Chinese vessels remained in the vicinity of Panatag, including two small fishing boats anchored on the lagoon and three other fishing vessels off a sandbar.

Alcantara said two Chinese maritime ships—the gunboat FLEC 310  and  the surveillance ship CMS 71—had been sighted in the Panatag waters as of 8 p.m. Monday.

Two more surveillance ships, the CMS 84 and 75,  are believed to be replenishing provisions and refueling somewhere in the Chinese mainland, he added.

Chinese statement

The presence of the ships, according to Alcantara, belied a statement from the Chinese embassy that only one Chinese surveillance ship  remained in the area, and that the two others had been recalled.

Chinese embassy spokesperson Zhang Hua said only one Chinese surveillance ship remained at Panatag for “law enforcement missions.”

“The withdrawal of the two ships proves once again China is not escalating the situation as some people said, but de-escalating the situation,” Zhang said.

On the Philippine side, a Coast Guard ship, the BRP Pampanga, and a Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources ship, the MCS 3006, are in the Panatag waters to stand guard, Alcantara  said.

Last night, the DFA said that “contrary to the Chinese embassy’s claim, two of their vessels—the maritime surveillance ships CMS 71 and FLEC 310—are still in the area, along with five Chinese fishing vessels.” The information came from the Coast Guard, it said.

War of netizens

In Manila, the science and technology department’s Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) has warned Filipino techies against defacing Chinese websites. It said trading barbs online would not help in the government’s efforts to ease tensions with China.

Philippine websites have been defaced by Chinese nationals, and vice versa, as netizens took the quarrel between both countries online.

“The recent alleged defacement of foreign websites by local hacker groups is not condoned nor encouraged by the Philippine government,” ICTO executive director Louis Casambre said. With a report from Paolo G. Montecillo

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  • Pinoy_Reich

    Sige mga Pinoy, bili lang ng bili ng China branded cheap tablets and
    PDAs. For all you know they’ve bundled it with key logger hack to steal
    your passwords used in banks and emails. Watch out… 

  • Peter

    its time to get nuclear missiles. to let this people know people know who we are… they can bully us these days but we get those nukes! probably they will think 100 times more before saying like this to government. 

  • daniel

    the philippines are the lowerst race the god have ever made, they self fish, bullshiting, has the most corruped goverment on earth, manila is the most f**Ked up capital city ever, white people are getting robbed and killed by the manila taxi drivers and women are getting raped. tell me that im wrong you F**King disgusting people!

    • Bantay Hinamo

      and you daniel are most ignorant moron in the world

      • reformist

         he is not only moron, he was a victim of rape.

    • Maci Rc

      really, daniel, I’m wondering where you get those nerve in spitting all those bad words? Why don’t you go to the leader of your country and suggest to fix this matter in a DIPLOMAT manner? or just go home and shut your big mouth.

      Where are you manners dude? Should I dig it up from the grave and shove it back to you? 
      Before out bursting all criticism and foul words, try to weigh the odds in this issues, try to look in your own dirt,, Philippines may not be a beautiful country in YOUR EYES but dont forget CHINA gets into trouble several times as well, lets not just count all of those here coz that will take several days of typing. Get it?

  • universalbeing

    China want the Spratlys merely to keep the US out of the area. They are not after our country. But the US is eyeing to dominate the Philippine nation for a second time….don’t be gullible….it’s their nature to be imperious. They helped to kick out the spanish; then they owned us for a long time.

    • Charles Obryan

      The United States has no interest in dominating the Philippines. We consider the Philippine Nation our friend and we respect them as a Nation. Our nature is to stand for freedom. If a bully like China wants to take away your rights by force, I can assure you they find themselves face to face with a well seasoned force that will stop them dead in there tracks. and nothing more. we don’t want China and we don’t want the Philippines. so let me help you with your ignorance.” We helped you kick out the Spaniards and we protected your interest for a long time”.  and we have an agreement to continue to do so. Why? because of bullies like China who don’t give a crap about you or your’e nation. So if push comes to shove. China will find themselves picking up whats left of there arrogance off the floor, and they know this. 

      • universalbeing

        All big nations are the same. So, it no thank you, because once bitten twice shy.

    • Joseph Swanson

      China wants it for its resources……which belong to the Filipinos.

      Now really what benefit does the US derive from its relationship with the Philippines?

      What is the U.S. motivation to want to dominate the Philippines?
      The Philippine market is dominated by Chinese products, not American. The Philippines does not export large quantities of any commodity to the U.S. except for OFW’s that earn a decent wage that in turn is sent in remittance to the Philippines.

      Other than we have shared values and are home to many Filipino Americans that are concerned about their homeland, there is no American quest to dominate the Philippines.

      So if you are that confident in the Chinese intentions, let your politicians know!

      I am sure that the US taxpayer would wholeheartedly agree with not spending millions and millions of dollars to provide support that is not needed or welcomed.

      Oh… and how much relief aid did you receive from the China following any of your natural disasters, and who do you expect to see landing with aid in the future?

      Answer honestly…..

      • universalbeing

        The US will turn the Philippines into another of their military bases, for what? Even the Japanese citizens don’t like it. Now, the Chekwa has said they want joint development of the shoals. I believe that may be the only way forward in the long term.

      • thomas

         china is taking all, just like tibet..

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “I am sure that the US taxpayer would wholeheartedly agree with not
        spending millions and millions of dollars to provide support that is not
        needed or welcomed.”

        That’s one comment I will fully support.

        We US taxpayers only want to help our country earn revenue any way we can. And getting involved in any war with the Philippines or China is not in our best interests.

        Just buy our military products at bargain basement prices, and we will be on our way.

    • PurpleDaisy13

      Why would are US gov want to re-dominate the Philippines again?

      When in fact, our US gov and Hillary have already negotiated profitable deals by selling our military products to the Philippines in the midst of their crisis to help boost our country’s revenue and relieve some of our economic issues?

      • universalbeing

        the US makes money when there is a crisis, and the military people start buying arms on credit, and we become indebted, while at the same time millions are hungry, and schools need to be built.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        Congratulations.  You’re smarter than the average Filipino.

        Your knowledge and wisdom surrounding the aspect of “debt” deserves recognition. Such “debt” can represent a special form of cancer than can lead to the loss of the whole sovereignty of the Philippines.

  • Guest

    wala  tayong  malakas  na  armas  upang  protektahan  ang  ating   nasasakupan  pero  pwedeng  gumawa  tayo  ng  armas  na  kayang  pumuksa  ng  bilyong  tao  sa  loob  lang  ng  isang  segundo  katulad  ng  pangarap  ng  c e r n  ng  europa  ,  ang  black  hole  madali  lang  itong  gawin  ito  ang  ginagamit  na  fuel  ng  u f o  pero  arestado  ito  kung  ito  ay  aalpasan  mo  papatay  ito  ng  lahat  ng  may  buhay  dito  sa  ating  planeta  kung  makaka  aresto  ka  ng  lalagpas  sa  49  cm  nito  pwede  na  itong  pamuksa  kahit  neuclar  walang  silbi  dito  alam  ito  ng  mga  scientist   ,,,  ang  kanilang  anti  neuclar  ay  nakabilanggo  nauutusan  lang  nila  ito  dahil  sa  paggamit  ng  liwanag,,, ang  hindi  nila  alam  ang  empty  nito  ay  puwedeng  lagyan  mo  ng  memorya  para  mapili  kung  bino  bansa  ang  hihigupin  o  idedestroy  …katulad  nuong  batang  lumilikha  ng  apoy  …  dahil  ng  lumabas  itong  malaking  sukat  ng  empty  black  hole  galing  sa  ilalim  ng  lupa  aksidenteng  napalapit  ito  sa  bata  at  itoy  mainit  ng  mainitan  yung  bata  napagsalita  siya  ng  apoy  kaya  itong  empty  black  hole  ay  kumilos  agad  para  ikiskis  ang  kaniyang  katawan  sa  isang  matigas  na  bagay  upang  lumikha  agad  ng  apoy….itong  empty  black  hole  kapag  ito  ay  galing  sa  ilalim  ng  lupa  wala  itong  memorya  hindi  ito  katulad  ng  nasa  space,,,,,  ngayon  sinong   nakakaalam  kung  paano  ito    aarestuhin  upang  gamiting  pamuksa,,,sa  palagay  ko  ay  wala  dahil  ang pang  aresto  dito  ay  talino,,,   sila  ang  may  gusto  ng  kamatayan  pinahahaba  lang nila,,,,matutupad….ang  sabi  ng  black  hole  akoy  darating  sa  inyo  na  parang  magnanakaw  …  let  me  see  the  power  of  your  science  and  technology    ,,,,  ayaw  ng  katahimikan  ,,,gagawa  tayo  ng  pamuksa,,,  na  idistribute  ko  na  ito  sa  iba     maghihintay  lang  tayo  ng  go  signal  madali  lang  itong  gawin,,,  ang  importante  makaipon  lang  ng  malaking  sukat  at  ito  ay  puwede  mo  nang  alpasan,,,  mas  masahol  pa  ito  satornado

    • Julius Carinio

      ang tanong san napupunta ang 2 billiong dolyar na pondo para sa military funds?
      sa totoo lang nakakalula ang laki ng pondo natin nabubulsa lang nila… palibhasa ang taba ng pinas ginagatasan lang nila.

  • Guest

    this  is  not  a  joke  this  is  real  all  the  scientist  in  usa  are  know  this,,,  yung  kung  bakit  natigil  ang  sasakyan  sa  gitna  ng  riles  ng  tren  pag  itoy  parating  na,,,,ito  ang  gagamiyin  nating  pamuksa  ang  diyos  …

  • Guest

    kahit  pa  sakupin  nila  ang  pilipinas  ,,,walang  makakapigil  dito  maghintay  lang  tayo  ng  tapos  ng  final  judgement  lahat  matutupad  ang  pangarap  nilang  kamatayan

  • Business Consultant

    Apprehensive! So many negative comments as if the world will end? The Chinese are just pouching sharks pin at Scarborough Shoal. Once their fishing boats are loaded, they will leave.Give that to them, they need those skins as aphrodisiac to their older men with erectile dysfunctions. 

    There is no war to happen. Philippines can not afford it and the Chinese are scared of America.
    Payabangan at exagerated reporting lang yan ng mga Filipino Naval Commanders para makakuha ng military aid from the US.  

    • Jeane

      It’s Philippines territory. If they want fish they can ask permission and they are just staying in one place. No, that’s not what they only want. Those are probably carrying scientists to analyze if there really an oil below. Filipinos are not dump.  Here what they have been saying:  that’s belonged to the China and they even fired at Filipino fishermen before few months at difference place as a warning them that they are entering in Chinese territory. That’s why there is no Filipino fisherman in that area. Common, so who’s wronged! Admit that China has no business to be there, period, because that is Philippines territory.

      • PurpleDaisy13


        re: “It’s Philippines territory.”

        China has sovereignty over the whole region of the South China Sea as
        illustrated in their “Kudan Line of South China Sea” (dashed) map since
        it was internationally declared in the 1940s.

        Philippines only ratified with the Law of the Sea in 1984 with UNCLOS.

        What basis do you have that prove the Philippines has sovereign territory over Huangyan region (Scarborough Shoals)?

      • Jeane

        Let’s hear it under the rule of law if this is the case, they think it is. China is so reluctant to face Philippines in the Court. Whatever, we can tell China is so determined to get their intention but they will not get it easily. Why? Because it is tne nature of human races to defend themself if there is invader of their land. I’m sorry I hope it will resolve this peacefully.

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re: “Why? Because it is tne nature of human races to defend themself if there is invader of their land. I’m sorry I hope it will resolve this peacefully.”

        Yes, we understand this clearly which is WHY it is important to
        determine who truly owns the region and who truly is the invader in order to settle this dispute with humbleness, honesty, and peace.

        re: “Let’s hear it under the rule of law if this is the case”

        What Rule of Law are you referring to?  The laws invented by UNCLOS?  If so, can you tell us during what YEAR did the invention of such “Rule of Law” come to materialize?

        And was this “Rule of Law” you speak of invented “Prior” or “After” the Rule of Law invented by China in the 1940s?

        Again, with such confidence you had earlier, what basis did you have that prove the Philippines has sovereign territory over Huangyan region (Scarborough Shoals)?

      • Jeane

        The location where it is located. Philippines is the ruler o the place unless those corals, and fishes live there start talking that they want China to rule over them but they are not saying anything so we have to go by hearing under the rule of law, yes UNCLOS.
        Sorry we have to go where peaceful solutions dictate the proper ownership of the those islands. Philippines have been treating Chineses people well for long long time in the Philippines. Don’t get me wrong that we don’t like Chinese. What we don’t like is their intention to get our Islands without hearing in the court of the United Nations..

        In addition… Why bringing all these historical events that happened long time ago. The bottom line is what’s your idea about it. What are you trying to prove? That Filipino should keep their mouth shut and not to say anything. Don’t make this discussion so complicated. Is those islands belong to China or not? So gather your evidences to prove it again… under the rule of law… yes UNCLOS.

        Let me give you little opinion about Spain and UNITED STATES. I love these countries and here is why? Spain introduced the real God to all Filipinos and now we’re better spiritual nation than before. Probably lots of Filipinos now in heaven because of this enlightening about God by Spain to Philippines, this is the good thing Spain brought to Philippines and that’s no amount of monies could buy. UNITED STATES re-affirmed also about Our God and economical way to survived.

      • PurpleDaisy13


        re: “The location where it is located”

        So your basis stems from the rule of “closest location”?

        I’m sorry, but that rule is not commonly followed and does not apply worldwide.

        Did you know that Midway island and Wake island is much closer to your Philippines and more than 4,000 miles away from our US nation? And yet those islands are a sovereignty of our US territories?

        Did you know that Guam is much closer to your Philippines and thousands of miles away from our US nation? And yet Guam is our US territory?

        If you are aware of this and recognize this, then I am sorry but your rule of “closest location” cannot be justified based on reality.

        Could you find another good reason to justify that Huangyan region (Scarborough Shoals) is a territory of the Philippines other than the invalid argument of being closer?

        Otherwise, the Huangyan region (Scarborough Shoal) would instantly be a territory of China because it is located right within the body of the whole South China Sea region.

        re: “we have to go by hearing under the rule of law, yes UNCLOSE”

        Did you know that the Philippines became Philippines even without the existence of a United Nations and the existence of UNCLOS? 

        If your answer is YES, then do you now understand that anything that is claimed before the existence of the United Nations or UNCLOS can be valid and applicable in how territories are declared by nations in this world has historical records prove?

        Otherwise, Spain’s invasion of several austronesian islands and declaring them a territory of Spain under the name Philippines would have been illegal. And for being illegal, the Philippines could not have been sold to our US gov for $20 million dollars because the United Nations and UNCLOS never even existed yet.

        re: “What we don’t like is their intention to get our Islands without hearing in the court of the United Nations..”

        Do you realize, that you CANNOT claim the islands as YOURS if you subscribe to hearings under the United Nations because a court judgement through the UN has not ruled that the Huangyan region (Scarborough Shoals) has been awarded to the Philippines and is officially YOURS?

        That would be pre-judging a trial that hasn’t even materialized and most likely will never take place. So you CANNOT call the Philippines YOURs until the UN says it’s yours because you subscribe to the UN rules.

      • Jeane

        Honestly, there is no way Philippines can win against China. Philippines don’t want war. If China think it is their. islands then prove it to the world that it is your. Please don’t ever use your strength just because we are no match to you. If nobody help us with this issue I’m sure that eventually Our God Will. So let’s solve it peacefully.

        Again… In 1940 Japan was still the ruler of the Philippines. Majority of the Filipinos were not awared of the situation that this map had been created unjustly. Filipino had no voiced to voice out during the WWII. Filipino at that times were just under begging to survive. We really had no choice but to agree what the big countries wanted at that times. Thanks God America won the WWII And now, it’s the different story, thanks to the UNITED STATES and UNITED NATIONS we have created the true justice for good human civilization in this globe; let’s use it as a civilized people. I like to noticed that Japan is now different country and they are peace loving people now and how nice it is that they are friend of the Philippines now.

        Let’s not bring out the history of Guam and Wake Island or any other island because it is not relevant. If any countries has a problem with Guam and Wake Island let them speak for themselves otherwise they are happy people LIVING under the jurisdiction of U.S.A. I am sorry that I am not in the authority to say anything about these islands… yes i did so just from my own understanding or opinion for us to visualize a little thing about it.

      • PurpleDaisy13


        re: “islands then prove it to the world that it is your.”

        And who do you believe is the World? UNCLOS, ITLOS? If they are the world, then how is it possible that China could decline the Philippine’s invitation to settle this in ITLOS WITHOUT any consequences or penalties?

        Everyone knows in a real functional justice system, a defendant can be subpoenaed to be forced to appear in court or face heavy fines and penalties. Does this demonstrate UNCLOS and ITLOS is the World?  No.

        Does UNCLOS and ITLOS have some form of law enforcement that functions as the WORLD POLICE? No.

        Does UNCLOS and ITLOS have some form of detention centers that functions as the WORLD PRISONS for countries that violate their laws? No.

        Then who is the World? Nobody. Because until the ENTIRE world agrees on the formation of a WORLD POLICE and WORLD PRISONS, there is NO such thing as a World Supreme Court. They all pretend to be…and you don’t realize they are nothing but a bunch of countries that make proposals and guidelines without any basis.

        Can you explain how UNCLOS decided to propose a 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone (EZZ) since the world common distance prior was only just 6 miles to 12 miles? Why wasn’t the proposal increase to just 24 (2x the common standard), or 100 nautical miles? Why 200 all of a sudden? A figure 16 times larger than the standard right out of the blues.

        The reason why is this. Their proposals are all fabricated, made-up, and have no basis. They are irresponsible proposals that promote wars and conflicts in the seas that drive private and personal agendas. That is why China does not perceive UNCLOS, ITLOS as the WORLD authority the way you think they are.

        re: “In 1940 Japan was still the ruler of the Philippines.

        Well it seems you’ve pretty much summed it up here Jeane. The reason as to why Philippines could not declare international sovereignty of the islands and reefs:

        * In 1940 Japans was still the ruler of the Philippines.
        * Filipino had no voiced to voice out during the WWII.
        * Filipino at that times were just under begging to survive.
        * Although, Majority of the Filipinos were not aware of the situation that this map had been created unjustly, the few Filipino leaders that were aware of the map did not object for 30 years.

        Basically, you’ve admitted to all the reasons as to why the Philippines could not declare international sovereignty of the islands and reefs ahead of China due to all of these challenges.

        It’s no different than telling your employer that you are not really late, because the bus arrived 1 hour late and caused you to be tardy for work.

        Your employer doesn’t care about your excuse, they only care about the facts. And that goes the same for any Justice system, they don’t care about your excuses, they only care about the facts.

        So if you really want peace and NOT war, then don’t steal the islands and reefs that belong to China so that China doesn’t have to go to war with you and the people of the Philippines do not have to suffer or die unnecessarily over lies.

        Let us read what God teaches you written in Leviticus 19:11:

        “You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another.”

        Follow these spiritual laws firmly with respect to this dispute and you shall inherit God’s promises.

  • really now

    China should not be so worried about a US intervention as they should, instead, worry about the whole of Latin America, including Brazil, coming to the Philippines aid if they are attacked… I’m Mexican, and we know that “Filipinos” are our brothers from another mother, and we will spill our blood in their defense.

    • PurpleDaisy13

      re: “I’m Mexican, and we know that “Filipinos” are our brothers from another mother, and we will spill our blood in their defense.”

      Mexicans and Filipinos are not brothers from another mother.  Mexicans and Filipinos were both invaded and conquered by another mother f***, Spain.  But unlike “Philippines” and “Filipino”, Mexico and Mexicans can truly be proud to have a name not derived from a King’s name from Spain.

      Latin America has NEVER intervened in any military conflict for any Asian country in the history of the world.  Mexico has an even weaker Military than the Philippines. Why would a country with a weaker military travel half around the world to join a war they would surely lose to and would gain no benefit whatsoever from?

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