Philippines seeks peace with China anew


Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario

Instead of lashing out at the Global Times of China for calling for economic sanctions against the Philippines, Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario has urged Beijing anew to fully concur with Manila’s stated position on the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) issue.

And that is, to resolve the Spratlys dispute peacefully in accordance with international law, particularly the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea or Unclos.

Contacted in Iraq where he is on an official visit, Del Rosario said on Sunday the government was “certain China will fully concur with our stated position” on the issue.

“Our relations with China as we have said should be governed by mutual respect, equality and observance of each other’s sovereignty,” the foreign secretary told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Raul Hernandez, the DFA spokesperson, would not comment.

“Let Secretary Del Rosario’s comment stand on its own,” he said.

A recent editorial in the Global Times, which is published by the Communist Party of China’s mouthpiece, the People’s Daily, said China should impose sanctions on the Philippines for offering to allow more United States troops on its soil.

It also said that Beijing “must respond” to the move by using its “leverage to cut economic activities” between the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

China should also consider “cooling down” business links with Manila, asserted the editorial published in the Chinese and English versions of the newspaper.

“It should show China’s neighboring areas that balancing China by siding with the US is not a good choice. Well-measured sanctions against the Philippines will make it ponder the choice of losing a friend such as China and being a vain partner of the US,” it also said in the editorial that appeared during the north Asian country’s week-long Lunar New Year holiday.

Aggressive acts

The Philippines and China, as well as Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan, have staked rival claims to parts of the West Philippine Sea, home to some of the world’s most important shipping lanes and believed to hold vast deposits of fossil fuels.

Manila and Hanoi recently complained of allegedly increasing aggressive acts by China in the disputed waters.

The alleged acts included a Chinese naval ship firing warning shots at Filipino fishermen, fueling fears among nations in the region about China as its military, political and economic strength grows.

Sound of cannons

Washington has planned to increase its military presence in the Asia Pacific in a strategic shift that has angered Beijing.

In October, Del Rosario dismissed as “grossly irresponsible” a Global Times warning that nations involved in territorial disputes in the South China Sea should “mentally prepare for the sound of cannons,” if they remained at loggerheads with China.

Del Rosario had also pointed out that the statement was “in contrast to the Philippine position which seeks an Unclos-based solution to the West Philippine Sea issue.”

In that strongly worded editorial published in its Chinese and English editions, the Global Times accused the Philippines and Vietnam of taking advantage of China’s “mild diplomatic stance” to push their own agenda.

“If these countries don’t change their ways with China, they will need to mentally prepare for the sound of cannons. We need to be ready for that, as it may be the only way for the disputes in the seas to be resolved,” the paper had said, adding that “if the situation turns ugly, some military action (by China) is necessary.”

Earlier, in a text message, Del Rosario had said that “as close friends with incredible people-to-people ties, China and the Philippines are endeavoring to manage whatever challenges there are in a constructive manner on the basis of equality, respect and understanding.”

“For the record, we do place great value in our relations with China,” he had also said.

The Philippines, he had noted, is “working with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to have the elements of our actionable framework towards segregating the disputed from the undisputed areas to be included in the drafting of the Code of Conduct (among Spratlys claimant-countries). We are also exploring how best to pursue a dispute settlement mechanism among the options offered under Unclos for the purpose of validating our claim.”

In yet another text message, Del Rosario had pointed out that Manila and Beijing “have had a longstanding friendship.”

“However, even true friends encounter challenges, which serve to test their relationship.”

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  • Anonymous

    For others who are still hoping for Philippines to develop its defense capabilities against China..isn’t it a case of “a little too late”??? After Marcos’s illegal ouster 20 some years ago due in large part by his generals leaving him and flipflopping sides to the communist yellow army, our country went into self-destruct mode. These generals whose sole job is to ensure the sovereignity and protection of our people instead, became blinded by power, were elected as senators and one even became president, wth?! Regardless of how many shoes Imelda has or how many political prisoners were imprisoned during his time..our country was untouchable. We have a decent military (with some plans of building missiles for our own defense), makoy was on the stage of preserving the spratlys because he knows we haven’t got the technology yet to harness it for us to be self sufficient and not depend on foreign oil..He has a vision – His generals do not..and all the presidents that came after him. For now we’ll just have to kiss other country’s a$$*$ for support and hope that China and Russia will not join forces on this issue. ( heard a  russian vessel docked on of our ports doing a “survey” ) tsk tsk…..

    • Anonymous

      Before pledging to kiss any other country’s a$$, what do you fear if China and Russia really are joint forces?

  • Anonymous

    Due to china’s stance together with Russia against the USA on the Iran and Syria issues, China is now considered an enemy. The US call for a joint US-Philippines Military exercise is saber rattling against China. Of course, China reacts by calling an economic sanctions against the Philippines. Foreign Secretary del Rosario’s reaction by seeking peace with China is uncalled for.  China – Philippine economic relationship has been moving smoothly until this US-Philippines saber rattling. del Rosario should re-direct his reaction to the US call for a military exercise.

    • Anonymous

      It’s good to see you are up to date with current world political conflicts unlike Andy. Russia is already in Philippine territory with two ships at bay and one ship docked in Cebu.

      It is reported that Russia’s last visit to the Philippines was over 90 years. If Russia is in the Philippines to make a personal visit to become allies, then a Phillippines-Russia-China-Iran- partnership may be established if the Philippines accept.  The tables would turn and US-Israel will be infuriated with the Philippines.

      But if the Philippines decides to declare loyalty with US allowing foreign military weapons and soldiers to build-up, then the Philippines may become the next Pearl Harbor and playground against nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles from 2 next door neighbors being superpowers.

      However, if Philippines remain neutral and do not entertain loyalty to any foreign country, the people of the Philippines may have a better chance at life and raising to educate their children for a future.

  • Anonymous

    Tama ka Ben and Cyber Pinoy.
    Lightsource is very paligoy-ligoy eh ang topic is just one

    CHINA’s interest is simply to take back the cow’s tongue (9-DASH LINE).
    Get the oil and the fisheries/marine resources.China simply and straightly declared that it will not invade any countries. There will be peace negotiation country to country for each claimant but the 9-dash line remain strong and firm. (No UNCLOS because China’s historical rights of COW’S TONGUE existed almost a thousand years before UNCLOS)

    PHILIPPINES’ interest is simply to take and guard portion of the South Chine Sea under the 200-Nautuical-MILE EEZ mentioned in UNCLOS. Kapag walang bantay, as proven already, China will take the islands, reefs, atolls not only within the Spratly but to all 200-nautical miles of the Philippines west coast, including the Scarborough Shoal. There will be negotiation if the talk is within the UNCLOS. (No historical rights discussions because it is an arsehole thinking and reasoning)

    US Interests, is to remain dominant in the pacific ocean, freedom of navigation from Singapore to Pacific countries via south China Sea and and to have readily available force to support Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Pres. Bush (father and son) and so with Ronald Reagan openly announced that the US will depend Taiwan if China use military force.

  • Ben

     Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we TRANCEND it. Once we truly know that life is difficult–once we truly understand and accept it–then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.

     Don`t let life discourage you; everyone who got where they are had to begin where they were.

    In short, do not be shy or afraid to ask for help that is the beginning of strength .

    If we let things terrify us, life will not be worth

    • Anonymous


      Be careful with this comment, delpillar may complain and say,
      “Ben is very paligoy-ligoy eh ang topic is just one”

      But I’d have to agree with you on what you stated:

      “If we let things terrify us, life will not be worth living.”

      And it correlates well to what I’ve been encouraging all along. Meaning if you don’t panic, don’t cry for help from other foreign military, and don’t overreact in terror over China, perhaps not only will life be worth living, but you will continue to have a life to live.

      • Ben

        the same thing goes in my own head…don1t let the US increased presence in the Philippines terrify you, but accept it with caution and wisdom not fear…..for fear can cloud your thinking….which by the way already clouded with so much clutters irrelevant to the topic.

  • Ben

    A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Pessimism is a state of mind in which one perceives life negatively.
    A pessimist keep things unruffled. A pessimist can die a thousand times, the brave die but once.

    • Anonymous


      So you must be an Optimist. One who sees opportunity in every difficulty.

      Let’s try looking for something difficult. Say..Manny Pacquiao. Based on Manny’s winning record streak, it’s fair to say that it is “difficult” for Manny to lose a boxing match, yes?

      So had you applied your “opportunity” to bet $10,000 on Manny losing to Marquez on his last boxing match, you would have been 10,000 dollars less wealthier.

      Wow, that’s a logical and brilliant way of thinking to become successful.

      • Mike

        You really think highly of yourself. What you said can really rot somebodies brain. The way you double talk, it seems to me as if you’re a lawyer trying anything he can to win a case. In this case, you want to win an argument. Do you really think China is a friend of the Philippines? You talk about the fear of America taking over? Let’s look at your friend China. You got the the richest man in the Philippines that is Chinese. If he were a white guy, you’d be furious. And then there’s San Miguel beer. Supposedly the best beer in Asia. Created by who? A man with Chinese descent. Also related to the President. Today, the Chinese are strongly opposed to their kids dating Filipinos. I know this because my best friend is a Chinese Filipino. China only wants to take over this country, as they are now. They have never saved you from a country. They conquer through opportunity under disguise as a good friend selling you faulty equipment, introducing gambling and superstition. Then they squeeze even more Filipinos into the street begging for money. Look how many Filipinos are accepted into the U.S. There’s even a large Chinese population there. Now how many Filipinos are accepted in China? 4 million Filipinos were estimated to be in the U.S. as of 2007. Sure it’s higher now. And about 169,000 Filipinos in Hong Kong. How many Chinese are here in the Philippines? Over a million.

      • Anonymous


        I’m sorry, did I make a statement somewhere that suggest, I’m
        intellectually superior over someone? Such as, “You really think you
        made an intelligent thought when you responded to my comment”. If so,
        please point it out so that I may remove it and get off my high horse.

        Mike, what do you take me for? Someone who eats dogs, cats, placenta and
        whatever else that’s not normal because I believe it makes me look
        younger and better in bed?

        How in the world does anyone expect to have an objective debate or
        discussion with you when you’re completely biased, and racially
        motivated against Chinese asians?

        In an article comparing China and US, you seem to enjoy thinking highly of yourself with a comment you wrote in the following:

        “How about Chinese Slaughterhouses? At least most Americans have enough
        respect for animals than the Chinese. In China, they are all about
        delicacies. Eat dogs, cats, placenta and whatever else that’s not normal
        because they believe it makes you look younger and better in bed.”

        You’ve actually taken the major effort and preparation for a list of negative remarks against Asians. And so you extract and exploit as much dirty laundry you can from your Chinese Filipino friend you claim as a “best” friend so that you can betray and back-stab his family roots for the sake of ridiculing China to the maximum capacity for your pleasure and desire?

        But to answer you question…No, China is not a “true” friend of the
        Philippines because all friendships are only bound by a temporary
        give-and-take relationship; And that includes US. However, it is still
        critical to learn how to respect and understand others.

        Mike, you’re finished. Try a different forum where your twisted mentality towards Asians are welcome and accepted.

        Sigurado ganun din ang masamang tingin mo sa bawat tao ng pilipinas.
        Wala kang alam sa sobrang hirap ng buhay sa atin dahil lumaki ka sa
        yaman at akala mo pag marunong mag englis ang pilipino ay wala kang
        tiwala na pinanganak siya sa pilipinas dahil puro bobo ang tingin mo sa
        bawat pilipino. At kung meyron kang kaibigan na ginagamit mo para lang
        maintindihan mo ito, tanggapin mo din na hindi englis at espanyol ang
        usong salita sa buong mundo – sa mundo mo ng states lang iyan. Ayan ang
        tunay ng laman sa isip ng mga kakulay ng asin kapag walang respeto sa
        bansa ng pinas.

      • Mike

        Wow, what an amazing attempt to discredit me. Look at past comments. You really are interested in me, huh? As you saw in my comments that you have posted here, I was talking about things that happen in China. Never once did I speak against the diverse Asian population in general. If I did not respect the Philippines, I wouldn’t be living here helping Filipino’s everyday. I know the hardships, I see it as I look downstairs right now. The people I surround myself with are from all different social classes. You have misplaced hate for whatever reasons. Sad thing is, you are a Filipino, but have no clue of the real struggles of the ones on the street go through daily. Everything you know comes from the news and not life experience.

        Hollywood is what Filipinos believe is the real America? If so, it was never advertised that way. Especially when many films are made outside of the U.S. What about the entertainment here? T.V. shows that have never grown up with the times. Lack of plot in movies, which usually have the same type of characters. A crazy woman, gay man, couple in love with a sticky situation all in a glamorous setting. And I’ve been on site of a new show coming out soon, if not now starring Deether Ocampo and Gretchen Barreto in a church in Intramuros. And guess what, same kind of storyline as many shows already out. And then it’s pushed by media, because they own the channel the show comes on. When I watch television here, it’s like a blast from the past. The only good films I’ve seen here were movies that were made from outside of the big media outlets. True directors that are known internationally, but rarely heard about here. Why is that? It’s because the goal is to keep people’s mind away from real issues. Where are the movies about problems here? There are some, but they are not famous here. BUT…..It is up to the person to watch whatever they want to watch. If you like it, great. I’m only throwing in my opinion on this one.

        Nobody came here and said Americans are better than you. But I did say that they do want to help this country. If there was an attack on the Philippines, America would be the first to respond. For me, there is an attack on the Philippines going on right now by your government. Anyway, I can’t believe i’m talking to a misguided man seething with hatred toward a country who has helped you in the past and present, while China introduced to you superstition to add to your religion. And who knows, if you hand your country over to them, they will give you communism in return. 

        Nice try with the Filipino Pride card. Speak in a language you think I don’t understand and imply that I am a racist. Well, if I am truly a racist, it makes me pretty hypocritical by helping Filipinos. What have you done to improve the situation of the Philippines? Or do you just care about yourself? I’m pretty sure we all know the answer here.

      • Anonymous

        Wow Mike, pretty pathetic…you really have no shame, no honor, and a lot of deformed dendrites.

        What made you decide to risk the complete erosion of your reputation with a desperate comeback to regain your innocence? Is it your “high and mighty” attitude and mentality that breeds and propagates like a drug-resistant virus so that others who share your characteristics can exercise the same power identical to delpillar’s recent hilarious post?

        But if you insist Mike, let us watch the world around you crumble as we tear down your defenses to shreds bringing you to take a moment to pause, scratching your sweaty scalp, and finally doing the right and smart thing to do: Step Down.

        Here, you wrote the following:

        “Never once did I speak against the diverse Asian population in general.”

        Now, let us re-expose the thoughts you had expressed from a previous article:

        “How about Chinese Slaughterhouses? At least most Americans have enough respect for animals than the Chinese. In China, they are all about delicacies. Eat dogs, cats, placenta and whatever else that’s not normal because they believe it makes you look younger and better in bed.”

        You tell us you live in the Philippines, but take a closer look around you. Do you notice and realize that you’re the only one who doesn’t have slanted eyes? Do you deny that some of them are Chinese and that no one around you have any ties to Chinese roots? Wake up “joe”. Whether in whole or in part, Chinese heritage is a part of the diverse Asian population of the Philippines that you happen to be speaking of.

        What were you thinking joe? You really thought you could cleverly use a derogatory remark and conveniently isolate it only for the Chinese? When in fact, you and I know, as well as millions of Filipinos living outside of the Philippines are well aware and disgustedly familiar with society using the same demeaning and discriminatory remarks against Filipinos for being “dog-eaters”.

        Do you really think Filipino children in world society will be proud to admit being Filipino when people like you only conspire to make it more difficult? I’m sorry Mike, I’ve just realized that this question no longer applies to you because that’s just exactly your whole idea and you would prefer it that way.

        Here’s a reminder of what you wrote earlier in an attempt to badger me about my pride:

        “Question is, why do Filipinos accept it?  Proud to be Filipino, huh? Ask the people begging on the street if they are happy at all.”

        You see Mike, you haven’t changed. Other than being more manipulative and cunning while you put yourself in a protective bubble. Then conspire theories so you can watch patiently for everyone around you to fight and hurt each other amongst themselves until one man is left standing beyond exhaustion.

        Needless to say, you’ve failed to convince us of being innocent of discrimination.

        Okay, so now that all the Filipino readers here have witnessed your lack of respect towards Filipinos, let’s move right along. Here’s your next statement in your defense:

        “If I did not respect the Philippines, I wouldn’t be living here helping Filipino’s everyday”

        So now you would like to imply to us that the American dream you wanted to live since childhood was to live in the Philippines to help Filipinos everyday?

        And that settling in the suburbs of a peaceful community in a 3-story, 3-car garage, 5-bedroom property on a fresh green sod of grass surrounded by a white picket fence in America was not good enough?

        I’m sorry Mike, you’ve got too many holes in your excuse sir. And if you want us to believe that you know poverty and live through it every day, then you ought to have the same rash of holes in your underwear to prove it.

        Let’s be honest Mike. Whether you’ve decided to live in the Philippines because your 401k or Retirement funds are insufficient enough to sustain and pay for your retirement home, or that being confined with other old folks in wheelchairs and walking sticks in a Convalescent Home is a nightmare, or that you’ve had enough of paying Alimony for a Divorce Settlement from your ex-American wife, or that you recognize the Standard of Living in the Philippines is far more manageable and affordable in the long run, or that you fell in love with a Loyal, Subservient, and Beautiful Filipina, or even All of the Above…’s all good.

        However, attempting to persuade us to believe your primary intent for being in the Philippines is to help Filipinos everyday as your leverage to convince us of your token and respect for the Filipino is a Careless and Unthoughtful Insult.

        So as you and all of the Filipino readers here can clearly testify, it is apparent that you have an exceptional ability with a craft in the Art of Deception.

        Okay, now finally..let us examine your admittance of your sharing your struggles with the poor Filipinos by being in the center of poverty in the Philippines. Here, you tell us the following:

        “I know the hardships, I see it as I look downstairs right now. The people I surround myself with are from all different social classes. You have misplaced hate for whatever reasons. Sad thing is, you are a Filipino, but have no clue of the real struggles of the ones on the street go through daily. Everything you know comes from the news and not life experience.”

        Mike. How did you manage to achieve to be on a second or third floor “looking down on people” high above your castle? Do you realize that the poor can only dream of living in a home that has more than one floor?

        Let’s examine the minimum cost of constructing a 2-story home in the Philippines. With the cost of a single bag of cement for P168, and steel 20-ft rebar for P103 from your local PI hardware store, the most basic one-story 12 ft x 9 ft hollow-block house can be built for a minimum of $2,000 (P 84k).  For the sake of simplicity, the cost could be doubled to $4,000 for a 2-story home.

        If an average college-graduate potentially earns around $100 – $150 a month, a person in poverty may only earn up to $15 to $0 a month. It could take a person in poverty over 33 years or never to be able to achieve the success and match the height you are gawking them down from. So in essence, you are Clearly Nowhere near the True hardships and struggles the poor are experiencing.

        You personally think by just being in the Philippines surrounded by Asians grants you the license to define poverty and reflect a perception upon other Filipinos that you live and share the common struggles and hardships of the poor Filipinos. And most importantly, you’ve now awarded yourself with the right and reservation to declare and criticize Filipinos outside of the Philippines to be clueless.

        Unfortunately, due to your careless self-promoted, unworthy recognition, you shall be stripped away from such authority to criticize against Filipinos. Until you have decided to the following…

        a) sell all your possessions and relocate to your nearest local squatter community,

        b) where your single story box-home shall serves as a 4-in-1 (kitchen, bedroom, living room, closet) multifunctional living space,

        c) in which the surrounding walls of your unit must be randomly patched with plexiboard in various forms of shades, hard water stains, and sizes, or hollow blocks with cracks, signs of mold, and discoloration.

        d) The ceiling must be made of corrugated steel sheets with random spots of rust penetration and multiple grain-sized holes that invite wind drafts and rain water leaks.

        e) Refrigerators, air-conditioners, microwave ovens, along with other electrical appliances that exceed 80 watts must not reside in any part of the room,

        f) The comfort room shall serve as both a shower stall and toilet. However, the toilet must not include a toilet-seat, a water tank with flushing handle while the shower drain shall not have strain covers to allow wandering earthworms to wiggle their way inside and congregate across the floor.

        g) The air-quality of sewage waste should be present in the comfort room and throughout the walking paths around your neighborhood.

        So rather than talking-the-talk and empathizing with the hardships of the “poor”, why don’t you walk-your-talk and come down from your high towers where you are not protected from the flight-level limitations of mosquitoes and down to the real level of poverty.

        I deeply apologize Mike. But unless you can commit and dedicate yourself and your family to these conditions described, your permit to criticize Filipinos shall be suspended indefinitely.

        Kaya huwag ka na bumalik dito…ano ba ang hindi mo nakukuha sa ibig sabihin ng “Step Off”? Isarado mo na lang ang profile mo para hindi ka na mapahiya ng husto dito sa harapan ng mga Pilipino dahil basura-status na nga ang profile mo ngyaon sir.

        Ang is pa, don’t make the mistake of repeatedly mentioning the style of communication a person employs whether it be an attorney or a politician. You’re only liable to give the impression among Filipinos your jealousy and lack of faith for Filipinos to have such capability and intelligence as it threatens your own self-esteem and your deep superiority over Filipinos, or the pronoun you secretly reserve for all Asians: “dog-eaters”.

        How does that one song go by Ray Charles again? One sec, let me pump up the volume…


        (singing and dancing)


        “Hit the road jack, and don’t you come back no moree…no moreee…” (repeat Chorus)

      • Ben

        haha I know you already, you are just a sad man trying to find someone to talk to or let me put this someone to debate anything under the sun even if the topic is already is an irrelevant just to make sure you are still lighting up the source…….I consider you now a nuisance rather than an intelligent person to have a healthy debate in only one topic under the heading ” Philippines seeks peace with China anew”.

        I am getting overwhelmed by how much extraneous you are writing, but containing anything under the sun mostly irrelevant reason…I`m not impressed with your litany of pessimistic attitude trying to justify your own world…good luck and may the force in your head be resolved.

      • Anonymous


        Hindi ka lang sanay sumakay sa usapan kaya puro irrelevant lang ang depensya mo.  Kaya mo iyan Ben, blogger ka pa. Sana hindi mo pinapakita sa mga kakulay papel kung saan ka mahina.

        Parehas lang sila sa tsekwa – mayabang, maliit at napakababa ang tingin nila sa mga pilipino. Basahan mo lang mabuti ang usapan namin at dyan mo lang mapapansin agad na hindi ito biro.

        Mabait sa harapan, galanti pa pagdating sa pera at sa salita, pero pagtalikod na, nadidiri sa kulay, sa itsura, at lalo na kung may konting talino ka pa.

        Wala silang pakialam kung tsekwa, pilipino, koreano, japon, o tagabietnam ka , basta instik ang mata, eh di aso din ang kinakain.

        Akala mo..kilala mo ako? Iyan lang talaga ang inaantay ko…ang yabang na bobo, ligaw pa at hindi marunong at walang malay sa sulat ko sayo. Salamat po!

      • Ben

        No time now for your crap, tarabaho muna ako…do you have better things to do? Magaling ka lang mag advice and comment pero, tingnan mo muna ang sarili mo, ok? I`m successful in my own hard work and I`m commenting based on what I learned as strategically advantageous sa Philippines..and not sa mother country mong China.

      • Anonymous

        Kawawa talaga ang pinas.  Pati si Ben iba na ang tingin ng sarili nya sa haparan ng salamin…namumuti na ng todo.  tsk tsk.

      • Ben

        Such drama! sigh** sige na nga you win you already inundated me with with so much irrelevant explanations mo eh, you passed already as the expert..

        Buti naman konti na lang ang mga sinusulat mo. If I were you I’ll just summarize it and make bullet points kaka overwhelming eh unrelated pa ba sa topic.

      • Anonymous

        mas drmatik k p nga knina…akala ko muntk k n mgppakmtay dhil sa hrap ng bhay.

        cge lang…pgod na nga ako d2 at sana di bumalk at gumnti ang kkulay-kokaine d2 pra lang sirain nya ang asia. mngulo at magpatyn n lang sila sa midl east..hwg s atin. peace lang ang nais ko habng lumlkas p tyo pra di n tnatkot at pngttwann tyo ng mga myybng ng ibng bansa.

      • Ben

        Lol, o sige peace na tayo, next time na lang uli at suko na ko sa yo hehe….and hirap sabihin pero I apologize na rin sa yo, I don`t want to extinguish your zealousnes based on your belief we all have freedom of expressions and belief and I should be a little bit more patient sa iyo….I just have a different belief and even wrote letters sa senator and congressman ko urging them to help the Philippines…tapos makakrinig ako ng katulad mo na ayaw…it`s irritating…pero peace na tayo….and I`m ending my comment here. 

      • Ben

        Why don`t you just summarize and create bullet points dun sa mga importante para di mapagod mata ko kakabasa ng sulat mo at hirap mag reply sa mga taong katulad kong may trabaho eh, I have better thing to do than fall trap with your hook statements. Have you tried toalking to your congressman and senator and channel your excess energy..obviously marami kang oras pero I can`t imagine how productive ka sa trabaho. .o bak si ka roger ka or another commies trying to make damage control sa opinion ng mundo against sa creeping invasion nyo?  Related to sa topic ha lol. o sige na you passed all the theories pero in application medyo medyo siguro.

  • Mike

    February 2, 2012
    MANILA, Philippines –  The Philippine military said it killed three most-wanted leaders of the Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah at dawn Thursday in one of the most significant successes against militants on their southern island stronghold.
    Those killed included Abu Sayyaf leader Umbra Jumdail, a Filipino, Malaysian Zulkifli bin Hir, also known as Marwan, and Singaporean Abdullah Ali, who uses the guerrilla name Muawiyah, said military spokesman Col. Marcelo Burgos.
    Marwan is considered a top leader of the regional terrorist network Jemaah Islamiyah. Marwan carried a $5 million reward for his killing or capture and Muawiyah $50,000, both put up by the U.S. government.
    Burgos said the military carried out the attack early Thursday morning in Parang town on Jolo Island, the stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf and their allies from the Indonesian-based terrorist network Jemaah Islamiyah.
    The Abu Sayyaf is behind numerous ransom kidnappings, bomb attacks and beheadings that have terrorized the Philippines for more than two decades.
    U.S.-backed Philippine offensives have been credited for the capture and killing of hundreds of Abu Sayyaf fighters and most top leaders since the 1990s. Jumdail, also known as Dr. Abu, had eluded troops in numerous offensives and emerged as a key figure in the radical movement.

    The. Filipino militants gave refuge to Jemaah Islamiyah operatives in Jolo and Basilan, the most senior among them Muawiyah and Marwan, who escaped authorities in their own countries.

  • Ben

    Magtrabaho ka na pala at yung mga anak mo wala ng pang baon puro ka na lang kasi sumusulant ng telenovela eh napakahaba..

  • Anonymous

    Intermission Muna he-he-he

    This is based on an actual radio conversation between a U.S. Navyaircraft carrier (U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln) and Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October, 1995.

    (The radioconversation was released by the Chief of Naval Operations on10/10/95 authorized by the Freedom of Information Act.)

    Canadians:  Please divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid collision.

    Americans:  Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.

    Canadians:  Negative.  You will have to divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

    Americans:  This is the Captain of a US Navy ship.  I say again, divert YOUR course.

    Canadians:  No, I say again, you divert YOUR course.


    Canadians:  This is a lighthouse.  Your call.

    • Anonymous

      mas mabuti kpla magbiro

  • Anonymous

    Under international law, no country currently owns the North Pole or the region of the Arctic Ocean surrounding it. The five surrounding Arctic states, Russia, the United States, Canada, Norway and Denmark (via Greenland), are limited to an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of 200 nautical miles adjacent to their coasts The same delineation applies in the Gulf of Mexico where the U.S. amd Mexico are limited to an {EEZ} of 200 nautical miles.Who is China to disregard this old established ageements?

    Under the law of the sea, an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is a seazone over which a state has special rights over the exploration and use of marine resources, including production of energy from water and wind[1]. It stretches from the seaward edge of the state’s territorial sea out to 200 nautical miles from its coast. In casual usage, the term may include the territorial sea and even the continental shelf beyond the 200-mile limit.

    • Anonymous


      Here’s something interesting:

      In 1933, France asserted its claims from 1887 to the Spratly and Paracel Islands on behalf of its then-colony Vietnam. It occupied a number of the Spratly Islands, including Itu Aba, built weather stations on two, and administered them as part of French Indochina.
      This occupation was “protested” by the Republic of China government
      because France admitted finding “Chinese” fishermen there when French
      warships visited the nine islands. In 1935, the Republic of China government also announced a Sovereignty Claim on the Spratly Islands.

      The Exclusive Economic Zone (EZZ) which is based on United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) was established in 1973.  This is 38 years long after China’s far much older claim of the Spratly Islands since 1935.

      Who is China to disregard the EZZ?  Perhaps the “real” and “legal” owners of the Spratly Islands IF the Philippine government fails to prove any international and verifiable declarations for the ownership of the Spratly Islands EARLIER than 1935.

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