Philippines seeks 12 F-16 fighter jets from US


MANILA, Philippines—An official says the Philippines will seek a squadron of F-16 fighter jets and a third coast guard ship from longtime ally Washington amid simmering territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said Wednesday that he and the defense chief will meet their US counterparts in Washington next year to discuss the requests.

Del Rosario said the requests for 12 F-16 fighter jets and a third coast guard cutter have already been relayed to American officials and their initial response was encouraging.

Washington has provided a coast guard cutter and agreed to send another one to the Philippines, which is locked in territorial disputes with China and four other governments.

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  • Anonymous

    We will be like North Korea.  Mighty military power with poorest and hungry population.  Oh well, this is what dictators like.



    • Anonymous

      I would rather have a dictator pres who thinks only the welfare of its citizenry rather than a pres who empty the coffers of my country.

  • Anonymous

    Finally, F-16, can we bomb all the communist pigs in our country now, please (sarcasm), LOL

    And you can start by dropping bombs on the home of communist pigs in this forum (whatever you called this site) by acquiring their IP addresses.


  • Anonymous

    Well, unlike others in the forum let me say that only Pnoy would make such a stupid move and buy  high tech weapons like F-16 fighters from the US while the population is sinking deeper into poverty. Big toys for the big boys. Most likely they will be second hand jets that may require frequent maintenance and lots of TLC just to keep them flying.  My prediction is that within a couple of years most of them will end up at the end of a runway with flat tires, missing parts, etc. The few that will be usable will probably fall out of the sky due to poor maintenance and lack of spare parts. Out of stock, no budget. I don’t think Pnoy has any idea how expensive it is to run a small squadron of 12 F-16 fighters. Is PH ready for that when they should put more money into building their infrastructure and invest more in education.  Stay tuned.

  • Ben

    The Philippines can enter a lease to own agreement if short of funds, rather than shelling out money at once when budget is low.
    The Philippines must do it share….starting with the
    legislative….strengthen science and mathematics in the curriculum of our next
    generation, support and fund research and development in our country, give pioneer status and tax holidays for any tech firms who bring in their technology
    as well as research in the Philippines so know how will spill over to our countrymen and influence the
    direction of our national growth…relying on science for industrialization, will catapult us as another emerging economic powerhouse….Science needs inspiration,
    this is the time to rise above intolerance and feeling of abused by our
    neighboring giant.or by own politicans…let`s channel our patriotic energy into a more worthwhile
    goal of improving our science capability so we can make our own home grown
    armaments and defenses…whether it maybe for a territorial defense, a natural or man made calamity defenses, or just to conquer our own idiosyncracies……let us use our imagination to create ways or invent things for our country,
    make our lives easier and conquer our environment from Climate change
    destructions that are creating havoc in our society, in creating jobs and new products for
    survival of our Filipino ways of life….. (the positive parts).

  • Ben

    There is really a pressing need for our country to embark an indigenous
    defense related arms manufacturing program. If I am not mistaken Marcos started
    it by manufacturing armalites , armored personnel carriers and even
    experimented making rockets. For all his faults, the man had visions after all.
    By issuing P.D. 1596 which incorporated the Kalayaan Islands(part of Spratly
    group) into Palawan Province, he provided a legal basis for our claim in
    addition to international laws. What I’m trying to point out is that our
    government must have continuity of strategy and programs. If the succeeding
    administrations had continued the indigenous defense programs of Marcos we could
    be reliant by as much as 50-70% in our defense needs.

    The government should form a joint venture with the US defense contractors as what Japan did with their jet fighters, as what Israel did to develop their missile defense shield, as what the UK did too and with NATO in their joint attack aircraft. This government should turn a problem into a win-win solution…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you think the PHI has more pressing issues  other than making weapons.  Why don’t they declare war on poverty first and win that fight first?  Then, use some of their nationalistic spirit to build the infrastructure and have more jobs for the growing population before trying to put guns in their hands.  Do you have any idea how expensive a well armed Army is and how much resources it takes to maintain one?  

      • Ben

        I like your idea…but don`t you think by building our own military-industrial complex can be both a social and economic upliftiment for our country? This undertaking will require factories-industrial complexes….meaning more construction jobs, professional technicians and scientists…to be hired (and not lose as an OFW…a brain drain) and various supply industries propping up to support the military-industrial complex. That my friend is anti-poverty, work encouragement not for a low technology undertaking, but for high technology ones….especially if we can export those products too..don`t you think? I think two ways for the word “security”… and defense and the sense of science and technology fulfillment that this national program will bring in to the country, salvaging our honor as previously number two economy in Asia after Japan. Think out of the box….

      • Anonymous are right Ben…infrastructure building…other than bridges will stimulate and use our dormant tech base…i want to see Mr. Aquino …build our systems infrastructure and use local IT talent…to gain experience and expertise….so we can develop a tech based service economy…in stead of…domestic helping and care giving to the world…
        …but, he is obsessed at pursuing…GMA…but, of course…I am not loosing hope…still praying he might quietly shift direction….for the sake of the people…who direly need his focus and attention…

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you, but if I were part of the Phi leadership, I would put more emphasis on industrial development in areas such as car making, airplanes building, shipbuilding, electronics, small manufacturing,not to mention in agriculture, tourism etc. Those industries are even more powerful in building a strong nation than making weapons. Besides, once your neighbors find out that you are making high tech weapons, they become insecure and want to protect themselves, hence, a new arms race. Who needs that? A good example is in the United States where they spend 1.7 Trillion dollars a year in Defense spending, but there is no national Health Care to speak of, unemployment is rampant, the education system is in a state of despair where US students are ranked lower in many areas like math and sciences than some third world countries like India. But the Military is still strong and our ability to wage war on others has never been stronger. I’d rather be proud to say that I am a US citizen because of our economic strength than our military might. I lost my appetite for blood a long time ago and hope that in my life time we can make this world more peaceful and prosperous for all of us.

      • Ben

        That`s your own opinion and I agree with you too since that is also my goal, but I generalized it only in my first blog, the 2nd was for the armaments for that will help the Philippines rely on their own products, than buying imported goods don`t you think, which would mean jobs and security? Anyway, the government will definitely spend the money for the most neglected part of our society…this is a very important undertaking since our natural resources in the sea can uplift many times the 97 million filipinos to first class society if we will just protect and defend our natural resources from poachers, pirates, ASG harassing tourist spots, the Chinese harassing our reed bank and kalayaan islands, terrorists entering our porous border to wreak havoc to whatever industrial complexes we built if we will not do what we have to do now..and when I say defense it also means technology for calamity such as flood defenses, sewerage system to clean the waters and be fit for drinking, etc..when will we realize that we need to pay attention to science and technology and develop our own…pag puti ng uwak o pag itim ng tagak?. I have lived long enough to understand what we need since Marcos time and helped me developed critical thinking….

        And should I also need to know that you are an american citizen? Because I am too by birth, but grew up in the Philippines so I know what this country must do….the most pressing problem right now is science and technology and defense, other sectors of the society including the economy will progress if it`s fully secured…only if PNoy` will play his cards well…

        And for your information since Cory`s time they already focused on the economy and neglected the military, which is why we lost Mischief reef, we have ASG destroying communities, NPA`s burning industrial equipments and buildings and poachers destroying our corals and foreign trawlers overfishing our fish stocks (authorities only use motorized bancas to pursue them and apprehension is like less than 5% due to high tech on the part of the offenders) for their own economic gain, you should know we can`t develop to the fullest if we will only focus on the economy which from Cory, FVR to GMA tried in vain but keeps on growing anemically…at least Pnoy even though I do not like him seems to be in the right track of securing the foundation of this society.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I don’t personally see how a country as poor as the Phi can build a strong Defense against adversaries like China, Japan, the Koreas any time in the near future.  Why can’t the Phi build a good car that is cheap enough but of good quality to sell to the world?  Why can’t they replace those ugly jeepneys and tricycle from their streets and move on to bullet trains and a better transportation system before they focus their attention on building weapons.  With a strong economy, a lot of the insurgency you mentioned  would also go away because those insurgents would want to join the rest of main society, share the pie and join the middle class.  A lot of the social problems in the Phi are tied to economic despair and lack of opportunities.  I would like to mention something to you also which is that, external threats are the least of Phi problems, the leadership should focus on building from within and expand outward, not the other way around. That’s my opinion.  

      • Ben

        As for the jeepneys, it`s been Imelda`s dream to replace them, that`s why we have an LRT and ‘Love buses’ (which disappeared in service) and since 1970`s did we ever succeeded? Focusing on one thing that is taking 40 years now and never succeeded? You should know the history of the Philippines and current events since Marcos time to know that what ever that you are talking about is just keeps on being repeated and nothing ever changed.same old problem with different people handling it with the same approach…no wonder El Fili and Noli Me Tangere are stil current up to this time…so if for 40 years nothings has really changed that much because of politics of the economy and idiosyncracies …why can`t you think out of the box and find ways to attack the problem in a different perspective? Your recommendation is already an agge old, tried and tested, but never succeeded, the Philippines is still struggling. Take for example our government`s goal to develop our car industry, but in the end lost to Thailand, how we developed our agriculture and taught Thailand their knowledge, but ended up importing from them for our national staple, a number two economy next to Japan in the 1960`s, with powerful squadron of jets with blue eagle making exhibitions used to be an envy of much of Asia, now reduced to a beggar, etc….know your history well so you will not repeat the same mistakes…..

        You don`t get it, in order to gain something you must address something that is not related to the economy…..that is security. The key to your strong economy opinion is science and technology and the people`s skills as I already mentioned which will encompass even your problem with the jeepney.

        I forgot, you are from outside…never really knew the history of the Philippines in your personal account, especially if you live near Malacanang you will know all the story and the root cause of all this problems that the Philippines have… age old problem.

        This poor country, also stood up against Japan and delayed it`s time table to conquer much of South East Asia and Australia, giving Mc Arthur time to re-group in in Australia. The Philippine resistance holed up in Bataan for months and Corrigidor for another month before finally surrendering….but Japan never conquered the Philippines due to the guerilla warfare done by Pinoys and the USAFFEE… this poor country given the right strategy and tactics will delay any of these aggressors…just enough to muster an international help…strategy and tactics.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you that some of those ideas have been tested then abandoned. A country should have a national plan with long term commitment because without that it will be difficult to build a strong nation. One of the weaknesses of the Phi is a lack on continuity in government due to politics and this clan mentality. If GMA administration started a project and she is no longer in power, the next administration will not support that project because they didn’t get their kickbacks from it nor the credit.When you travel in the Phi it’s easy to see that lack of standardization as well, because everything seems to be so disorganized. It’s different in the U.S and other industrialized nations where the National plan is for a long term and sometimes as far as 100 years ahead , but remains constant regardless of who is in power.

      • Anonymous

        Well The F-16 is a start for a strong defense. We have to start with something right?
        Kahit pa manging importer ng langis ang Pilipinas i dont think the MILF will lay their arms down and party will the christians, they want Mindanao for them self.

        Your telling the Filipino people that Recto Bank which is believe to have oil or gas deposit, 80 miles from Palawan is being claim by China which is 500 plus miles away from their nearest shore line is the least problem the Filipino have? Sir external security threat is real & happening now, thats why the gov’t is addressing this right now..

        Ano we just focus on infrastructure & education now and let the chinesse drill oil on our backyard and buy the oil & gas that they drilled to support our industries?

    • Anonymous

      …Ben…i think this country …lost strategic thinkers…like Marcos…what we have are …soap opera types…who just like grandstanding…and enjoying the applause too much…

  • Ben

    In the Philippines, a goal can be loaded with obstacles, it`s like a maze….you can`t get to the ultimate goal without going to the left or right and each obstacles prevents you from reaching that goal. If the economy is the goal, there are areas of the society that must be addressed unrelated to the econmy…it could be deficit forming, but in the end….you will indirectly and or directly address the ultimate goal…..the security must be addressed now, since it is an obstacle that is hindering the society`s fullest potential. To uplift the vast majority which is in the poor strata the economy must expand 8% and above straight for 5 years, since Marcos time, the country was not able to attain that, but other countries learned quickly and overtaken us by 2o to 40 years advanced than the philippines…there is something wrong with the policy of the previous government or governments and most of them took the same tested road, but to no avail failing and that must be radically changed and I will not named most of those already since I have been naming those since FVR time, Cha-cha to federalize and two party system as opposed to multi-party system making a president a minority elect to name the few….

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the nationalists among us will not like this, but how about inviting the U.S. to base 12 of their F16s in their old Clark in exchange for some rental or ‘parking’ fees.  We spend zero for our air-defense and at the same time earn a few million dollars.  Spend the money budgeted for acquisition of the 12 F-16s to construct vital infrastructures.

  • joboni96

    good fighter, bad strategy

    with the looming u.s.-tsina war
    this will strengthen
    u.s. command and control over us
    will raise the probability
    of our involvement again
    in a warmonger u.s. initiated war

    history shows we were always
    on the heavily damaged losing end
    u.s.-spanish war
    u.s. – pilipino war
    u.s.-japan war
    u.s.-tsina proxy war in korea
    u.s.-tsina/russia proxy war in vietnam
    u.s. crusades in islamic areas

  • Anonymous

    yeah baby yeah… we have to defend ourselves or die trying…..

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