US has given Philippines over $507M in military aid, says Thomas


US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr.

The United States provided more than $507 million (about P21.7 billion) in military assistance to the Philippines from 2001 to 2010, US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. has disclosed.

In addition, he said, Washington had invested more than P200 million in the just-concluded Philippines-US Amphibious Landing Exercise, or Phiblex, and in “improvements at various Armed Forces of the Philippines bases.”

Speaking at the Phiblex closing rites last weekend at Fort Bonifacio, Thomas said, “At Basa Air Base (in Pampanga) alone, over P42 million has been earmarked to build barracks, latrines and a dining facility for both Philippine and US troops, while at Fort Magsaysay (in Nueva Ecija), over P25 million is being spent on road improvements.”

The envoy noted that the US government “has worked with the Armed Forces of the Philippines for nearly a decade to blunt the ability of terrorists to spread violence and fear in the southern Philippines.”

“We have provided radars as part of the Coast Watch System. And we’ve recently transferred a Hamilton-class US Coast Guard cutter that has now become a proud flagship of the Philippine Navy,” Thomas said.

Thomas lauded the joint military exercise.

“Just like past bilateral (military) exercises and activities (between the two countries), all those involved in this year’s Phiblex have enjoyed a sense of camaraderie, teamwork, hard work and good fun. We look forward to doing it all again next year,” he said.

“For the past 12 days,” he added, “our two nations’ soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines worked together as a team with a single purpose. The lessons learned during the long hours of exercise are important, but so are the lessons learned during those few moments of rest, when our respective service members had the chance to share a joke, learn some new words, maybe try a little halo-halo and make a friend for life.”

The 10-day Phiblex, he said, “has a very simple purpose: Helping the US and the Philippines work together to build that safe and secure environment free and democratic nations need to live, work and prosper.”

He added, “Our commitment to this shared objective is embodied in our Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT), a pillar of our relationship. The MDT enables us to work together. It facilitates our cooperation and training, and it allows us to serve our citizens more efficiently and more professionally.”

Like the MDT, he said, Phiblex also “reflects the longstanding, close relationship between the Philippines and the US. Our countries share not only a common history, but we also share a mutual commitment to global peace, security and prosperity. Phiblex is our chance to practice the skills that allow us to be better partners in disaster relief, in peacekeeping operations and in counterterrorism efforts.”

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  • Anonymous

    whatever the aid, be it machine or human technology we have to be grateful… masyadong mayabang mga filipino..simula President Quezon et al..”independence day!” kuno… personal interest pala..they will run th gov’t para pagnakawan. naging kadena dugtong nakawan sa gobyerno simula  ng araw na yaon…Nakalimutan paunlarin ang machine & human technology, tunawan ng bakal 4 na lang, fabric making iilan na lang, agriculture napeste ni GMA et al…fil.scientists naging OFW..panday bakal sa hi-way iilan na lang, magsasaka matanda na mga anak gusto computer!, ang iba pinatay pa ng NPA..naisip nyo ba??????

    • David

      Pinatay ng NPA? Baka naging NPA.

  • mrtn

    Rally nga naman ng Rally…. Eh umaasa din pala na mabigyan ng malaki! At pag tinanong si Ambassador magkano ang aid na nabigay, eh sumagot lang naman ng tamang halaka kung magkano talaka, eh nagrereklamo mo pa! Di man nag reklamo kina Ligot,Reyes, Garcia at sa mga Pidal!  $57 Million, Ilang boots na sana yun, ilang mga high-tech na communication at mga baril ang mga iyun!

  • Anonymous

    But that is only 40% of what the US is supposed to give to the Philippines. Don’t forget to include 6 attack helicopters gunships, 6 drone surveillance planes and 4 AC-130 Spooky gunships in additional 60% military assistance. Thank you, sir.

    • mrtn

      Nahhh, according to our late DefSec Angelo Reyes,he mentioned none of those equipments to be provided by US govt–thats too good to be true! may isa pa nga kanina nag sabi F-117 daw eh.hahahhaha….Anyways, Angelo Reyes said: just share to us some of your tactics, BECAUSE WE HAVE THE BEST TROOPS(proud pa siya ha) that can subdue those terrorist..therefore, they just relied on CASH!  I think Col. Rabusa can provide details on what happened next.

      • Anonymous

        mrtn, wishlist ko lang yun. I am not counting on it. But if we get it, it will be better for the troops.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the accounting for? bragging or asking?

    • mrtn

      someone just asked how much, then someone deserves an answer…

  • Gerry

    “We have provided radars as part of the Coast Watch System. And we’ve recently transferred a Hamilton-class US Coast Guard cutter that has now become a proud flagship of the Philippine Navy,” Thomas said.
    Did we pay the Hamilton-class cutter with money from DOE? or is the good ambassador from the US saying they gave it to us FOR FREE?

  • Anonymous

    The US gives Egypt over $1.3 billion annually in military aid and $2 billion annually to Pakistan. Israel gets the biggest pie with more than $17 billion aid for the last ten (10) years.

    So $507 million military aid to the Philippines for the last 10 years is peanuts! The Philippines is at the bottom in its list of priorities.

  • Anonymous

    $507M in 10 years is peanuts compared to what US gave Pakistan in the same period – $20B or 40X more, while Pakistan is an Islamic Republic with lots of anti-American sentiment and terrorists.  In fact, US military aid to Pakistan goes way back to the military dictator General Zia in the 1980’s who got an average of $2B a year including Stinger missiles and F-16’s. Pakistan used the cash to develop nuclear weapons while US gives us discarded Vietnam-era weapons. 
    We should remember one thing and one thing only – US is only interested in their own selfish interests, they are not doing it for our “good relationship”.  US lies and does most of its military work covertly to realize these interests.

    • mrtn

      No matter how you compare why Pakistan receieved this amount prior to the Bin Laden killing and why the Philippines only receives that you said “small” compares to them–Its still a BIG chunk of CASH that was WASTED and was POCKETED, and to do the math(which i’m not really good at) i am certain,that amount of cash given by the US govt. can still help and be USEFULL for our troops if that was properly spent… One analysis published by Stratfor on 2008,it said with the current status of Philippine economy, it can manage itself to upgrade AFP’s fighting capabality if its Political leadership has the will to do so..Hayun TUMPAK! tama pa rin ang reklamo ng bayan: KORAPSYON…lumabas yung analysis na yun, isang buwan matapos ang Manila Penn Siege…Come on! narinig na natin ang mga Magdalo Mutineeers at recently si Col.Rabusa. Kahit sabihin natin na matagal na ang tradisyon na yang kurakutan sa Defense department, eh talagang ang aid na mula sa US govt. na dapat sana sa military operation or capability upgrades, eh napunta pa rin sa mga bulsa ng mga GENERALS.

      • Anonymous

        True. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if corruption in the PH military is encouraged by the Americans. If you think corruption is a problem in our country, you should research the corruption of the US. Dick Chenney was Chairman of Haliburton, the company that supplies billions in contracts to the US war effort. Bush’s family has extensive holdings in oil companies that profit from the Iraq invasion. Overpricing in US military contracts is well known – the $640 toilet seat and $7,600 coffee makers are some famous examples in the 1980’s. Heck, the fact that the 2001 Iraq War is an illegal war since it was not approved by the UN Security Council is one of the biggest corrupt practices of all time.

      • mrtn

        Wow! fahrenheit 9-11…Ok!  That subject is so lame, to tell us that Americans taught corrupt practices in hte Philippines… Nothing was illegal when Halliburton’s won the contract,Bush’s presidential opponent for election that time in 2004 John Kerry cant even find anything wrong!  in fact- they didnt stayed that long due to security and the heck, LUGING-LUGI pa nga sila, kasi overpriced din  ang mga sweldo sa mga truck drivers,janitors, engineers, and other personnels nila…They only lasted a year, and in 2004, they abandoned IRaq and oursourced HR to a german firm that HIRES FILIPINOS that until now still are working there….I am not a big fan for that Iraq invasion,but still i cant deny there was a  corruption happened over there….But not as MASSIVE that the that was exposed in AFP. In Iraq, ordinary US soldiers gets there pay, gets there laundry,receives medical attention when gets ill,airconditioned barracks,hot meals and proper weaponry..Filipino troops deserves the same treatments from their leaders also, not all like the american troops receives, but at least they receieves decent pay and properly equipped when on the mission..

      • Anonymous

        “Conflict of interest” is illegal and so is insider trading.  Sure American soldiers are well-paid and well-equipped but who ends up paying for all of that?  The public, of course.  And who earns the profits? It’s the neocons, the same people who are involved with the decision-making.  PH corruption is nothing compared to what goes on in the US.  At least in the PH we know who the culprits are and can hold them accountable. But in the US, these neocons are untouchable.  War profiteering was uncovered by American war hero Gen. Smedley Butler back in the 1930’s.  Look up his “War is a racket” expose. Another war hero Pres. Dwight Eisenhower expounded on the same subject when he warned Americans of the “military-industrial complex” in his farewell address back in 1961.  Even Pres. Johnson was pressured by “his Generals” to attack North Vietnam when he wanted to negotiate with them for peace before being elected.  That is the highest corruption in the land – waging war, killing millions including millions of innocents, stealing resources and wealth from sovereign nations then making the American taxpayers pay for it for several generations to come.  US military expenditures account for 43% of the world’s arms spending and is almost 6x that of the second placer China.    

      • mrtn

        Oh well…Same thing said over and over again,its the interest of the UNited States of America that was minded over there,not Halliburtons pockets.But you’l going to say “ah cheney made the money out from it”! Well,you got to prove it!.. from D. Eisenhower’s M.I.C to up to now Obama’s policy.. It doesnt end! But what matters most this time, WHERE DID THE FUND WENT? its not that hard to trace if that was already received by the Govt. of the Philippines!  See?  Trillanes said, Rabusa said…paper trails present! I dont see reasons to complain to the United States.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t say we should complain to the US that the money is not enough.  We should say thank you but let’s not get carried away that the US really has our best interests in mind.  You are right to say they have their interests in mind.  In the first place, how did these terrorists come to the PH in the first place?  Ramzi Yousef (Al Qaeda) and the founders of the Abu Sayaff were former mujahidin who fought in Afghanistan and were armed and trained by the Pakistani ISI with CIA funds in the 1980’s. Some sources say up to 80,000 of these Islamic extremists were trained by US Army Rangers and Special Forces in techniques such as IED-making, assassination, modern weapons, communications and psychological warfare.  After the war with the Soviets, these people were abandoned with no livelihood because Afghanistan was destroyed by civil war, so many went to work for terrorist organizations around the world. Why shouldn’t America give us $500M to combat these terrorists?  It’s their garbage anyway so let them pay for us to clean it up for them!  That is exactly what the message of Pakistan is to the US when the US complains that Pakistan is not doing much to combat terrorism.  It is Pakistani and PH dying fighting these terrorists who American financed and trained before.  As far as accounting for it, let them account for it but do you really trust Amb. Thomas they gave us $500M?  He can’t even account for the 40% figure he claims that American visitors come to the PH for sex.  He claims that they gave us a new ship but it is actually an old Coast Guard ship that they stripped off weapons and weapons systems. My point is we can’t trust the Americans because they have their own interests in mind. 

      • mrtn

        Everybody does something to win some interest… Of course thats USA,working its own way how to protect better the United States, Strategically.. Those things happened when CIA trained ASG as their special forces against the soviets, was the POLICY APPROVED BY REAGAN ADMINISTRAION!Not by BUSH 42 and much more BArrack…some mistakes happened and it bounced back to them and that we all witnessed 9-11..Why so many got irrated of the display of Mang Thomas about disclosing the total amounts given to the PHL, was that all those funds never was use for its intent, AT ALL…All went to some POCKET.. Anyways, i somewhat agree on what he said about 40% of tourist who comes to the PHL for sex. He just cant show the stat on a white board, but what he said is common to all everyone..A tourist can be describe are former filipino citizen, caucasians(europe,US,africa, australia),black(africa,europe,US)and asians.

  • dennis

    US must conduct a proper auditing of financial assistance to our Military kung saan talaga napupunta ang pera? A detailed data must be presented.Nasaan na yung mga Military weapon,equipment na sinasabi? Bakit luma pang eroplano yung ginamit sa pag-attack sa Zamboanga,Sibugay?

  • joboni96

    after sex tours debacle
    panay pa sexy naman ni mang tomas

    $507 million ang bulalas
    akala mo sa isang taon
    10 taon pala

    kulang pa nga yan sa

    1. renta ng mga tagong stealth bases ninyo
    2. aircraft overfly payments
    3. training services ng mga combat proven pilipino soldiers
    4. sa mga comfort women ninyo
    5. civil disturbances created by your presence
    6. etc.

    lumayas na lang kayo at
    huwag na ninyo kaming idamay sa
    tsina encirclement stragedy ninyo
    kami na naman mauupakan
    habang sitting pretty kayo thousands of miles away at
    kikita pa sa pagbenta ng armas

  • Juan

    Mr. Doronilla said : “Caught in the bind of a confused policy, straddling the horses of war and of pacification, the peace process is being undermined by the Army’s actions.”

    Mr. Doronilla I definitely disagree with you the ARMY is JUST DOING ITS JOB  under the 1987 Constitution.

    ” Article II.DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES AND STATE POLICIES Section 3. Civilian authority is, at all times, supreme over the military. The Armed Forces of the Philippines is the PROTECTOR OF the people and the State. Its goal is to SECURE THE SOVEREIGNTY of the State and the INTEGRITY OF THE NATIONAL TERRITORY.”.

    SO PLEASE STOP UNDER-MINDING OUR SOLDIERS. STOP TREATING THEM AS VILLAINS… Try going to Basilan without the ARMY escorting you, you will not last 1 day, either you’ll get kidnapped or your head gets chopped off.

    • Anonymous

      bilib din sana ako dito ki doronilla magsulat pero itong sinabi nyang ito , ewan ko kung ulyaninin na ito at naniniwala sa peace process na ito sa sira ulong  mga moros na ito o wala pagmalasakit man lang sa mga sakripisyo ng mga sundalo ng gobyerno.di po malalim ang pagkakaalam ko dyan sa gulo sa mindanao pero ang alam ko pinagbigyan na dati yung MNLF kaso ano nangyari wala ring katahimikan , alam ko corruption ang inabot sa perang binigay sa lider nila

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