SiGMA Asia 2024 gets PAGCOR Seal of Approval

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has written to officially extend its full endorsement of SiGMA Asia’s upcoming 2024 Manila show. The event, which follows last year’s successful debut, takes place at the SMX Convention Centre, in Pasay, Manila from the 3rd to 5th June.

SiGMA Asia Summit PAGCOR

Neil Shih, Managing Director for SiGMA Asia presented PAGCOR Chairman and CEO, Alejandro Tengco a copy of the SiGMA magazine.

In their letter, they noted that they “recognize the immense potential of the gaming and financial technology sectors in the Philippines, and we believe the SiGMA Asia Summit will play a pivotal role in further elevating these industries to new heights. By bringing together key stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators, this summit promises to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and explore opportunities for growth and development within these dynamic sectors.”

They go on to emphasize their confidence that the SiGMA Asia Summit will not only showcase the Philippines as a hub for gaming and financial technology but also facilitate meaningful discussions and initiatives that will contribute to the overall advancement of these industries in this region.

They continue, saying that they are ‘committed to supporting initiatives that promote economic development, and partnership and are excited about collaborating with SiGMA Asia.’

“We eagerly anticipate a fruitful partnership and the positive impact that this summit will undoubtedly bring to the gaming and financial technology landscape in the Philippines.”

In an interview with SiGMA News last month, PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Alejandro Tengco said the agency plans to make the Philippines an attractive gaming jurisdiction.

“Investors can expect more structural changes towards a more comprehensive legal infrastructure which, in turn, should make the Philippines a more attractive gaming jurisdiction,” Tengco said.

“We shall also continue lowering our license fees and modernizing our systems to help realize our vision of making the Philippines the gold standard in gaming in the Asia-Pacific region,” he said.


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