Navigating the cancer journey with Parkway Cancer Center

Navigating the cancer journey with resilience and strong support system

Insights from Parkway Cancer Center Symposium “Adjusting to Changes”
/ 05:37 PM April 05, 2024

Cancer continues to rise in incidence across Southeast Asia. In 2020, almost 10 million people died from cancer globally, a number which is expected to rise to 16.3 million by 2040. In 2022, the Southeast Asian region alone witnessed over 1.1 million new cases in addition to the cases worldwide. While factors such as an aging population and changes in lifestyle contribute to this rise, advancements in healthcare and increased awareness also play significant roles.

Recognizing the multifaceted challenges faced by cancer patients, Parkway Cancer Center (PCC), a Singapore-based treatment center for cancer patients, recently hosted a symposium last March 23, 2024, at Conrad Centennial, Singapore, that aimed to address key aspects of the cancer journey, from diagnosis to survivorship, to guide patients on how to better cope with treatment implications, and caregivers and providers alike to better take care of the ones who need their help.

Understanding treatment and its implications 

The symposium commenced with an enlightening opening remark by Dr. Richard Quek, a Senior Medical Oncologist at Parkway Cancer Center.

During the first session, the Nurse Manager at PCC, Jeyanthi Anandan, delved into the intricacies of preparing for and commencing cancer treatment. She expounded on various treatment modalities, including chemotherapy, and offered practical advice on coping with common side effects. Her insights empowered attendees with the knowledge to confront the treatment journey with resilience and trust in one’s support system.

“Trust and believe that each step you are taking, you are moving towards the objective and the goal of cancer care. Most importantly, don’t forget your cancer support system. They play an important role in the daily life of cancer patients, contributing to better coping of physical and emotional states, and improving overall quality of life. Social support also helps the patients to return to society as best as they could,” Anandan said during her talk.

For combatting fatigue, a pervasive symptom during and after cancer treatment, Senior Staff Nurse at PCC Stella Teo shed light on managing its implications through self-care practices and nutritional guidance. She emphasized strategies to boost energy levels and overcome physical and emotional challenges. Understanding fatigue as a symptom and its underlying causes equip participants with tools for effective self-management. Besides these, Teo also put emphasis on the importance of self-care for the caregivers to better help their loved ones with cancer.

To empower the physical and mental resilience of patients, Kira Ho, a Senior Physiotherapist from IHH Healthcare SG, underscored the transformative power of exercise for cancer warriors. By tailoring safe and adaptable exercise programs, Ho highlighted the role of physical activity in maintaining strength and bolstering mental resilience. But while exercising is essential, she emphasized that not all the time patients have the strength to do more. “Some days you feel like you can do more, and some days you just feel like you can’t do anything, and that is okay. Be kind to yourself,” she said.

Life After Cancer

Chia Hui Erl Senior Counselor at PCC and Senior Occupational Therapist from Singapore Cancer Society, Shanice Yeow, offered a compassionate perspective on adjusting to life post-cancer. They provided guidance and navigated the complexities of emotional healing and transitioning to a new normalcy. By addressing the psychological aspects of survivorship, both facilitated a holistic approach to recovery.

“I think it’s important for us to review what is normal for us, and to share openly with your family and friends so that together we can adopt a broader range of what normal is. With the support of family and friends, modify or create new roles and tasks that will help you to reintegrate back to life,” Erl shared during her talk about adjusting to life after cancer.

Hui Erl also highlighted that listening and understanding one’s own internal narrative helps patients rebuild mental and emotional strength. “You know how the mind is capable of choosing any sort you want to believe? So it is really a blessing if you choose self-compassionate narratives that help us make healthier choices,” she added.

Parkway Cancer Center as a beacon of hope for global patients 

The insightful discussion is just a glimpse of what PCC values as an organization and the hands-on team they have that delivers quality cancer care, from diagnosis to survivorship, to each and every patient. Whether an individual is from Singapore or from other parts of the world, PCC is capable of reaching out and providing the global standard and holistic cancer care for everyone who needs their help.

“The key to a successful treatment is a strong and experienced multidisciplinary oncology team taking care of the patient. This care journey must start from getting the diagnosis by the pathologist to the close interdisciplinary treatment discussions by the medical oncologist, surgeon, and radiation oncologist to give the best care for the patient,” Dr. Quek, Senior Medical Oncologist, said during the interview, emphasizing that a strong and experienced multidisciplinary oncology team largely contributes as well to a patient’s healing journey. 

While Parkway Cancer Center regularly conducts symposiums to share knowledge and advancements in cancer treatment, its offerings extend far beyond these events. PCC offers comprehensive care and support throughout their treatment with a multidisciplinary team of experts, advanced treatment modalities, comprehensive support services, a continuum of care, and international patient services.

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