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Cultural Diplomacy between India and the Philippines shines at the Gullas College of Medicine Gala

Uniting nations through culture
/ 12:39 PM October 18, 2023

Gullas College of Medicine proudly hosted a grand gala event last September 3, 2023, that exemplified the power of cultural exchange and diplomacy between the Philippines and India. In a remarkable joint effort with the Indian Cultural Association of the Philippines and the Indian Embassy, Gullas College of Medicine Gala showcased traditions, artistry, and heritage from both nations.

Gullas College of Medicine Gala

The gala was nothing short of grandeur. The Gullas College of Medicine, a prestigious institution renowned for its commitment to education, served as the perfect backdrop for the event. As an evening celebrating unity and diversity between both countries, the gala brought together diplomats, politicians, businessmen, and socialites, all dressed in traditional Filipino attire. 

Gullas College of Medicine Gala

Among the esteemed attendees was the 1st Secretary of the Indian Embassy, His Excellency Kannan C., and Cebu City Mayor Michael Lopez Rama, whose presence added to the significance of the event, symbolizing the strong commitment to cultural exchange and cooperation between the Philippines and India. 

Another name worth mentioning was Mr. Shambu S Kumaran, a distinguished diplomat serving as the current Indian Ambassador to the Philippines, Republic of Palau, and Federated States of Micronesia. Throughout his extensive career, Kumaran has always sought to reinforce positive relations between India and the Philippines. His unwavering commitment to his craft and tireless dedication to promoting bilateral peace and friendship have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers in the diplomatic community.

The evening kicked off with a captivating cultural showcase that featured mesmerizing performances, traditional dances, and speeches. Dr. David Pillai’s keynote address was one of the main highlights of the night. As the Chief Executive Consultant of the Gullas College of Medicine, as well as a prominent driving force behind the institution’s successes, he unveiled an exciting vision for a futuristic knowledge city that would transform education and innovation in the region. 

Under Dr. Pillai’s guidance, the Gullas College of Medicine has become synonymous with unparalleled infrastructure, setting a new standard for educational facilities. The commitment to international-based learning reflects the college’s dedication to providing students with a global perspective, preparing them for a diverse and interconnected healthcare landscape.

In addition, the integration of Innovative Science Technology at the core of the college’s curriculum highlights Dr. Pillai’s forward-thinking approach. Embracing cutting-edge technologies ensures that students are not only well-versed in traditional medical practices but also equipped with the latest advancements, setting them apart in the field.

“Education knows no boundaries, and our vision for a knowledge city transcends borders, uniting the best of India and the Philippines. Together, we can create a brighter future built on the foundations of collaboration and shared knowledge.”

With the evening drawing to a close, the event was successful in celebrating diversity, encouraging collaboration, and promoting innovation that knows no boundaries. An exchange of gifts served as a tangible reminder of the profound connections made during this unforgettable night, leaving all in attendance with hearts full of appreciation and a shared commitment to nurturing the enduring friendship between the Philippines and India.


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