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Frontliners expresses Gratitude, Donations fill them with Hope

/ 12:46 PM July 30, 2020

More than a hundred days into the Metro-Wide Quarantine and we can say that things really are different. A fraction of your friends list is now an online seller or a home chef; some are rekindling old passion projects and some making the most of the quarantine for a much needed pause. While some people call 2020 their gap year, for people in the frontlines, this is definitely not a passive time. For medical practitioners, this is the ultimate do-or-die. Fighting the pandemic and saving as many lives as they can is exactly what their oath and years of studying is all about. 

For a Filipina nurse assigned to take care of the Royal Family of the Brunei Darussalam, everyday is a matter of safety and service. She is filled with gratitude that Grand Taipan has given her a monthly settlement to assist her and her family during this time. “It inspires me to work harder for me and my family’s future,” she shares. 

Xyra Aritao, a medical technician who has experienced COVID-19 herself and has successfully recovered from it, is back hard at work to save others.

She is one of the many medical frontliners that Grand Taipan has extended their help to since the start of the quarantine. Joeben Tai, founder and president of Grand Taipan Land Development Inc., has used this time of crisis to give back to the community. Tai and his team have been on the clock to aid those in need. From poverty-stricken neighborhoods to medical and frontliners, donations both in kind and in cash were distributed all around Metro Manila and other near-by rural areas by Tai’s team. The CEO shares that now, more than ever, is the time to live out the concept of bayanihan. He juggles all of this alongside the digital accustomization and transition of his company towards the New Normal.  

Like most Filipinos, family is what keeps the nurse going. She and many like her admit that donations of all sorts help fuel frontliners during this tough time. Food, money, and other types of donations go a long way for them. It kindles hope and solidarity for those at the very front of this battle. Free lunch meals, free drinks, and other freebies are greatly appreciated by frontliners all over; not necessarily for the item but for the gesture of giving what people and companies can to them. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. 

Xyra Aritao, a young medical technician stationed in one of the country’s leading hospitals, shares that donations of all sorts is also mental fuel for them. “Of course it boosts our morale,” she shares. “During this time, it’s easy to feel helpless and fearful but as a frontliner our hearts are filled with gratitude for the continuous flow of love and support.” Donations of any kind make a huge impact in uplifting the mental state of frontliners, may they be stationed in the medical front or otherwise. 

Grand Taipan wishes to extend its gratitude to frontliners, both medical and uniformed (PNP & AFP), by giving an exclusive discount.


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