Duterte to ICC: You can’t acquire jurisdiction over me not in a million years

 The International Criminal Court in The Hague

Not in a million years.

This was what President Rodrigo Duterte’s message to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as he insisted that he would not allow the tribunal to investigate him and his controversial crackdown on illegal drugs.

“You cannot acquire jurisdiction over me not in a million years kaya ‘di ko sinasagot. Totoo ‘yan. Ayoko sabihin that has always been my weapon ever since. Shit. Maniwala ka diyan,” Duterte said in a speech at the oath-taking ceremony of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission officials in Malacañang on Tuesday.

(You cannot acquire jurisdiction over me not in a million years that’s why I am not answering. That is true. I do not like to say that it has been my weapon ever since. Shit. Do not believe them.)

“They cannot ever ever hope to acquire jurisdiction over my person ‘di nga ako maniwala sa nanay ko sa kanila pa p***** ina ‘yan bwisit kayo (I do not even believe in my mother, how much more in them. You sons of b****, you pests),” he added.

The ICC in February launched a preliminary examination on Duterte’s bloody campaign against illegal drugs, which was believed to have killed thousands of suspected drug criminals.

It will determine if there is a “reasonable basis” to proceed with an investigation in accordance to the criteria established by the Rome Statute.

The ICC has jurisdiction on genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.

The preliminary examination stemmed from the complaint of Jude Sabio, lawyer of Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed Davao Death Squad, which was linked to Duterte when he was still mayor of Davao City.

The President has maintained that the anti-drug campaign would continue despite the ICC’s move until the last day of his term.

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