Thank You, Trump Voters


Thank you, Trump voters, for foisting a joke on all of us.

While the Donald does not have a sense of humor

He does have a terrific sense of rumor.

Tweak him and he brays, he weeps, he cries for blood!

He believes he is winning, that he’s in,

Square peg in the Oval Office.

But wait, there is the recount, and

The matter of the popular vote.

Two million more ballots for Hill!

Fear not, Trumpets! The Donald will rant

On his Twitter account where he can wax

Bitter, for someone has once more gotten

His goat, that somehow millions of votes

Were cast against him illegally.

As for the evidence? What a question!

O ye of little faith! Pope Donald has spoken!

And his decree is all the reality you need!

Thank you, Trumpistas, for proving that

This indeed is the Land of Opportunity

And Opportunists, for ferreting out

The Kooks, the Krazies, and the Kakistocrats,

For throwing a light on the alt-right,

On Bannon the loose cannon who will

Make Amerika hate again!

But most of all a huge Thank You to

All my fellow Pinoys who chose the golden-haired

Boy: your spirit of sacrifice leaves me in awe,

Such humility and willingness to be trod

Upon for your skin tones. Masochism?

Please! Noble Christian martyrs! Ready to be

A feast for the beasts!

For so long denied they can now

Reclaim their pride of place,

Diminutive Tontos to the Lone Ranger,

The White Man’s Little Brown Brother!

Copyright L.H. Francia 2016


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