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Fil-Am dermatologist is just her natural self on TV

Dr. Tess 2

Dr. Tess Mauricio of the “The Dr. Tess Show” is a real dermatologist on TV. CONTRIBUTED

BEVERLY HILLS, California –In the mainstream media and many international conferences, Dr. Tess Mauricio, a television personality, is usually the only Filipina dermatologist present. Hard work and strong family values are the secrets to her success and prominence.

Mauricio is the star of “The Dr. Tess Show,” which will have its sixth season on GMA Pinoy TV. She just opened a new clinic in Beverly Hills and always keeps the Filipino community in mind.


“It is important for me to represent Filipinos in the best possible light because in many ways, I am the only Filipino these people have ever met,” states Mauricio.


Dr. Mauricio immigrated with her family in the mid-1980s.

“My parents both worked multiple odd jobs to make ends meet. Unlike most Filipino families in the States, my dad was not in the Navy and my mom was not a nurse!” Mauricio says of her parents, Heidi and Marcelino.

Dr. Tess 7

“The Dr. Tess Show – The Dr. Tess Show, Season 6, premiering this August 7.” CONTRIBUTED

The first doctor in her family, Mauricio once worked as a McDonald’s employee, political telemarketer and door-to-door saleswoman for Rainbow vacuum cleaners to help her parents make ends meet.

“When you do your very best, there are no regrets. People around you will recognize this quality, and you will eventually become successful,” she declares.

Her work ethic



The summa cum laude graduate of the University of California in San Diego met Dr. James Lee while both of them attended medical school at Stanford University. There they married and started a family.

“We had our first child a couple of months before graduating from medical school,” she says.

Dr. Tess 5

Daughter Jana Lee, son Michael Lee, husband Dr. James Lee and Dr. Tess. CONTRIBUTED

Mauricio and her husband have two children. “I am very proud of Jana (17 years old) and Michael (10). I can already tell that they are more talented and smarter than I am.”

Mauricio’s daughter will be helping with the “Dr. Tess Show.” “Paula Abdul of ‘American Idol’ will be in our premiere episode, and my daughter, Jana, will be giving her input this season to further connect with the next generation,” Mauricio discloses.

Her children support her in all that she does. She explains, “My kids have taught me that it is OK to be focused on your career even as a mom.” She adds, “I believe the best gift you can give your children is to have an amazing, thriving and loving relationship with their dad.”

According to Dr. Mauricio, maintaining good looks for themselves and each other, as well as prioritizing fun with each other and time without the kids, help keep the fire alive.

Family values

“Now, whenever I face challenges, I think about my mom’s strength, courage, determination, resourcefulness and faith in God,” the doctor humbly shares.

“Our parents worked day and night so I took on the mother role and I made sure my siblings were fed, studied, did their chores, etc. We were a team, and I led and directed the team,” explains Mauricio on being the eldest of the siblings.

The team spirit of the four Mauricio siblings, Tess, Angela, Rick and Cheryl, further evolved as they worked together to build M Beauty as a family business. “It is a blessing that we all get along and we truly enjoy each other’s company.”

Dr. Tess 4

The four Mauricio siblings, Tess, Angela, Rick and Cheryl. CONTRIBUTED

The Mauricio family continues to help each other now that roles have reversed. Mauricio explains, “My parents live with me and help me with my kids, and I am blessed to have them in my life.”

Giving back

Now that she is a successful dermatologist she supports many charitable causes. Mauricio has gone from being a Fil-Am Senior Citizen’s lead band singer to an anti-human trafficking advocate.

She led a band of Filipino American senior citizens in their area of Mira Mesa, California, with her brother. “The entire band was made up of senior citizens, and we were in high school and college performing with them!”

More recently she has become active in the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, an organization that helps stop human trafficking in San Diego. “We donated our signature Time Machine Procedure for a silent auction, and it garnered one of the highest bids!”

“What I am most proud of is that I was able to support a La Salle University Medical School scholar. She has since graduated from La Salle and is working as a pediatrician combating malnutrition in the poorest areas of the Philippines.”

Educating the audience

Creating educational and entertaining TV programming for the global Filipino audience was one of Mauricio’s dreams that came true.

“On ‘The Dr. Tess Show,’ I am myself, so I guess the skill necessary is just to be able to educate and speak in a way that the general public can relate to. I love educating my audience in a fun way!”

“I am passionate about finding treatments and solutions that are safe and effective for Filipino skin.”

The TV host/dermatologist explains that Filipinos have common skin challenges, such as eczema, sensitive skin, allergic skin, acne, bad scarring and discoloration problems.

“Filipino skin is the most challenging skin to deal with when compared with my other patients from other racial backgrounds,” states Mauricio, who developed Timeless MD, an illuminating skin care system that is made in the United States and has been specifically designed for and tested on Filipino skin.

Dr. Mauricio answered a few skin care questions:

  • Is it true that the higher the SPF of sun screen, the better the protection?


  • Is it better to pop your pimples on your own?

No! Popping your own pimples causes more inflammation and may cause the pimple to stay longer and scar worse.

  • Is it true that the more popular the skin product brand, the better?

Not necessarily. Look for scientifically proven ingredients over hype and marketing!

“As a nerdy person who spent most of her time as a young girl studying in libraries, wearing thrift store clothes, the honor I am proudest of is that I was named one of the ‘Best Dressed Women’ of San Diego.

Dr. Tess 6

Dr. Tess, Hollywood celebrity Paula Abdul and Dr. Lee. CONTRIBUTED

“Even small advantages like having great skin, straight teeth, well put together outfit, in addition to being extremely talented and hardworking, can make a difference to how far you will go!”

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Mauricio has been featured on shows that average millions of viewers like “The Dr. Oz Show,” “The Talk” and “Rachael Ray.”

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