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Mistakes to avoid in applying for US citizenship

The Sevandos, legal immigrants facing deportation after being denied US citizenship. AP PHOTO

Dr. Pedro Servano and his wife, Salvacion, have lived in the United States as legal permanent residents for over 30 years. Their four children are Americans, having been born in this country.

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Only a few of 8 million eligible apply for US citizenship each year

Advocates and ethnic media journalists attend a forum on citizenship in New York on June 30. NAM PHOTO

As Carolina Solano follows the mounting crisis on the southern border, her maternal instincts tell her to protect the unaccompanied migrant children streaming into the United States from Central America.

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Good moral character matters in immigration and naturalization processes


Jonas was petitioned by an American employer to work as a software engineer. He was given a working (H1B) visa in 2005, valid until 2008. A year after his arrival, however, Jonas was arrested while traveling domestically from Los Angeles to New York. A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent discovered methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in his luggage. Jonas was taken into custody and charged with illegal possession of a controlled substance, a criminal offense.

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New drive launched to raise number of US citizenship applicants

Panel announces campaign to increase the number of applicants for US citizenship among eligible immigrants

Only eight percent of eligible immigrants apply for US citizenship every year, according to Linda Lopez, chief of immigrant affairs the Los Angeles Mayor’s office.

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New US citizenship application form criticized as tedious

US Citizenship image

The standard form that all legal permanent residents must complete as part of the citizenship application—Form N-400—has been revised and will now contain 21 pages instead of 10.

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