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Mother’s illness hinders opportunity to immigrate


The current immigration system in the United States is broken. Family reunification is not realized for certain visa applicants. Many families remain separated for many years.

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Of mothers and nurses

Isabel Pimentel

The importance of mothers in the world became clear to me one afternoon a few years ago when my son made a choice during a brief visit to the hospital.   I expected he would pick me. Instead, he picked his mother.   He just had a minor procedure and the doctor said the surgery […]

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Bantay OCW (Ang Boses ng OFW)

A wake-up call for overseas working moms


Sarah is a single mom who has been working in Italy for several years now as a caregiver. She left her four children in the care of her youngest sister in Manila.

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Global Networking

A great week for proud Pinay mothers


SAN FRANCISCO—There may not be a prouder week for Pinay mothers of American pop entertainers. On the week of April 16th,  four Filipino American offspring of Pinays were featured in the three highest-rated American network TV talent shows, surviving an elimination round of increasingly tough competition. Perhaps the most famous of the survivors is 16-year old […]

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Parenting tips for overseas working moms

RIINGEN says she reorganizes her priorities to participate in her three children’s studies.

As a full-time working mother who travels frequently, I don’t get to spend as much time with my children as I’d like to.

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