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The Artist Abroad

Et tu, Ateneo?

Former first lady Imelda Marcos  FILE PHOTO

There she was, an imeldific Imelda beaming amidst smiling students, an honored guest recently of the Ateneo Scholarship Foundation, an appearance that generated outrage from several quarters, including many alumni. As a consequence, the university president, Jose Ramon Villarin, SJ, apologized, saying that he was sorry “for the pain that this event may have caused” and that the Ateneo would “never forget the Martial Law years of oppression and injustice presided over by Ferdinand Marcos.”

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Tale of two welcomes: Imelda, Ateneo and the hero it once insulted

Edgar Jopson meeting with Pres. Ferdinand Marcos in Malacanang. PHOTO-JOPSON FAMILY COLLECTION

She looked happy in the photographs and those around her, including young scholars and the president of the Ateneo de Manila University, certainly appeared thrilled to be with her.

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How an Imelda sidekick (and fellow crook) just did us a favor


I’ve gotten so tired of reading about corruption cases involving the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his family that I must confess I simply tuned out reports over the past year about Vilma Bautista. But then came this week’s news that Imelda’s 75-year-old former assistant could end up in jail for up to six years [...]

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Philippines acquires new batch of Marcos jewelry

Former first lady Imelda Marcos  FILE PHOTO

The chief of the Philippine agency recovering the alleged ill-gotten wealth of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his family says a court decision ordering Marcos’ widow to relinquish more than $100,000 in jewelry is a victory for Filipinos and shows that crime does not pay.

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Imelda Marcos aide gets jail term over Monet sale

STOLEN, SOLD  Claude Monet’s “L’ Eglise de Vetheuil,” shown here in a photo supplied by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in New York, was sold for $32 million by former Imelda Marcos’ social secretary, Vilma Bautista. The buyer said he bought the stolen artwork “in good faith” and has agreed to a $10-million settlement with the counsel of martial law victims. Photo taken from PCGG website, pccg.gov.ph

A former aide to ex-Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos was sentenced Monday to two to six years in prison after being convicted of scheming to sell a $32 million Claude Monet painting overlaid with political intrigue: It’s part of a roster of valuables the Philippine government has sought to reclaim from the former first couple.

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