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Teenage robbery suspect killed in police pursuit

First Posted 16:41:00 03/03/2011

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MANILA, Philippines?A suspected teenage robber was killed while three of his alleged cohorts, including two other teenagers, were arrested by policemen who allegedly caught them in the act of robbing jeepney passengers Thursday morning in Manila.

Marvin Bagunas, 17, of Makati City, who had a bullet wound in the body, was declared dead on arrival by attending doctors at the Ospital ng Maynila, while his cohorts, two teenagers, aged 15 and 16 (whose names are withheld because they are minors), as well as Daniel Lesaca, 22, were slightly injured after being allegedly mobbed by bystanders.

A fifth suspect, also a teenager, was able to evade arrest, said the police.

Reports from the Manila Police District Mobile Patrol Unit (MPD-DMPU) revealed that the robbery and apprehension happened at around 9 a.m. on Thursday, along Pablo Ocampo Sr. (formerly Vito Cruz) Street in Malate.

Rolando Hugo, 50, driver of a passenger jeepney (PWW-718) plying the Baclaran?Mabini-Divisoria route, was driving through P. Ocampo Street when one of the alleged robbers, posing as a passenger, pointed a knife at his throat and ordered him to continue driving, while his cohorts divested his passengers of their valuables.

Hugo claimed that when he spotted a patrol car of the MPD-DMPU, he drove alongside the police car and drew the attention of its occupants, Police Officer 2 Ulysses San Diego and Police Officer 1 Rodolfo Ocampo.

Upon sensing the presence of policemen, the suspected robbers allegedly jumped off the passenger jeepney and fled. The MPD-DMPU personnel gave chase and were assisted by four security guards in the area.

Bagunas was reportedly shot when he ignored police warnings to stop while the three others were allegedly mauled by bystanders who helped the cops in catching them. The suspects, who sustained bruises and contusions, are now in the custody of the MPD-DMPU.

The suspects later denied that they tried to pull a heist on the passenger jeepney and claimed that they were only mistaken for robbers.

?We were just scavenging when we were mistaken for robbers. We are not robbers. We are scavengers,? one of the underage suspects alleged.

But MPD-DMPU men claimed that the three arrested suspects have been members of the Sigue-Sigue-Sputnik gang and at least two of them were previously been nabbed for several robberies in the Malate area.

The suspects remain in the custody of the MPD-DMPU pending the filing of a robbery charge against them before the city prosecutor?s office.

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