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Filipinos No. 1 charity givers in Asia—survey

First Posted 15:31:00 02/19/2011

MANILA, Philippines?Filipinos are the top charity givers in Asia and Africa. This is the result of the latest MasterCard Survey on Ethical Spending conducted from September 13 to November 11, 2010, involving 10,502 consumers in 24 countries in Asia and Africa.

In the survey, the Philippines topped the most charitable category at 68 percent, followed by Hong Kong, 66 percent, Malaysia, 63 percent and Indonesia, 62 percent.

Among respondents from Asia-Pacific, the most charitable consumers are 55 years old and above (57 percent) and married (51 percent).

Women (50 percent) tend to donate more than men (48 percent). Also, 61 percent of consumers in the Asia-Pacific bought items specifically because they were environment-friendly.

The result comes as a surprise since the respondents from most of the countries surveyed are considered better off than those in the Philippines.

?Consumers from these countries have lots to spare if they choose to share and yet, they fail to figure prominently in the charitable works department.

?It is encouraging to see that shopping with a conscience has taken root. Our latest research shows that Asia-Pacific shoppers are not just focused on good buys; they are just as focused on doing good,? says Georgette Tan of MasterCard Worldwide.

Incidentally, the result of the MasterCard survey jibes with the spirit of charity and generosity of the Philippines as Asia?s predominantly Christian country. It exemplifies the heartwarming generosity of the poor widow in the gospel, who was praised highly by the Lord.

Despite her dire poverty, she could still drop two copper coins, ?all she had to live on,? into the temple treasury. (Read Luke 21,4).

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