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Those New POEA rules on direct hires

First Posted 18:04:00 02/06/2008

Filed Under: Labor, Government, Overseas Employment

I hope someone from the government will check this memo from the POEA. Honestly, this will hinder the deployment of OFWs who searched for overseas employment on their own. Honestly, a US$5K bond will make the employer think twice before hiring a Filipino instead of other foreign nationals who do not have this policy. Also, what happens to the bond after the contract? Will this be returned back to the employer or will this be added as "fund" for the POEA?

It's just a surprise that given the lack of employment opportunities in our country, we still have this new memo being implemented by the POEA and DOLE which will greatly affect all OFWs. Another case of ongoing burden for Pinoy OFWs who have sacrificed for the country and yet do not get the special care and attention OFWs truly deserve!

Mga Bagong Bayani so called by the government, when will the word play ever end?

Patrick Talag (ex OFW)
Novaliches, QC

The new POEA rules on OFW direct hires will mean losing prospective employers who want to hire Filipinos. The new rules having the prospective employer shell out a cash bond the equivalent of 3-months salary of the worker is ridiculous. No employer will shell out that money just to hire a Filipino.

The best advantage of being a direct-hire is you don't have to shell out placement fees equivalent to one-month salary. Plus you get better benefits and salary much higher from the local agencies they offer. Why impede this benefit being enjoyed by the OFW? What's wrong being direct-hired? The new rule of the POEA is wholly unjust to the OFW'S and the employers.
strongly urge Pres. Arroyo to scrap the new rules of POEA I am against direct-hires. OFW'S unite!

Kenneth Eleazar
Sakhalin Island, Russia

This is so stupid! Ang sabi ng gobyerno, ang mga OFW ang
bayani ng bayan dahil natutulungan nilang i-angat ang ekonomiya sa pamamagitan ng kanilang remittances. So bakit nila pinapahirapan ang mga OFW with this new circular?

Sa tingin ba ng government, ganun ka-in-demand ang mga Filipino workers that the employers will do anything, including post a USD5,000 bond, just to get them ? At kung hindi na i-hire ang mga OFW, may trabaho bang maibibigay ang hinayupak na gobyernong ito para sa mga OFW? Kung sino man ang nag-isip ng circular na ito, pwede bang isipin muna kung anong makabubuti sa mga taong directly affected (in this case, the OFWs) kesa sa mga sarili nyong kapakanan.

Grow up and do your job - serve the people and not yourselves!

Anthony Solano
Reston, VA 20190

Whoever initiated this circular is either stupid or most likely another corrupt government official under the pay of a recruitment agency.

I have been an OFW since 1987 and have moved from one job and country (to another) because my former bosses who recognize the quality of job I render. In addition, I was able to bring in other Filipino professionals to my job in a mining operation in Congo. Do you think my company will continue to hire additional Filipinos if it will be required to post a bond? They would rather hire a South African or an Indian engineer whose pay will almost be the same as a Filipino.

Plain stupid.

Noel Avenido
Angeles City, Pampanga

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