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Michelle Madrigal secure about BF

First Posted 08:08:00 09/05/2010

DAVAO CITY ? Michelle Madrigal, who is currently dating fashion model Jon Hall, swears she never felt insecure about Jon?s ex, Aubrey Miles. Just like Aubrey, Michelle says, she has what Jon seems to like in girls ? ?dusky skin and big boobs.?

Besides, she says, Jon and Aubrey dated in 2003 and have long been separated. ?What?s important is what Jon and I have at the moment,? the 22-year-old Michelle stresses.

Michelle, Jon and Aubrey were together for 39 days on an island in Thailand as part of the newest season of ?Survivor Philippines.? Members of the production team reported that the three initially seemed ?tense and awkward? around each other, something that Michelle denies.

?Aubrey has two kids now, and she?s with Troy (Montero). Nakakahiya naman sa kanila all this talk,? says Michelle.

Eighteen participants, or ?castaways,? competed for the P3-million cash prize and the title ?First Pinoy Celebrity Survivor.? The program, hosted by Richard Gutierrez, premiered August 30 on GMA 7.

Michelle says she lost over 15 pounds during the island adventure. ?Food was scarce,? she recounts. ?One small crab would sometimes be shared by five or six people. I begged for food. Now I know why hungry people do that. It was a life-changing experience. I learned to be more appreciative of everything I have.?

She also has ?horrible? scars on her legs and arms, from insect bites. ?I still can?t wear skirts or shorts,? the actress says.

Having said all that, would she join ?Survivor? again? ?Just give me a few years to recover,? says Michelle. ?Next time, I?ll make sure there will be no Jon Hall with me. This relationship seems to be the only thing that people want to talk about. I want to prove that I can do it on my own.?

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