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American slapped with 7th charge

First Posted 10:28:00 06/23/2009

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THE AMERICAN tourist who was out on bail for five charges of rape, child abuse, and detention was slapped with another charge yesterday after authorities found out he met with the girl again.

Michael Wilson was charged for violating article 6, section 10, paragraph b of Republic Act 7610, which states that ?Any person who shall keep or have in his company a minor, 12 years or under, or who is 10 years or more his junior in any public or private place... shall suffer the penalty of prison mayor in its maximum period and a fine of not less than P50,000.?

The law exempts those who are related to the child.

Wilson reportedly met with his 16-year-old ?fiancee? last Friday in order to settle issues with her.

The girl?s mother, with the girl in tow, visited the American at his residence in Vista Townhomes in barangay Lahug, Cebu City. They later went together to the Abuhan Dos Restaurant in barangay Lahug, Cebu City to discuss a possible settlement.

The girl?s lawyer, Irene Caballes, said the girl did not want to settle with Wilson, who was detained at the Mabolo police station before the latest charge was placed on him.

The girl was earlier placed under the custody of Hope Worldwide Philippines, a child welfare agency, but was allowed to go with her mother last Wednesday.

The girl did not return to the agency as scheduled last Thursday which prompted CLB to seek the assistance of the police.

Acting on a tip, authorities were able to catch the American, the girl and her mother at Abuhan Dos on Friday night.

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