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Emil Amok!

LeBron’s message for Global Filipinos: It’s all about getting home


The world is deep, complex and serious. And news by its nature, is never really “good.” If it’s that “good,” it’s almost always really bad. To balance all that, we have sports. When it comes to the fun and games department in life, good news really is good news. Sports is our release and our proxy. [...]

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Emil Amok!

Baseball’s Mt. Pinatubo erupts again — Lincecum throws a second no-hitter


Last year, when Lincecum was struggling and thought to be in his last season as a San Francisco Giant, he threw his first no-hitter against the San Diego Padres.

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Stephen Guillermo, son of the Filipino diaspora, put to rest, no longer ‘undocumented’

PHOTO by Emil Guillermo

There’s still no justice for my family, reeling from the sudden and violent death of my cousin Stephen. We continue to grieve after burying him last week. So far, prayer seems more powerful than anything else. The San Francisco District Attorney has yet to formally decline to charge Stephen’s killer. So that means there’s still [...]

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Homicide: Stephen Guillermo’s Global Filipino death

In San Francisco, the Guillermo family waits for justice in a murder. But it may take the Philippine government to step in.

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Emil Amok!

My Cousin Rolly dies, as US colonialism returns to the Philippines

Pardon my reticence to date on this grand occasion of the Philippines’ capitulation…er, the new bases agreement with my country, the United States.

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