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BIR warns Negros firms without receipts

First Posted 14:37:00 02/20/2009

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BACOLOD CITY ? The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) yesterday warned that it would close down business establishments in Bacolod City and the rest of the region that fail to issue receipts for the goods sold or services rendered.

This is in line with the nationwide directive issued by BIR Commissioner Sixto Esquivias IV to enforce "Oplan Kandado," BIR Region 12 Director Rodita Galanto said yesterday.

"Oplan Kandado" will be enforced on business establishments for non-compliance with essential requirements such as issuance of receipts, filing of returns, declaration of taxable transactions, taxpayer registration and the paying of the correct amount of taxes," Esquivias' Revenue Memorandum Order No. 3-2009 states.

Galanto said that to enforce "Oplan Kandado," the BIR will conduct surveillance operations for 15 days to get their average taxable income.

BIR Region 12 will need 62 more personnel to boost its operation, particularly to undertake the surveillances required under Oplan Kandado, he said. The region has a staff of 355 but is still undermanned, Galanto said.

The 29-page Memorandum Order 3-2009, which can be downloaded from the BIR website at ftp://ftp.bir.gov.ph/webadmin1/pdf/43677RMO%203-2009.pdf, requires BIR personnel to conduct covert, overt and short duration surveillances. /Inquirer

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